20 Signs God is Speaking to You

God speaks to his children in diverse ways. Yes,  God still speaks to his people, even today. His voice can sometimes be subtle (1samuel:3) or loud (Acts:9), or even passive. It is a fact that God speaks to us, but the question is: when we hear that voice, how do we confirm that it is the voice of God.

Here are 20 signs God is speaking to you.


The scripture is the word of God, and the word of God is God (Jn 1:1). The voice of God does not contradict the word of God. To differentiate the voice of God from other voices, you need to bear in mind that the endpoint of the word of God is eternal life. The devil uses the scripture to back up his evil claim, which will lead to eternal doom.

When you’re studying the Bible, it is God speaking into your heart. Take cognizance of those striking portions which touch you the most.


Often, your dreams are the means through which God speaks to you. Just like Joseph. (Genesis 37-50). God revealed his future to him in his dream. Joseph was confused and couldn’t figure out the meaning of his dream. That was why he related the dream to his family.

Sometimes we have a dream which conveys a message from God, but we doubt whether it is from God. But when such dreams persist, it’s a sign that God is speaking to you. The voice of God can also be so distinct and come to you straightforwardly in your dream like Joseph ( Mary’s spouse) in Matthew 1:18-25.


Elijah’s encounter with God in mountain Horeb shows a definite way of identifying God’s voice. The fact that Elijah experienced God in the calmness of the breeze despite the noisy tornado, earthquake and fire tells us that God is peaceful. God is calm.

We don’t hear God’s voice noisy and loud. It is always the little voice that only peaceful souls can discern. When God speaks to his children, there is always that inner peace and calmness that comes with it. The calm voice in your heart is the voice of God.


God talks to us in so many ways, but we become sure that it is Him who is speaking to us by confirmation. Sometimes when we pass through difficulties, it is hard to be sure that God is speaking. So he sends people to confirm his message. It could be friends,  strangers, family, pastors, children, and even animals, as in the case of Balaam (Numbers 22:8). Sometimes, when the confirmation is from a man of God, we call it a prophecy.

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Jonah refused to answer God’s call, and it resulted in a change in his life. He experienced an unfriendly situation. And at that moment, he confirmed that God was speaking to him. God speaks, not just by words but by action. The things that happen in our lives daily can also be a sign that God is speaking to us.


Seeing an angel before you, you need not doubt but believe that God has sent a message to you through that angel. The Bible recorded many cases of angelic appearance. Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her the good news that she would be pregnant with a baby, our Lord Jesus Christ. (Luke 1:26-38).


A lively conscience is a spirit of God in us, our inner mind, the closest voice of God to us. You can affirm with me that your conscience has stopped you from carrying out one or two actions before now. The words of your inner mind sometimes are the voice of God that directs you and keep you safe. It also confirms what God says to us. You have to pay more attention to what your inner mind tells you to do because it sometimes saves us from danger.


The third person of the Trinity is sent as the paraclete to teach us and guide us.

The Bible in John 14:24 says; “but the helper, the holy spirit, whom the Father will send in my name,  he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all the things that I said to you”

The presence of the holy spirit in you brings comfort after the voice of God is heard. That means the holy spirit is closer to us. And as one sent to teach us, we are supposed to be in union with him always. The voice of the spirit is the voice of God because they are three persons in one God.


Many of the great preachers of the gospel I know today have their stories that they always get things done without stress. What other people find as a problem is no issue to them.

That is a great sign that God is speaking to you. He needs you to channel your life to his work so that with such ease, you can gather his flock, teach them, perform miracles and make life easier for the helpless.


When God began using Joseph, He gave him a gift that made him thrive. The gift of dream interpretation. God spoke by interpreting people’s dreams to him. When you have such a gift, it is a notification that you hear God’s voice. There are so many God-given gifts and talents. At birth, God didn’t whisper to you as a fetus that you’ll be gifted. But as you grow, you discover you are gifted in a particular thing. In this kind of situation, God speaks to channel your energy and gift to the glory of his name.

