13 Effective Church Communication Best Practices

13 Tips for Effective Internal Church Communication

Church communication is a very important and challenging area. Because of this, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to the Church communications field.

In order to make sure that our messages don’t go unnoticed, we should focus on building relationships with potential audiences and never forgetting about the importance of communication.

We have put together below some useful tips to better improve communication in your Church.

1. Send out Regular Newsletters

Sending out newsletters is a core part of church communications. This form of communication is very important for churches to keep their members informed about what is going on in their local church, how they can be involved, and what the church wants to do.

But being able to write more meaningful and engaging newsletters requires more than just good writing skills. It requires careful planning and targeting the right people – such as parents, young people, friends of the church, or those who are close to the church leadership.

2. Have a Professional-looking Website and Social Media Channels

With the rise of social media, church communication has become more important. Members and visitors can be reached more efficiently without having to use email or a word processor.

Church communication is one of the most neglected areas in church communication today. It is also one of the key areas that Christian leaders still struggle to effectively communicate with their congregations in a way that keeps readers engaged and interested.

A church website provides an online platform for followers and members to interact with the church while a social media platform displays posts from followers and comments from visitors. If something does not look right on your website, then it may not look right on your social media profiles as well.

Churches need to be connected with the people they serve – whether in a local community or a global community. So, they need to have effective communication channels with their members and other stakeholders.

Make sure that you create great graphic content, contents must also be original and interesting to the prospective visitor. That’s why it is important to keep up with social media trends. A well-known brand figure may lead to a higher conversion rate for your visitors.

3. Post regular Updates

As you know, social media is very important to your church’s growth. You may want to do a weekly roundup of your activities on Facebook and Twitter so that people will be aware of what you are up to.

4. Ask Church Members How They Prefer To Be Contacted

Recent studies have shown that people prefer to be contacted by email, social media or text message. That’s why it’s important to optimize the connections between the people and your Church. You can regularly keep in touch with your members through any of their best channels.

5. Announcement Page

One of the most effective ways to keep the communication line open between you and your Church members is to have an announcement resource page. This can be positioned both offline and online; you can use have a physical board places right at the entrance of the church on your website, on your social media channels, across the street where people can properly keep informed about your upcoming events and programmes.

6. Offer Ways For Members And Visitors To Provide Feedback

Feedback is very key for any organisation. Create channels that can be used by membership to send in their feedbacks.

7. Gather New Visitor Information in church

This is a great opportunity to share relevant information about your church. This will be an effective way to engage the visitor, thus increasing visitation and contributing to the church’s financial success. You can make special calls in services for newcomers and people that are worshipping in the church newly for the first time. You can as well hand them special visitor slips to fill in their contact details.

8. Intimate members in meetings with future services

Your Church needs to have a dedicated section in each service where service moderators is able to properly intimate visitors and people new to Church and Kingdomhood with the weekly services as well as upcoming events such as seminars, conferences, and other meetings in the Church.

9. Host Regular Church Meetings

Meetings are a critical part of church life. It is important that they be held regularly throughout the year.

Church members can be very busy and distracted. They can often face conflicts with their family members or work colleagues.

The church meeting is a place where a lot of communication happens. If any member feels he needs to talk to the rest of the church, he can do it at this meeting. This way, all the relevant topics will be brought up and discussed under one roof.

The Decision-making process will be much faster and communication between different groups will become more efficient.

The Church Meeting idea could also be applied to any company meetings, such as team meetings or business conferences. The idea should not only apply to church meetings but also to other situations like board meetings, and other spiritual and life issues around the people.

10. Leverage Text & Social Media Messaging Apps

The rise of text messaging has changed how communication is done. It used to be that the church had to communicate information with all members in one way or another. Now, it is much easier.

The main benefit of text messaging is speed and efficiency. You can send a quick message to any member of the church community without wasting precious time searching through other messages on the same topic. You can as well create smaller or sectional groups on Social media apps such as Telegram and Whatsapp to reach out to your church whenever there’s new communication to make.

This way you can easily keep in contact with your members at all times.

11. Map out a Clear-cut Communication Strategy

Communication is the most important part of any organization. And while there is no question that the internet has made communication more convenient, it hasn’t made it better or clearer which is why you need to have a clear-cut strategy on how to hone your communication with your memberships.

12. Communication by Segment or sections

The church is a very important community – one that has a great influence on people’s lives. In order to be effective and efficient, it is important to understand the needs of its members and work on them accordingly.

You need to create answers to questions such as:

  • What are the best-perceived methods to keep in touch?
  • Do you have a communication schedule?
  • What varieties of communication methods do you intend to use at the different schedules?
  • What are the main tools used in the church communication strategy?
  • What are the communication strategies for different situations?
  • What are some of the most important types of communications for your church?
  • What are the sections in your church and the ideal methods of communication for each segment?
  • How will you make sure your communication strategies are effective enough?
  • Who and what section will be in charge of communication?

13. Make Information simple and clear to understand

We should make all written communications easy to read. We need to make sure that we are providing information that is easily understandable for our audience

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