Prayers for Job Protection, Security and Promotion

Words are powerful. Prayer is one of the most powerful things that a human being can do. Prayer has many benefits, but when it comes to job security and protection, prayer becomes even more important.

Prayer is an act of faith in what you cannot see or touch – in what you may not understand fully.

A prayer is also a form of communication with God, who loves us unconditionally and wants the best for us always.

Job Security Prayers

The Bible says: “Call upon me and I will answer thee.” (Jeremiah 33:3) In addition to this verse from Jeremiah, we find other scriptures which tell us that God hears our prayers – no matter how small they may seem to be!

The Prayer for Job Security and Protection is a prayer that was written in order to help people get through times of unemployment. It provides comfort and peace during difficult times. This prayer can be used by anyone who needs hope, strength, guidance, or perspective when looking for a job.

Prayers for Job Protection, Security and Promotion

Prayer for Job Protection

Pray these prayers with:

Revelation 12:11

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

👉 Dear God, please protect me from evil people and keep me safe. I am always working hard to make the company successful and provide for my family. Please help us grow our business and prosper in our endeavors.

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👉 Father in the name of Jesus, Lord, the Creator of all living things dwelling in heaven: I pray to you today with respect and humility, we have a need for your protection against forces that threaten our livelihoods as well as our families.

👉 Lord Jesus, please provide me with the strength and wisdom to continue doing my job well while praying for protection from harm.

👉 Lord Jesus, help me to keep constantly fresh, renewed on the job that I can continue to remain productive.

👉 Lord Jesus, help me to increase my knowledge and expertise so that I can become a more successful employee.

👉 Father in the name of Jesus, I asked that you give me managerial prowess so I can be ready for promotion.

👉 I pray that you will provide me with the skills and knowledge I need to be successful,

👉 And for your protection from harm.

👉 Lord, I ask that you protect me from any form of hazard (such as fire, collapsed building, equipment accident, car accident ) that the devil might have schemed today in the workplace in Jesus’ name.

👉 Every mistake in the workplace that will lead to regret and shame, I refuse to do it in Jesus’ name.

👉 Lord Jesus, I pray that you coordinate my hand and my brain to perform even faster without being weary in Jesus’ name.

👉 Lord Jesus helps us to uncover any due process that needs to be revisited and refined so the company can move forward in Jesus’ name.

👉 Every terrestrial force and power that may want to lift up their ugly heads in my place of work, Lord I asked that you silence them absolutely in Jesus’ Name.

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👉 Every fellow colleague or persons in my workplace that the devil may want to use to provoke, confuse, frustrate me today, Lord I pray that you lay hands on them for my sake in Jesus’ name.

👉 Every demonic sedimentation that may want to make me jobless, I render them powerless by the Blood of Jesus.

👉 Every plan of the enemy to take away My means of livelihood and sustenance, Lord destroy such plans in Jesus Name.

👉 I remember those who lost their livelihoods during the global economic crisis. I pray for them and offer a word of hope that they’ll find new ways to provide, bless with businesses so we can be one in Christ’s name!

👉 I come against every form of Massive job cuts and job losses that is going on almost in all countries and sectors in Jesus name.

👉 Lord Jesus let your presence and preeminence be felt in my workplace in Jesus Name

👉 Father Lord, I secure my career and my future in you and I know I will never be put to shame.

👉 Lord Jesus, help me to receive favor in front of my colleague top-level management in Jesus name.

👉 Lord Jesus help me to be diligent, lovable, adept mindful of details in the workplace in Jesus’ name.

👉 Lord Jesus, give me a spirit of excellence and perfection in Jesus name

👉 Lord, I ask that you sustain my company, department, and team for daily achievements and success in Jesus’ name.

👉 I asked Lord, that you help the management of the company to be fair and transparent in their dealings so the company doesn’t go bankrupt in Jesus’ name.

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👉 Lord, I ask that you give the company visioners as leaders, constantly innovating the products and services of the company for sustained growth.

👉 Lord Jesus, I commit every upcoming assessment and appraisal to your able hands, that you help me to do great in Jesus’ name.

👉 Lord prepare my safe transitioning from technical worker to managerial in Jesus’ name.

👉 Lord release to me the key of solution solving in Jesus name

👉 Lord, I asked that you always be at the center of my decision making as far as my work is concerned in Jesus

👉 Lord help me to live a life full of transparency, integrity, and accountability so my colleagues can see that I serve a living God in Jesus’ name.

👉 Lord Jesus, I sanctify the food and the water served in my workplace in Jesus’ name.



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