10 Ways to Improve Church Offerings and Cultivate better giving attitude among members

Talking about increasing your church’s giving is a touchy subject. When it comes to talking about increasing giving habits, it’s not completely about the act of giving per se.

It’s more about building a culture of generosity. A culture where your congregation desires to be charitable with their resources in gratitude to Jesus for giving them a new life in him. Knowing this, here is a list of 10 practical ways you can increase your church’s offering and get them to be more generous.

1. Preach the gospel:

There is no stronger motivation for action than the word of God. Try explaining to the congregation the need to give to God in order to receive. This will trigger reflections on the goodness of God which will prompt them to act. Note that this shouldn’t be done forcefully or with threats. Congregants shouldn’t be emotionally blackmailed into giving. It will not augur well for any church leader who does that.

2. Teach biblical stewardship:

There are several instances in the bible of people being responsible with their resources by serving. This outlook should be used to minister to the people of God.

The people of God should be called to new ways of using their money for the service of God’s church. This service, should not be restricted to God’s church alone. It should be seen as a contribution by everyone whether rich or poor. That way, no church member will feel left out.

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3. Provide financial coaching:

Sometimes, what stops church members from giving is a lack of knowledge of how to manage their finances. Organizing symposia or coaching sessions will convince them on the need to dedicate themselves to saving and spending with caution. When your congregants see you as one who has their financial success in mind, they will avail themselves of their finances for the church’s upkeep.

4. Express gratitude:

Nothing opens tight fists like words of gratitude. Remember to thank the church for their contributions toward the success of every programme. Do not make blanket or general thanks to avoid alienating any of them.

Again, do not focus on only those who make financial contributions to the church’s growth. Thank every member, if possible, call names. Organise altar calls and brief prayers for those who donate. The more you do this, the more it will rouse the spirit of charity and goodwill among their congregants.

5. Share stories:

One key motivator for hesitating congregants is the knowledge that other people like themselves are contributing to the welfare of the church. During sermons, drop in tidbits about the little sacrifices that people have made.

Do not focus on huge donations. Instead, try to convince them that whatever amount is brought before God’s altar is accepted irrespective of how much or how little. What matters most is the heart and willingness with which the gifts or offerings were made.

You can draw inspiration from such stories as that of Abel’s sacrifice when compared to Cain, the contest between Prophet Elijah and the prophets of Baal etc. Several scriptures abound for this, using them will reassure the church.

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6. Lead by example:

It is not enough to preach the word. We must also be doers of the word. Apostle John’s legendary letter confirms this as truth. Every church leader should avoid placing himself in a prime place above the church members in matters of donations. He should strive to do and make it known that he makes his own sacrifices.

These sacrifices could be charity from his pocket, forfeiting the money meant for a vacation for the church’s projects etc. When the church sees a leader, who is committed to the cause, they will be motivated to develop a giving attitude towards the church’s cause.

7. Be accountable for income:

Earning the trust of the church is one variable that will ensure their continued support. After every donation, reassure the people that the donations are for the use of the church.

Keep accurate accounts and make them available for viewing and questioning if need be. When the people see these, they will re-affirm the trust they have in their leaders and will follow up by donating more to the church’s cause. Nothing fosters the growth of a church more than the integrity of its leaders.

8. Encourage younger members to give:

Proverbs 30:24-28 says;

“Four things on earth are small, yet they are extremely wise: Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer;”

This is applicable to the young children in the church. They should be encouraged to instil the spirit of responsibility of giving. Teaching them to adopt a giving attitude will create a good habit which will remain with them wherever they do. With this, they will be actively involved in the growth of every church they find themselves in.

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9. Make it easy:

The human nature is fickle and flits from place to place. This frailty can be avoided by the promotion of charity drives and making the act of giving an easy path for people. The creation of social media handles, hot codes, and even anonymous donations will make people feel free. When people can simply donate from the comfort of their homes, they will be more open to doing so.

10: Cast a vision:

Stirring the hearts of the members of the church toward a project is a good way to remind them of the need to always give. Cast a vision before the members of your church of the work God is calling them to do and set financial goals.

Challenge them to participate in God’s work by volunteering their time and talents and by giving toward this new work. Finally. Reassure them that God is not only at work in the church, but he’s at work in the community and around the world. Jesus is building His church, and he’s calling each and everyone to participate in his work.

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