30 Powerful Prayers for Daughters

30 Powerful Prayers for Daughters

Children are gifts from God. You’re so privileged to have a girl child. It is your duty as a parent to guide, protect, and bless her. You should also pray for her from time to time because the world is a dangerous place to be without guidance.

Whenever I look at my daughter, remembering that someday she’ll move into the world, and she won’t be within my eyereach again makes me scared. But I still believe that all I owe her is my prayers and advice. I trust that He who keeps Israel neither sleep nor slumber. Psalm 121:4. As far as I have God in control, my daughter will always be safe, and she will always be successful.

I have prepared 30 powerful prayers for your daughter, for you.

I thank you, Lord, for blessing my family with the gift of my beautiful daughter ( mention her name ). She has brought a lot of happiness to my life. I am grateful Lord.

You answered me when I called, and you blessed me with the daughter I have today. I call on you again to bless her and protect her in Jesus’ name.

The scriptures say in Matthew 19:14 that children should be allowed to come to you. I surrender my daughter to you. Take her and do with her whatever you want.

Help her when she goes through troubles that I’m not aware of. Comfort her and guide her to do the right thing at all times in Jesus’ name.

Protect her in school when she’s all alone with peers. Remove her from evil fellows and guide her to keep good company.

Teach my daughter, Lord to grow in Love. To help her siblings and take care of her parents when the time comes in Jesus’ name.

Bless my daughter with life, Oh Lord. I speak life and good health into her. She will live long to fulfill her purpose on earth and take care of us, the parents at old age in Jesus’ name.

I bless my daughter in her education and examinations, her career, and married life in Jesus’ name.

I proclaim that my daughter shall be fruitful in her marriage in the mighty name of Jesus. Happiness is her portion, and barrenness will never see her in Jesus’ name.

I pray for courage in all difficulties she may encounter in life. Father Lord, give her the fortitude to bear and grace to overcome whatever temptation or setback she may face in the struggle to succeed in Jesus’ name.

Any evil spirit or human that is unhappy or feeling uncomfortable because of my daughter’s success, and has made plans for her to fail, failure shall be theirs in Jesus’ name.

Greatness shall be her portion in the mighty name of Jesus.

My daughter ( mention her name ) shall be a source of blessings and good luck to our family and the entire neighborhood in Jesus’ name.

I pray you, Lord, to make her successful in whatever it is that she puts her hands on. Bless her career and bless her handwork now and in the future in Jesus’ name.

Help her Lord to put her trust in you at all times. To grow in Love with you and to uphold truth and good character at all times in Jesus’ name.

Protect her from destiny destroyers coming to her in any form. Either as men, fellow girls or women, fake pastors, corrupt teachers and lecturers, and so on in Jesus’ name.

Provide for at her point of need when we do not have. Send your helper to meet her at any point of frustration and save her from scammers, thieves, and robbers at times when she’s naive in an unsafe environment.

Lord Jesus, make my daughter acknowledge how beautifully you created her Let humility and cheerfulness radiate more beauty from inside of her that she may live to appreciate your creativity while making her and praise you forever in Jesus’ name

Give my daughter good health and strength to do your work always without getting tired. Give her the grace to be prayerful and constantly draw strength from you who is the all-powerful God.

Your word in proverb1:7 tells us that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. I pray that you bless my daughter with wisdom just like you did to Solomon in the Bible to help her discern good from evil and do your will always.

Dear God, I commit my daughter’s future to you. Proverbs 16:3 “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” I present my daughter to you as my project. Let her be a success because I have committed her to you.

Bless whatever path my daughter has chosen to follow. Bless whatever dream she has decided to pursue. Help her work hard to become great in the field in Jesus’ name.

As I pray for my daughter at this moment, I use her also as a means of contact to reach out to every other girlchild in the world, especially those who have lost their parents and earthly guardian. Father, send them help from above in Jesus’ name.

When I shall no longer be able to offer my protection to her, remind me, Lord, that you are our refuge and strength, and you’re ever-present to help in times of trouble. psalm46:1

Teach my daughter, eternal father, that there is dignity in hard work, for Proverbs 14:23 says, “In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.” Help her work hard so that she’ll be happy with herself when the harvest from her labor comes.

As we, her parents are struggling to train her while we’re healthy and young, help her to love us back and take care of us while we’re old in Jesus’ name

Protect my daughter from both the physical and spiritual attacks because Ephesians 6:12 has told us how dangerous the battle we are in is. Keep her safe in Jesus’ name.

Give her a strong heart and a warm spirit that she’ll accept whatever comes her way, and with a fierce heart to fight through. Remind her that in all things, she’s more than conquerors Romans:8:37. And that she can do all things through Christ that strengthens her. Philippians: 4:13

When my girl shall move fully into the larger society, and my guidance shall not cover her, protect her Lord from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Guide her from reckless life and help her keep her body and use it as a means of glorifying you.

When the time is right, Lord, bless her with a good partner. A god-fearing man who will honor her and appreciate her company. Bless them to love each other and live happily ever after in Jesus’ name.


Pray without ceasing; (1Thessalonians 5:17) and while you pray, extend your prayer to all your children and loved ones. The prayers above can also be extended to cover your son, brother, and other beloved ones.

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