Personalized Content is the Future of VR

Virtual reality is slowly yet steadily taking the world over by storm. While it used to be the hallmark of tech-savvy early adopters, more people are taking advantage of VR headsets than ever before. 

But, what is driving this demand? Simply put, it’s a focus on high-quality content. It’s the same reason why a low-resolution game like Minecraft or Roblox can become super popular despite not having the same aesthetic as something like Call of Duty. 

That said, VR games are not the only thing leading the charge for virtual reality. VR porn is also shaping the industry and its future. Stunning models are at the forefront, like Melody Marks VR clips. However, this content is more than just staring at a hot woman having sex. Customization and personalization are also at play. Let’s dive in and see how the industry is shifting and growing. 

How Porn is Leading the Custom Content Boom

Customization as a trend has started to influence everything from marketing to consumer content to products. People these days are less content with “cookie-cutter” options and want their materials to be as personalized as possible. 

For example, with email marketing, it’s not enough to send a message to a subscriber with just their name in the subject line. Now, consumers want curated content that speaks to their individual needs. So, companies have to take more time to develop personalized email threads to make a sale. 

The same trend is true for adult content as well. Now that users can find videos at the click of a button, they’re becoming more and more niche-oriented. Instead of trying to find standard videos of their favorite pornstar having sex, they’re looking for unique scenes that scratch a particular itch. 

Niche porn is a vast and growing marketplace, with many sites adapting to keep up with demand. Since virtual reality is so new and exciting, it offers some incredible opportunities to push the envelope. Better yet, since sites can make money from monthly subscriptions, they’re more willing to experiment and discover new niches that can get clicks and views.

Overall, custom content will only be in higher demand as the technology advances. With so many options at one’s fingertips, it’s hard to ignore the appeal of something as innovative and engaging as VR. 

Pros and Cons of Infinite Choice

At first glance, it might seem like the custom content boom is a good thing for creators and viewers alike. However, this trend has a few downsides, so it’s crucial to understand its ups and downs. Here’s a brief overview of the pros and cons of endless customization: 

  • Pro: More Satisfied Customers – When someone joins a site like SexLikeReal, they’ll marvel at the vast selection of videos that can cater to every taste and kink. With so many choices available, users are more likely to stay as paying members, eager to discover new content each month. 
  • Con: More Back-End Effort – When porn is just two attractive people having sex on a couch or a bed, it’s easy to shoot scenes back-to-back. Studios could shoot tons of videos for relatively cheap and still get results. Now that customization is king, producers have to invest more time, effort, and money into each product. 
  • Pro: Discover New Customers – As sites expand their offerings, they’ll start to appeal to new demographics. This benefit is for both parties, as users have more options and competition, while sites can capture a larger market share. 
  • Con: Limited Growth Opportunities – Another primary issue with customized content is that it only appeals to a relatively small group. So, producers have to weigh the pros and cons of catering to that demographic. As a rule, custom content costs more per piece because there’s less demand for it. 

Overall, as VR technology and adult entertainment advance into new territories, it’s exciting to think about how both industries will change. Throughout history, porn has helped advance technology, which feeds back into porn, creating a mutually beneficial cycle. 

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