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This gift I speak about is God’s first voice to you, and as you keep using your gift to serve him, you see signs that show that God is still speaking to you.


Series of weird actions taking place can be a way of God talking to you, maybe to keep you away from danger. When you notice that so many things which ordinarily will not happen begin to happen, it could be a sign that God is passing information to you.

Pay attention to details because God may speak through objects or animals. Do not lament when things don’t go as you plan for all things happen for a reason.


It does not always have to be rosy before you can confirm that God is speaking. Sometimes, God uses setbacks to help you understand what He is saying. Jonah in the Bible was not able to run away from God’s instructions to preach the word of God in Nineveh. God used the hard way on him. He uses the same mechanism most times.


God can speak to us directly through apparition or trance. Here, you hear His voice and you know it is God who is speaking to you. We sometimes need help to properly discern and interpret the message like in the case of Samuel. Eli had to direct Samuel on what to do when next God calls. This means, to properly identify the voice of God, we have to speak out to the right persons for guidance and counseling.


The solution to your midnight cries most times lies in meditation. You have prayed and talked to God several times concerning an issue. While meditating, God himself may address your issues. He might even tell you how you can physically solve the problem. His voice, in this case, is usually distinct and convincing.

When you hear such voices, as calm as they may be, you need not doubt that God just spoke to you.


God changes whoever He begins working on. God can do all things. When God spoke to Saul, He transformed his life and even changed his name. He made him turn from violent persecutor to calm preacher and converter. The voice of God which you hear and ignore may begin a transformation in you, of which sometimes you may not be aware. Noticing a change in your attitude can be a way of confirming that it is the voice of God that you hear.


Abraham was married to Sarah, and until their old age, they had no child(Genesis 18:1-15). Due to their hospitality to angels termed strangers, they heard the voice of God. The question is; how were they able to know that it was God who spoke to them? When the strangers gave them the good news of Isaac, they laughed and doubted its possibility, but considering the message, they believed and had faith that it will come to pass.

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God’s voice is not far from your current situation. The message conveyed can tell you who the messenger is. Abraham has been a faithful servant to God. God promised to bless him, and when the words of blessing came, he knew he was listening to the voice of God.


Obedience is a sign that God is speaking to us. God speaks to us every day through his ministers everywhere. Some situations in our lives need just the simple act of obedience as the solution to concur with the voice of God. The voice of God is in the commandment/ laws, and obedience is a sign that you hear the voice of God. Whoever obeys God’s commandments can proudly say;

“I hear the voice of God in his commandments, I heed to them by obeying say.”


The insects and animals carry out their daily activities peacefully because they have an instinct which they align to. Sometimes, God talks to us through instincts. You may have no backup reason for a particular action, but somehow you’re convinced to do or not to do it. In other words, a certain feeling or thought may upsurge and convince you on a particular thing of which you may not have reasons for your decision.

God can speak to us through this means. But to discern if it is God’s voice, you have to;

consider what kind of message is passed. Is it in line with God’s word in the scripture?

talk to a superior like a parent, pastor, teacher, or priest.

Ponder on how convincing the message is. Is it a message long-awaited or not.

These factors, when properly considered, will help you figure out if it is the voice of God speaking to you or not.


When in a situation where it seems no one understands and you’re on the verge of giving up, God may decide to speak to you through your pastor during the Sunday sermon, or priest while giving the Homily, or through your most careless friend or even a mad or market woman. As I earlier said, the voice of God can be passive. God will draw your attention to the message in such a way that you will fall in line. You have to be attentive to whosoever it is that message is coming from so you get it properly.


You know God is speaking to you by the way you react to situations around you. Hearing the voice of God through the scripture will make you more tender in the heart. You love more, care more, and show more acts of kindness and Charity.


We hear so many voices every time and every day. I’ve been able to exemplify  20 ways you can know that the voice you’re hearing is God’s. I hope it was of good use to you. Stay Blessed.

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