50 Powerful Prayers for Church Growth

The church is not necessarily the building in which you worship. You are the church, and the church constitutes the body of Christ. The devil, the world, and the flesh have waged war to conquer the church by inputting vices that she may stop growing and die off. But God in His word promised that the gate of hell shall not prevail against His church.

Regardless of all the effort put together to facilitate the church’s growth, prayer remains the most effective weapon. The church still needs you to pray for her growth physically, spiritually, and in all other ramifications.

50 Strategic prayers for church growth and development

➡ Lord, I thank you for the institution of the church. Let the church grow immensely to bring forth your kingdom upon the earth in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord! I plead for your mercy upon your church. In the many ways that we have failed you, please forgive us.

➡ Oh, Lord! By your power, I come against all vices of hate, jealousy, wickedness, and lack of unity instigated into the church by the devil to cause stagnation and lukewarmness amongst your children in Jesus’ mighty name.

➡ Lord, I pray for our church leaders, grant them the wisdom and understanding to lead the flock entrusted to them according to your guidance for growth in Jesus’ name.

➡ The church teaches us that we are the light of the world. Let the light in us shine into the life of those around us that they may come to worship you too in spirit and truth in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord! Rekindle the fire in us. Give the people in charge of your church the grace to lead the church so that she continues to grow and spread for your glory in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord! I come against every satanic and evil work of the enemy to scatter the growth of your church in Jesus’ name.

➡ Father, by the blood of Jesus, I decree you preserve and keep each one of your sheep. May the plans of the wicked to steal the sheep away from the flock be canceled in Jesus’ name.

➡ Father, I destroy by the blood of the lamb and by the words of our testimonies, all evil hindrances, and setbacks occurring in the church in Jesus’ most holy name.

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➡ Oh lord, deploy your angels to destroy all satanic strongholds seeking to bring about confusion in the church in Jesus’ name.

➡ Father, let unending testimonies and miracles be a part of our lives because we are your children in Jesus’ name.

➡ Help us, Lord, to worship you in spirit and truth, for the world is a distraction in Jesus’ name.

➡ Father, give divine strength to your servants whom you have chosen to lead us. Do not allow the gate of hell to prevail over your church as you promised in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord, help the youth of this generation to understand the purpose of your light in them and be a vessel of the church’s expansion in Jesus’ name.

➡ As you worked miracles with your disciples in your time, use your servants as a tool to heal the sick and to deliver those in bondage so that the unbelievers will realize that there is no other God but you.

➡ Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that you make us more in number. Let us spread out to every part of the world with your gospel.

➡ I pray this day to you Father, help us to be united as a church having one mind and spirit in Jesus’ name.

➡ Dear Father, help us to live together just like the early Christians. Give us the grace as a church to be a source of happiness and encouragement to one another in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord, raise from your body, the church, a generation that seeks your face. Raise kingdom soldiers for your army in Jesus’ name.

➡ Let your church on earth, Lord, be filled with the holy spirit. Let the gifts of your love be abundant amongst us in Jesus’ name.

➡ Father, I pray you to confirm every word of prophecy released to the members of the church in Jesus’ name.

➡ Let the needs of the flesh not consume the needs of the spirit. Let us wade off all evil choices and as Christ representatives conquer the devil, world, and flesh in Jesus’ name.

➡ Father, give us an inward desire to hunger and thirst for you for, the growth of your church in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord, raise leaders who will lead as you did while on earth, and serve like you did, with a heart like you in Jesus’ name.

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➡ Let the church fight together as a body against all principalities and fruits of the devil, bringing division and backwardness. May we desire not the world than we desire you in Jesus’ name.

➡ Make us true representatives of your kingdom Lord Jesus Christ. May our lifestyle and character reflect christ in Jesus’ name.

➡ Lord God! Raise men and women in the church who has the heart to serve you and reapers for the harvest of soul winning.

➡ Every power from the pit of hell trying to kill our faith and making us backslide, I come against such power in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ Every member of the church, bound captive by the kingdom of darkness, I command their release in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ Oh lord! Every accuser of my soul speaking evil and planning ways to bring me down, I destroy be fire! I shall not be a betrayal to the church of God, rather, I will work to the best of my power to bring souls to Christ and contribute my every resource to the growth of the church in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord! Send down the rain of your revival upon your church in Jesus’ name. Awaken us from slumber and give us a fresh anointing and fire.

➡ Oh lord! Give every believer jaw-dropping miracles so that everyone who hears of it will turn to you in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ Oh lord! Let your church be a place of divine breakthrough, healing, and miracles that more souls shall abide and trust in you in Jesus’ name.

➡ God my father, give me the heart to love you, a heart to give, and to help the less privileged amongst your church in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord! Give us the grace and energy to convert souls to you through evangelism, that your church and kingdom may continue to expand here on earth in Jesus’ name.

➡ Release abundant wealth and blessings to your children so that the church will grow financially and otherwise in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord, remove and burn to ashes every veil covering the eyes of the unbelievers so that they can see your light through your children, for your glory in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh Lord, help the leaders of the church solve the problems of the congregation to aid the growth in faith and expansion of the church through Christ our Lord.

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➡ Oh Lord, I ask that your holy spirit come and dwell amongst the church and help us to yield ourselves to the leading of your spirit.

➡ Oh lord, Provide all the resources needed for the growth of your church in Jesus’ name.

➡ Father, anoint every teacher, leader, and group head in our various churches to teach the undiluted truth from the word of God.

➡ Oh Lord, give your children the grace to be the doers not the hearers of your word, and by that expand your church here on earth. May we put your words into action regardless of the preacher in Jesus’ name.

➡ Make us Oh lord lovers and defenders of the truth at all times. Bless the efforts of your people that through actions, more souls will join your church and worship you in Jesus’ name.

➡ Father, as we go out to preach your word, let the holy spirit go before us and convict as many that will hear your word through us in Jesus name

➡ Every spirit of darkness assigned to keep the church limited and stagnant, I come against them and destroy them by the blood of the lamb in Jesus’ name.

➡ No weapon formed against your church shall prosper, and may the gate of hell not prevail against it. May we continue to march forward in Jesus’ name!

➡ Oh Lord, I pray that you enable the spreading of your gospel to every city and nation of the world, encourage and bless those who spread the gospel in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord! Give us the grace to serve you selflessly for the expansion of your kingdom here on earth in Jesus’ name.

➡ Maker of heaven and earth, I commit your holy church into your hands. Let the church remain the source of power to the powerless, hope to the hopeless, and food to the hungry in Jesus’ name.

Pray these prayers for your pastor


You are the church. Pray for the grace to grow in spirit. Pray also for the leaders of the church. With that, the church will become a rock that no evil forces can overcome.

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