Shopping for a Kid: 8 Tips to Save Your Money



Buying outfits for little ones is a regular expense for a family. Taking into account how often these clothes are torn and washed out, no wonder every parent is looking for ways to save on shopping for kids. So, we have prepared a list of eight tips for saving money while stocking up on clothes for kids.

1. Compare the price of the outfit

Do not order the product from the first online service, even if you have wanted this item for a long time. Be sure to analyze the cost of your dream purchase on different platforms. Of course, if you regularly buy on The Trendy Toddlers ordering shorts for toddler boys or girls or any other outfits and you are sure of the vendor, this step is unnecessary.

In all the other cases, you can check the cost manually, just by checking different sites, but there is also a more reliable way. Special resources for comparing prices are much faster and more reliable. You can open the basic Google Shopping tool and simply enter the name of the thing you want to buy in the search bar. Next, you will be offered dozens of options with a convenient filter, so it will be very easy to choose the best offer.

2. Don’t forget about price trackers

Comparing the cost of the planned purchase is useful, but if it is not urgent, you can wait and buy the item at an even better price. To do this, you should use the site or application, specify the desired product, and wait for notifications about a price reduction. You don’t need to manually update the website of the online store every day – the price tracker will do it for you. Some price trackers work only with specific stores, while others cover hundreds of sites at once. Just choose your option and prepare a list of planned purchases. 

3. Put the product in the cart, but don’t rush to buy it 

This is a small but effective trick because online stores really don’t like it when we stop one step before paying. Many of them may offer a discount on what was added to the cart. But for the plan to work, the seller must store data about your online activity (just don’t clear cookies) and your email (register on the site). However, be prepared for the fact that sometimes you have to wait for a discount for several days, and it is not a fact that it will be offered. But it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

4. Always check the delivery conditions 

So, you have already decided on the order, filled out all the forms: indicated the size, desired color, and other parameters, and then it turned out that the delivery conditions do not suit you. It is better to search in advance for options with delivery at the expense of the seller. Also, pay close attention to shipping costs if ordering from abroad. 

5. Carefully study the store’s platform and social networks

The profitable offers of the online store are usually distributed on the brand’s social networks. For example, banners on the site often give a promotional code for a discount, especially for the first order. And on social networks, companies announce promotions and discounts and give promo codes and coupons to loyal customers. 


6. Do not forget to use apps

Online stores strive to cover as many platforms as possible, so they create their own applications. In order to attract as many users as possible, companies organize special promotions for those who have downloaded their apps. Usually, such offers are calculated specifically for the first order, but use the gadgets of all family members, and voila – there will be many more “first orders”. 

7. Make use of the loyalty program

Loyalty programs are easy to join and use – you don’t need to carry a card with you, but it is enough to subscribe to the newsletter. Often, even the first letter from the store can please you with a good discount. This is also a great way to find out about the start of sales in time. For example, brands with an above-average price tag hold sales quite rarely and don’t advertise it too often. It is necessary to regularly check your mailbox. In addition, stores treat members of their loyalty programs with birthday gifts.

8. Use cashback services and cashback from banks 

Cashback is a fixed amount or percentage of the purchase that will be returned to your bank card or bonus account. Today there are many cashback services for online stores. Register and save on future purchases. Such services work with retailers on partnership terms. The buyer does not lose anything and can combine this method of savings with all those described above.


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