13 Tips to Get Youths Interested in Church

The Future is now! It is a time of commitment when the church will be forced to make decisions that affect them on a daily basis. Today, we are going to examine how youths can be involved in the church and how they can become part of the future.

Here are some useful tips on how Youths can be encouraged to participate more in Kingdom activities.

#1. Honor the spiritual needs of youth

The modern world has lost touch with the spiritual needs of young people and it has to be noted that there are various spiritual needs that are not being satisfied in today’s world. The youth needs help, guidance, and hope.

Youth ministry is still an important part of church life. But if you’re a youth leader, it’s clear that you have to know your Youths and what motivates them.

Teaching them about the gospel should not be the boring thing we do every week, but a dynamic and exciting activity that changes everything when done right.

The key to long-term growth in the Church is building skills, developing strategies for reaching out to young people, and training people in strategic thinking.

#2. See them as participants in ministry and not objects of ministry.

Millions of young people today are left out of the church because they are not viewed as persons rather as objects of ministry. The church needs to get a grip on this problem and address it head-on.

#3. Don’t assume or guess what’s good for them

Invite Youths to give directions on ways the church can help them grow in faith rather than guess.

Let the youth lead! They are the future of God’s church. We want them to be able to give direction on how the church can grow in faith rather than leadership guessing.

We must give spiritual direction to our youth. We need to encourage them to grow in faith and become knowledgeable about the church and its practices.

A person can’t be a Christian unless he has a clear understanding of the Bible. The Bible is the foundation of Christianity, so Christians need to know what it says, why it says it and how it applies to today’s world.

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They should also know about what happens when we sin in contrast to what God does when we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ .

#4. Advocate for them

Young people often feel oppressed by the system. They feel that they are not allowed to participate in church activities or lead them. They also feel that they are not allowed to voice their opinions and can’t even bring up their concerns.

Young people need extra support to get into church activities. This can be done through advocacy and speaking for them.

A good way for churches to make efforts and advocate for youth is to encourage youths to participate in church activities. Sometimes, this can mean getting involved in a certain activity at the Church (e.g., being a guest speaker or lead speaker of an annual activity).

However, sometimes it could mean organizing a church event during which youth are invited as speakers or invited as participants (e.g., after-church picnic). This would create interest among an audience of youth, parents, and other interested parties.

#5. Equip parents to help their children’s faith to Grow

God wants to bless us with a faith that is full of joy, and He has done so. The church needs to equip parents to help their children’s faith grow.

The church has a responsibility to instill in their children the proper beliefs and learnings, as well as equip them with knowledge of the truths of God. Parents need to understand that they can teach their children about God, but it is the role of the parents to teach and guide them through it all, Also they need to continuously show them love and care and provide for their bodily and material needs.

#6. Honestly tend to the issues bothering on sexuality

The church needs to honestly tend to the issues bothering sexuality. We should not pretend that our society is free from the issues of sexuality, transgender rights, and God’s second commandment.

The church needs to be honest about these things and bring them before these young people in simple and clear terms, this way they themselves can identify clear threats and steer clear.

With the church being honest with the members about sexual issues, it also needs to have a big enough tent to welcome everyone who is struggling with the issue.

#7. Use Current Event as Point of Discussion

Another way to get young people interested in Church is by using Current Event as Point of Discussion

Churches are losing their youth members even with the increase in numbers of the young generation. However, the Internet is now playing an important role in attracting these students to the Church.

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This will be achieved by using Current Events as Points of Discussion (C:POD). The C:POD is a great tool for evangelizing and also attracting young people to worship.

Young people are very current with events, they will be more attracted to Church when the church can use current events as a tool to discuss important issues, which include the economy, politics, education, etc.

#8. Give them permission to ask questions, talk about their doubts in church

Teenagers are often told not to ask questions in church and programs, but this is a big mistake. It’s important that they learn how to be open and willing to listen; it’s okay to ask about problems, questions, and doubts.

In church programs, teens often feel that they can’t ask questions and discuss their doubts. They fear that it will come across as inappropriate or rude.

#9. Let them write their hymns

Youth are more likely to be drawn to music when they find it meaningful. They often start playing an instrument at a very young age and have great memories of their first experiences with music.

This prompts them to create songs about God and religious experiences in their lives, prompting them to connect with faith in a deeper way.

Allow these young minds to rewrite hymns and prayers and also sing and pray it in ways that are meaningful to them, these ways they can make connections between their faith and their music.

The hymns and prayers that we have grown up with are not only simple but also repetitive and boring. Our youth want to be able to rewrite them in ways that are meaningful to them.

#10. Make available excellent adult leadership for their Activities

Youth activities are one of the most important activities in today’s society. They provide youngsters with a platform to express their thoughts and feelings, while also developing their social skills.

That’s why it is important that anybody involved in youth activities should be both passionate about children and know how to provide excellent leadership for them.

In order for youth activities to be successful, they need a lot of supporting resources – leaders, coaches, and volunteers – but also a lot of support from the community as well.

Youth services organizations are a great source of these resources, but oftentimes they are not engaging with enough people in communities that support youth services organizations and feel like they have been left out – which is why it is important that everybody involved in adult leadership positions has some knowledge or experience with youth leadership training programs.

By providing leadership for youth activities, we can not only develop better skills in this field but also make our lives more enjoyable and less stressful. What’s more, we can give opportunities to young people to form better relationships with their peers as well as with their parents and other family members.

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#11. Commit to making worship meaningful for youngsters

What do young people really want when they worship? I’m not quite sure. The answer is probably a lot of different things and may change from week to week. In any case, young people are hungry for inspiration and they expect their leaders to offer them something that will make their worship meaningful.

A global survey on young people’s beliefs revealed that religion is not an important part of their lives. The majority of them do not even know what a church is, let alone worship. It’s time for the church to connect with the youth and provide a meaningful experience through worship in a tangible way.

This can inspire them to ask the right questions about the purpose of their lives. How is God’s presence felt in our daily lives? How does His presence affect our relationships with others? What can we learn from Him to make worship meaningful for us personally and for the churches we serve today?

Young people are growing up with a lot of distractions, and many seek religious experiences that bring them closer to God.

#12. Always plan & Prepare effective Fellowship for them

Youth is perhaps the most important demographic at a young age. So, it becomes essential to groom them well and help them grow into responsible, productive members of society.

Youth Fellowship training is a programme that aims at building the confidence and skills of youth thus offering them recourse options in the future. This form of training allows youth to progress through their career while learning new skills and gaining valuable experience, which can be used to build up their careers.

These programmes are aimed at grooming up youth so that they are able to perform better in aspects of their lives.

#13. Let them have a Sense of Belonging

Church has a lot to offer young people. They may not have much education, but they have ideas and a clear vision about what they want to achieve in the future.

Christians should create a sense of belonging for their youth. The church can help them by providing them with positive messages and by showing them how to live their lives in faith.

Young people should be introduced to a positive and safe environment. Youth need each other. Young people need to feel their place in the church, and they must know that they are loved by God. Youth in the church will need to know that their faith is real and that it is important at all times.

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