Prayers When you fear you may lose your Job

I am aware of the fact that there are people who are forced to take part in going through the process of changing jobs. It is not an easy task and it is not something that can be done overnight.

Some people may find themselves at the edge of losing their job due to various reasons. These include financial issues, termination or demotion, or even relocation.

One of the most powerful ways you can save your job or avert any unwanted situations that can cost you your job is by praying. Prayer is supposed to be an act of worship.

However, you can also engage in prayer to increase your spiritual health and overall well-being. True believers determine their future today by praying.

Praying ahead against any unwanted moves that can cause you to lose your job is smart and proactive, which is why the Bible enjoins us to devote ourselves to prayer in Romans 12: 12.

Having a job and functional career is a blessing from the Lord. The bible makes us understand that no man can receive a thing except it’s given to him by Heaven (God) John 3: 27.

So as believers, if we understand this, we need to continuously give glory to God who has given us the job to care for ourselves and our families, that way we’re showing an unbending trust in him to keep the job for us and help us to do well in it.

If you smell, demotion, dismissal, or termination, trial, query, downsizing, or anything related that can cost you your job, you need not go for the panic button, all you had to do is PRAY TO GOD. This is why we have raised these powerful prayer requests to move the hand of God to save your Job.

Praying to save your Job

Remember, God will do anything but fail.

  1. Lord Jesus, I thank you for giving me this job in the first place, you know my need and the urgency of having a job to keep and feed my family on. I am asking Lord Jesus that you please save my job in Jesus’ name.

  2. Heavenly father, I asked that you sanctify my spirit man as I advance the throne of grace to make known my request on the job in Jesus’ name.

  3. Lord Jesus in every way I’ve been selfish, and all about myself and career alone and less of you, I asked that you have mercy on me and forgive me in Jesus’ precious name.

  4. Lord Jesus, I asked to recover for me all lost opportunities, and blessings in Jesus’ name.

  5. Lord Jesus I pray that you prepare me for the next level in my career progression in Jesus’ name.

  6. Father Lord, open the doors of greater job opportunities for me in Jesus’ name.

  7. Every power and mindset that is working or contemplating my dismissal from work be dissolved in Jesus’ name.

  8. Father in the name of Jesus, I pray that henceforth, my life and dispositions at the workplace begin to command favor in Jesus’ name.

  9. Lord Jesus, give me the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to become highly placed in my workplace in Jesus’ name.

  10. Father lord, I asked that you give me a greater understanding to become a problem solver, an innovator because you’re my mountain mover and way maker.

  11. Lord Jesus, every unguided relationship that may cost me my job or livelihood, I dissolve such relationships in Jesus’ name.

  12. Every spirit of distractions, stress, lack of productivity, and failure at the workplace be rebuked in the name of Jesus.

  13. Every evil manipulation and counsel of Ahithophel against my Career in the workplace be suppressed in Jesus’ name.

  14. Lord Jesus, I bid my career God speed in Jesus, name, I claim the power, and fortification to travel this career journey and climb the ladder to the top in Jesus name.

  15. Every regret that the devil has schemed together to rid me of my job be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

  16. Every million-dollar mistake that can cost me my job and career at the workplace, I refuse to do them in Jesus’ name.

  17. Heavenly father I want to ask that you grant a peaceful and peaceable relationship between me, my boss, and workmates in Jesus’ name.

  18. Every plan of the devil to sow discord and carnality between me and my boss or colleagues, I come against such in Jesus me.

  19. Every form of unhealthy competition that may cause unnecessary comparison in my workplace to be erased in Jesus’ name.

  20. Lord Jesus, I ask that you make me an epitome of your glory, let your love and eyes of favor radiate all over me as I go to my place of work in Jesus’ name.

  21. In the name of Jesus, I command every circumstances and situation to work in my favor in Jesus’ name.

  22. Every demonic altar that is planning to take away my means of livelihood (job or business), I demolish such alters in Jesus’ name.

  23. Lord Jesus, I pray that at my time in this workplace, let things begin to function properly to your glory in Jesus’ name.

  24. Every yoke of joblessness and penury be broken by the blood of Jesus upon my life in Jesus’ name.

  25. I will arise and shine, for my light has come and the glory of the is radiate all over me.

  26. Even if they have decided to sack the whole team, my light will shine and I will stand out in Jesus’ name.

  27. Every evil provocation moved from the world of darkness to take away my job and out my career to a standstill; in the name of Jesus! Be scattered in Jesus’ name Amen.

  28. Lord Jesus, I ask that every policy and law that will be raised at my place of work will be to my favor in Jesus’ name.

  29. Lord Jesus make me a shining light and salt to the world and other colleagues in my place of work in Jesus’ name.

  30. Every reproach that may come to the body of Christ and the name of Jesus through me at my workplace, I rebuke it in Jesus’ name.

  31. And Daniel had an excellent spirit, I command the spirit of excellence to come upon me in all that I do at my workplace in Jesus’ name.

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A good job is a series of wins. You can make it and keep it, lose it and get another one. But your best job is not the one you deserve or the one you are worth, but the one you have earned by your hard work, intentions, and dedication to your profession.

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