How to Dress Cute for Autumn 2022



As temperatures drop, signaling the arrival of the fall season, our wardrobe changes too. To have you looking cute and polished for this autumn season, here are a few of our favorite options for looks that will have you showing up looking your best: 


I don’t know about you, but I’ve waited all summer long for this moment; the moment when I can wear women’s boots for any occasion. From high-heel boots paired with a dress for a date night occasion to army boots for a relaxed look that is cool and comfortable. 

The perfect way to stay warm while looking stylish, boots are always a good idea in the fall. Flat boots, knee-high boots, or boots with heels that are needle thin—it doesn’t matter. Wear the boots that feel right for you because anything goes for this autumn season. 


Autumn can be an interesting season in some states. In Texas, you’ll wake up to cold mornings only to find that by 2:00 p.m., you’re ready to go swimming. A quick fix for the conundrum of being cold when you head to work but hot when it’s time to go for lunch break is to pair your outfit with a blazer. 

Not only are blazers great for keeping warm when the weather cools down, but you can easily pair them with a camisole top or blouse that looks great when you’re ready to take that blazer off. If you live in an area where the weather stays cool in the autumn season but isn’t cold enough for a coat, a blazer can be a perfect jacket to keep you staying warm. Ask your personal stylist how best to style your look. 

70s inspired sweaters

For casual affairs, like hanging with your friends or a picnic in the park, or even a semi-formal look for the office, wear 70s inspired sweaters. 

They’re trending right now and with good reason; adorable and bright, reminiscent of an era of bright colors and bold patterns, you’ll look classy and chic when sporting these kinds of sweaters for your fall fashion.  Look at your fashion magazine subscription for tips on the best types of sweaters to wear this season. 

High-rise corduroy 

Another walk down memory lane in style, high-waisted corduroys are totally making a comeback. Add some flare to these pants? Even better! Pair your fall-colored pants with fun 70s sweaters and while you’re at it, cut a shaggy haircut, and girl, you’ll be killing it in terms of 70s, erm, 2022 fashion! 

You know what they say, “fashion always comes back around.” We’ve already shut down low-waisted pants that tried to find their way in, so let’s enjoy our high-waisted corduroys in all of their glory. Because it’s fall, we personally love burnt orange- or maroon-colored pants to go with the colors of the season, but you can find your favorite corduroys in a variety of colors. 

Long-sleeve maxi dresses

Do you love dresses but also want to stay warm? Maxi dresses that cover your body are the way to go. Add a cute, small jacket to your look and pair it with boots if that’s your jam and show off that figure that your mama gave you. 

Comfortable yet chic, long sleeve maxi dresses are coming back in style, and you have to know that we’re here for it. If you’re all about showing what you’ve got, this is the autumn version of showcasing your beautiful figure while also, very importantly, staying warm. Sell your old clothes on sites like ThredUP and invest that new money into this season’s wardrobe. 


In Conclusion

Are you ready to go shopping for your fall look? From corduroy pants to chic sweaters and lovely long dresses, there are some great looks for autumn that we love. At the end of the day, the clothes you wear should be a reflection of your self-expression, so choose the looks that suit you and your personal preferences the most and most of all, have fun with it. 


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