Can you eat CBD products for hair growth?


We all desire to have beautiful, strong, and shining hair irrespective of age, demography, or gender. For most of us, the sad story is that the circle of life is such that we stress about hair loss, and the stress is causing more hair loss. Hair problems have become common, and we all suffer from them. However, only a few can control it and get cascading and free-flowing hair. Various options can help cure hair fall issues, from ayurvedic pills to hair transplants. Irrespective of all facts and lifestyles, seeing your hair going down the drain is not worth it. However prizes you may win or successful you become, the fear of losing hair is killing. The topic of hair loss and how to promote hair growth is the most researched. Several types of research proved cannabis is beneficial for promoting hair growth apart from several other health benefits. One of the products you can try to deal with hair loss is CBD Gummies.

How Does CBD Encourage Hair Growth?

CBD can reduce hair loss and influence growth. Here are a few ways in which CBD proves to be of great benefit:

  1. CBD encourages hair growth: hair fall becomes a problem when the hair does not grow at the same rate as one is losing it. It results in balding and thinning, and it looks bald. Several factors can affect hair falls, like lack of nutrients, dandruff, or chemical treatment, but one can regain the lost hair with CBD oil massage. Massaging the scalp with the oil helps get thick hair. The hair absorbs moisture and becomes stronger and thicker. Improved blood flow in the cuticles nourishes it and makes it healthy. CBD oil or CBD gummies are full of omega fatty acids, and it helps seal moisture in the hair and nourishes the hair. 
  2. It treats scalp conditions: CBD oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, and thus it aids in soothing inflammation in the scalp. The irritation and patch flaking skin are cured with CBD oil, and therefore, it helps in hair growth. One of the primary reasons for hair fall is inflammation, and the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil help treat this condition; thus, it promotes hair growth by doing away with the root cause of the ailment. It is a breakthrough as several patients use super expensive hair products, but the hair condition remains the same. It is so because the scalp has inflammation, resulting in hair loss. Therefore use CBD oil if you see nothing else is working on your hair.
  3. It treats Hormonal and stress-induced hair fall: Hormonal fluctuations and stress-induced hair fall are among the most common reasons for hair fall. During puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, women experience significant hair fall. Thus, during those phases, the best way to combat the loss is using CBD oil as it balances and regulates the functioning of the hormones and promotes hair growth. Cannabinoid works strongly to calm and reduce stress in our lives as it has anti-stress and anti-anxiety elements. Reduced stress means that hair fall will decrease, and the hormones will work in balance, thus reducing any health issues.
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  1. Prevent hair damage and breakage: dust, pollution, and UV radiation damage the building blocks of the hair and skin. Environmental factors and poor lifestyle choices negatively impact your hair and make it lose its shine and cause hair thinning; thus, one has to be careful. However, these factors cannot be avoided. Therefore it is guided that one needs to protect their hair overall. Styling products also further cause hair damage, and to protect the hair cuticles, it is mandatory to guard the hair with oil which has several benefits, and here CBD oil has proven benefits. CBD oil coats the hair and protects the dull and damaged hair. The antioxidants from the oil protect the hair from environmental hazards and repair the damage. The CBD oil also keeps the hair nourished with necessary nutrients and hydrated; thus, the hair is brimming with health and shines in harsh weather conditions. 

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an oil that is derived from the cannabis plant. Some cannabis is THC which gets people high, but CBD is different. CBD does not make high and thus is legal in most countries. There are several CBD oil products available in the market, and the quantity of CBD oil differs from that. Some people use CBD oil for recreational purposes and consume CBD gummies as a treat. However, several health benefits come packed in the oil. CBD gummies are the best way to consume CBD. It is the soft, chewy, and sweet gummies enriched with CBD oil and available in various flavors. Unlike the usual gummies present in the market, these gummies have no side effects. Instead, CBD gummies give several benefits to the person consuming it. 

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If One Wants To Avoid CBD Gummies, What Is The Other Option?

However, if one wants to avoid eating CBD gummies, topically applying CBD oil has several benefits. There are several at-home do-it-yourself recipes that can help one get a healthy mane and shining locks. Before we move ahead, let us first understand which type of CBD gummies contain organic and all-natural ingredients. Thus always make sure that it is extracted from the hemp plant with clean carbon dioxide so that there are no solvent residues that are present in the cheaper versions of the products. Thus getting CBD gummies from approved brands is a quick, convenient way to experience the calming effects of CBD. However, the most important aspect is to remember to consume it in limited quantities so that gummies do not cause side effects. As a beginner, start with one CBD gummy and see how your body reacts to it. The gummy gives you the desired results, then stop there, but if you need more, go ahead with more numbers. Even if you are applying CBD oil, make sure to do a patch test; although CBD oil poses no side effects, it is still always safe to be sure. 

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