7 Ways to be Spiritually Healthy in the New Year

It’s the New Year again! And there’s no other better way to start than making plans that help strengthen your spiritual health all through the year. Spiritual health is perhaps the most personal when we talk about human wellness.

Spiritual health helps maintain a balance in our lives; it keeps us from being caught up in the distractions of life that come in the forms of temptations, which cripple our relationship with God. Having spiritual health means keeping God at the center of everything in our lives, and vice versa.

So, what are the things that we can do to improve, and maintain our spiritual health this New Year? Well, it’s not enough suggesting different New Year resolutions, those usually get broken in February or the zeal to continue just fizzles out before even getting to half the year. What I feel is more effective is incorporating lifestyles that support spiritual growth.

This way we’re always doing it, and don’t have to worry about not doing, or breaking a certain rule along the line that is important for our spiritual wellness.

In the list below, I’ve put together seven ways to live a spiritually healthy life this New Year. These are really simple and achievable goals, you don’t have to worry about it changing your personality, or it being hard to practice, it’s very easy to integrate into your daily living.

Pick a Theme for the New Year

This is one of the little steps to take in the New Year before anything else. Although many may find it entirely unnecessary, it is worth doing for anyone without any experience in these types of things.

Pick a word you want to use as a focal point towards your spiritual growth. It will serve as a guide, and other goals will be based on this word. Now, this can be anything you like, maybe love, hope, faith, or forgiveness. It doesn’t really matter, just pick something!

Positive Thinking at all Times

Of course, this may sound a little cliché, but positive thinking does bode well for a healthy spiritual life. Maintaining a positive mindset both for yourself and towards others should be your first objective to living a spiritually healthy life.

The way you think of yourself and people in your heart will ultimately determine your lifestyle in general Proverbs 23:7. Hence it’s very wise to be positive and think about the good things always.

Read the Bible More

The word of God is the most powerful book you can ever read to grow your spirituality. It contains everything a Christian needs for spiritual growth Joshua 1:8; it is the go-to book to seek divine ministration from the Holy Spirit.

You can start daily devotionals, Bible studies, or even create a Bible reading plan that allows you some personal time with the bible. At first, it may be difficult to gain concentration and grasp the word if you go for it head-on, so I suggest you start with maybe three to four times a week, spending anything between 1-5 hours per Bible study session.

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God Loves Us, Let it Show in Your Life

God loves us unconditionally, and it’s only best if we allow his love to manifest in our lives. Romans 8:28-39 makes us understands the sacrifices that God has made for us, and he will do anything to see that we are saved.

This should give us confidence in whatever we set to do throughout the year; no longer should we doubt our capability because the love of God is in us.

Show Love to your Neighbor

Just as God shows us, love, we should also reciprocate such to our neighbor through acts of kindness. The usual perception (which is wrong) is that one should have a lot or more than enough before one can be generous and kind to others. We should try to express our love to one another regardless of how small our actions may seem.

Sometimes the little things are enough to put a smile on someone’s face. As you can put a smile on someone’s face, you indirectly do the work of and you’re blessed for it.

Take on Evangelism

There’s arguable no more practical way to grow spiritually than through preaching the word of God to others. When we commit our time to evangelism, it allows us to be carriers of the word and ultimately doers as well. As Jesus ascended to heaven He gave us certain gifts to help us grow spiritually, and evangelism is one of them Ephesians 4:11.

You must know that when adding this to your daily life for the first time, you don’t have to go all out and join the evangelism unit in the church. Sometimes this might be asking too much too soon.

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You can start by taking time to peach your best bible chapter to others, and as you grow in the act you can proceed to more evangelical accomplishments.

Keep a Journal

Having a journal is a great way to keep track of your journey towards gaining spiritual health. It’s an excellent way to give an account of your progress as you fulfil those spiritual goals. Just as when we try to lose weight, we really want to have certain fitness and diet goals for the day to be ticked.

So also it is with growing spiritually. Write about your journey (experiences and challenges) towards a spiritually healthy life. Keeping this record is not only refreshing for your mind, it also gives you something to fall back on to checkmate your progress or at some point set certain targets for yourself based on what you’ve been able to accomplish thus far.

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