5 best educational Android apps

Your Android smartphone could be the most powerful learning tool ever made.

Smartphones can be used to scroll mindlessly through distracting content, such as news feeds and social media feeds. However, they can also serve to learn and upgrade your skills.

Your Android smartphone allows you to access the internet resources that you need to learn and makes self-directed learning an easy part of your daily routine in today’s fast changing world. ​​If you’re looking for term papers for sale mypaperdone.com/write-papers-for-money, you can find them online. 

But where should you start? This guide will help you find the best educational apps on Android.

I recommend that you choose at least 5 of these favorites and create a folder on your Android’s Home Screen dedicated to learning.

Google Socratic

Google Play has a Socratic app that allows you to take photos of many things and then tell you about them. You can snap a picture of any history question, math problem or chemistry formula. It doesn’t matter what you do, it just needs to answer your question and provide you with a step-by–step guide for how to solve it in the future. Socratic doesn’t have ads or any in-app purchases. It’s suitable for all. It is especially useful for high school students and younger generations.


ABCmouse.com offers more than an app. It is also a comprehensive curriculum for preschoolers. This app is for children ages 2-8, but it’s best for younger children who have not started kindergarten.

There are hundreds of interactive activities and games that can be used to teach reading, math, science and art. It can also be used on any device, whether it’s a mobile or a computer.

ABCmouse costs about $10 per month, as it is a fully-fledged curriculum. The app can be used to prepare your child for elementary school if they don’t go to preschool. Parents can also track their progress.

Common Sense Media’s only complaint about ABCmouse is the way it rewards children for their progress with tickets that can be used to buy virtual items. This feature will keep kids using the program for a long time, but some may argue that it encourages consumption rather than learning for its own sake.


Hopscotch is an app for coding that’s designed for children aged 9-11 years. It is similar to Scratch, a program that was created to teach children computer programming. However, Hopscotch is designed for mobile devices only (iPads and iPhones only), while Scratch can be used on the web.

To create their own programs, kids can drag-and-drop commands and instructions into a script. You can personalize your program by selecting characters. Save and share your creations with the Hopscotch Community. Comment on others’ creations and play them.

It allows kids to express themselves creatively and learn computer programming without having to worry about complicated coding languages. It can also be used as a starter coding app, from which children can move on to more complicated programs such as Scratch on a laptop or desktop.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the best educational app, especially considering its wide variety of courses for all ages and the fact that it’s completely free. Khan Academy YouTube videos include videos on math, science, engineering, arts, humanities (including social studies), economics and test preparation.

Khan Academy courses have English language arts (ELA), which seems to be a weakness. However, it does offer some work-in progress offerings for students in second through ninth grade. Khan Academy instruction can be found in many languages with different course offerings, but there aren’t any foreign language courses.

Quizzes are included in the courses to assess students’ understanding. Khan Academy has also begun to develop materials that integrate with Common Core. Khan Academy Kids is a junior version that targets learners aged between five and five years. It is a mobile app for math, ELA and socio-emotional learning that uses books, games and songs.


Prodigy is a popular math game because it’s designed like a videogame. It is a fantasy-based app and web game that covers math topics from the first to eighth grades.

Prodigy is designed more to test children’s knowledge than to introduce them to new math topics. Children can earn spells for answering the right questions and then they will be able to fight monsters in different fantasy worlds.

While the basic app is free, a premium subscription costs $60 per year and offers more features. Prodigy is loved by children, but parents may find it difficult to purchase in-app items.


These educational apps are great for Android and are easy to find on the Google Play Store. Each of them has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. These apps are designed to engage and not distract users. You can download them all and turn your Android Phone into the best teaching tool. If you are looking for a great way to buy essay, Ibuyessay Blog is a great option.


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