How to Cure Migraine Fast? Simple Yet Effective Hacks! 


The day you have loads to do is when the migraine starts creeping up. When you have a bad migraine, you roll over with pain and cannot concentrate on anything; dealing with the worst possible pain all day long is not a part of most people’s plans. People with migraines must avoid triggers and do everything possible to control them. 

Somedays, migraine can show up uninvited, and you want nothing more but to reduce the pain. There are a few hacks that can help migraines go away fast. Jump right in to know how to deal with migraine faster than you think! 

Tips to Deal with Migraine Fast! 

Inflammation and migraine are two health concerns that can make you roll over in pain. We wish some medication would help with migraine pain, but unfortunately, there isn’t any. However, some simple yet effective hacks can help deal with migraines fast. Here you go: 


1. Take a Short Nap 

People with high blood pressure and other diseases often deal with unfortunate migraine attacks. Dealing with splitting headaches all day is never on anyone’s daily agenda. However, migraine can often show uninvited, disrupting all your plans for the day. 

Sometimes, you can try everything, but the headache won’t disappear. It would be best to take a small nap to ease the headache. If you don’t have time, try to close your eyes and take a 10-minute power nap. A nap can do wonders to make the splitting headache go away. It is best to close all the blinds, curtains, and lights to nap in the pitch dark. Put your iPhone in sleep mode to get uninterrupted rest. 

2. Cold Shower 

Being spiritually, physically, and emotionally healthy is how to live a fulfilling life. We often lack the physical aspect due to our reckless lifestyle. Migraines can make you sensitive to life, and even a small amount of stress can cause it. Sometimes, migraines are inevitable, and you cannot do much to stop them from kicking in. 

One of the best things you can do to get rid of migraine faster is to take a cold shower. Changing your body temperature can help reduce headaches and make you feel the best. If heat triggers your migraine, keep taking cold showers throughout the day to keep your body temperature down. A hot and cold compress can also do the trick, but it may only be feasible sometimes. 

3. Have Caffeine 

Is aspirin an nsaid? It is a common question because people like to have these medicines to reduce headaches. However, you can only rely on medications to a certain extent; finding healthier alternatives is essential. One of the best ways to deal with migraine is to take caffeine, which can instantly calm your mind. 

Avoid caffeine as much as possible, and don’t depend on it much. However, it would be best to have a healthy dose of caffeine sometimes to feel your best. Having a cup of warm coffee when you have a headache can solve many issues. 

If you feel anxious after having caffeine, you can always switch to healthier alternatives. A warm cup of green or peppermint tea is also great for soothing headaches and providing instant energy. 

4. Head Massage 

Who does not like a good head massage? We all love a good stress-relieving massage, which can do wonders for migraines. If you have been dealing with migraine issues, you can get a good head massage to relieve stress and pressure. 

Some of the main reasons why one deals with migraine is hypertension. A good massage is therapeutic, and it helps you relax instantly. A good head massage can help relieve stress and take pressure off your head. Make sure to massage the pressure points well, as it carries the most stress. 

Massage is also a great way to relax your mind and improve blood flow. If you can’t go for a professional massage, you can ask your partner, parents, or siblings to do it. On the other hand, brushing your hair or getting a scalp massage can also reduce migraine. 

5. Cold and Hot Compress 

A hot and cold compress is an ancient technique that helps reduce migraine pain faster. Shifting our body temperature constantly helps with reducing migraine. Hence, most people swear by hot and cold compresses and their effectiveness. 

Take a muslin, dip it in hot water, and keep it on your forehead until it becomes cold. Next, dip the same muslin cloth in ice-cold water and keep it on your forehead until it turns warm. Repeat the process for a few minutes until your migraine subsides. 

Final verdict 

Migraines can be quite nasty and take a few days to go away. Sometimes, we don’t have to sit and groan in pain all day because we have things to cater to. If you want to get rid of migraine pain faster, you can try the hacks from this article. However, it is best to avoid triggers that can cause migraine in the first place. 





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