How to Charge Your Phone the Right Way

There is a misconception about charging phones, although many of us don’t see it as a misconception. Unless you actually read that the way you charge your phone is not the right way, you would never know.

We are used to running our phone battery till it does and then charging until it reaches 100% and over. However, the experts say this is why the batteries of all the past phones you used did not last.

Most smartphones today use lithium-ion batteries; although they are chemically designed to degrade over time, you can extend that “time.” While you cannot stop the degrading process of your phone battery, you can slow it down. Below are effective ways you can postpone the degradation of your phone battery and maximize its life.

1.Charge at 20% and Don’t Charge to 100%

Experts say the best time to charge your phone is before it drops below 20%. Also, they say you should avoid letting your phone charge to 100% and above; stop at 80%.

This will be strange to many because it feels natural to charge fully whenever you get the chance. However, letting your phone die before you charge or charging above 80% can damage the modern lithium-ion battery.

To preserve your phone’s battery, charge your phone at around 20% and up to 80% or 90% at most. If you are using fast charging, this becomes extremely important because there is a lot of heat involved. There is no problem with charging your phone as many times as possible in a day, says the experts.

2.Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Extreme Temperatures are smartphone batteries’ biggest enemies; to preserve your battery’s life, avoid extreme temperatures. This means you should not expose your battery to extreme cold or heat and don’t charge it in these conditions.

An example of extreme heat is leaving your phone on the dashboard of your card or anywhere under direct sunlight. This is bad for the battery, and it is worse if it is charging; endeavor to keep your phone in the shade. Also when playing games on this website, it is best you avoid doing so while charging.

You can keep your battery cool by removing it from the case because the phone isn’t getting enough air. Additionally, charge your phone in a well-ventilated environment, particularly in a cool and dry place.

Furthermore, while using your phone while charging doesn’t exactly damage the battery, doing so for too long can. That is because the screen and other components of the phone are generating and contributing heat to the charging heat.

3.Invest in Good Chargers

Cheap and knockoff chargers may be temporary lifesavers, but they can make your phone battery degrade even faster. The components of these chargers are not properly insulated, meaning there is a high risk of short circuits and fire accidents. Also, consider using fast chargers in moderation to maximize the battery’s lifespan, especially if you want to use the phone for years.

While getting your phone to 100% in thirty minutes may be satisfying, it generates more heat, which damages the battery. On the other hand, slow charging may take longer to charge, but it will preserve the battery better. At the end of the day, you have to weigh which is more important: convenience or a longer-lasting battery.

4.Don’t Charge Overnight

Many of us are used to plugging our phones in to charge overnight, but this compromises the battery’s lifespan. When the battery charges fully, it will start trickle charging, which will cause the metallic lithium to plate.

In the long run, this reduces the battery’s stability and, in rare cases, can lead to reboots and other malfunctions. Also, overnight charging leaves the battery at above 100%, which stresses the battery, and it creates excess heat.

The recent smartphone models come with features that let them stop charging once they reach 100% battery capacity. However, although some disable charging when full, many continue charging.

Meanwhile, there are also smart chargers that turn off when the battery reaches a certain charge percentage. Charging overnight is convenient, no doubt, but we recommend not doing so – or at least keeping your phone well ventilated.

5.When You’re Not Using the Phone

If you will not be using the phone for a long time, charge its battery halfway before storing it away. For Apple phone users, for instance, Apple recommends that you turn the phone on every six months and charge to 50%. This is to help you preserve the battery and preserve its lifespan. Additionally, ensure you store the phone in a cool and dry place to prevent damage.


If you are reading this, it probably means you are tired of your phone battery not lasting after a few months of use. We hope you have learned about some of the charging habits that compromise the health of your battery.

Nevertheless, understand that these tips are not meant to halt the degrading process of the battery; that is bound to happen. However, by practicing healthy battery-charging habits, you can slow down the process and postpone it by a few years.

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