6 Unique Ways to Use Instagram as a Christian Blogger



Every blogger must learn how to get more readers, and Instagram can be a great tool to reach new people and boost your blog. As a Christian blogger, your Instagram objectives might be different than those of a brand or an influencer but the desire to gain more followers is something everyone trying to use the platform for promotion shares.

There are some steps that Christian bloggers can take to gain more Instagram followers, including investing in apt growth tools and services, using paid ads, etc. But ultimately, it all comes down to learning how to develop a unique and meaningful connection with your audience.

1. Understand Your Target Audience

As a Christian blogger, you already know your target audience. However, you should research to understand their behavior on Instagram, or in other words, how they use this platform. Thorough research can help you increase your reach and maybe even find new audiences for your content. The goal of the study is to gather as much data as possible to create a marketing strategy that works. 

2. Create a Profile That Is Appealing to Your Target Audience

You need to be careful in selecting everything that will make up your profile. Choose a relevant photo, and make sure that when a visitor looks at your profile knows what you are about and that they can access your blog easily and right away. You need to be direct and you must include the URL of your blog in your Bio. 

Additionally, you need to employ appropriate keywords, followed by relevant hashtags. The social network, on the other hand, provides the feed, also referred to as a content flow. Use this feature to your advantage to draw readers’ and potential followers’ attention since it is what users see when they enter your profile. 

3. Create Stories

Instagram features provide powerful ways to communicate with your audience clearly and appealingly. Stories allow you to share a piece of content using images or videos to make your point. You can use this feature not only to promote your own Christian content but also to reach more people by spreading the message. You can also use it to share posts from other Christian Instagram accounts.

4. Use Popular Hashtags 

Using hashtags on Instagram is crucial for any profile that wants to gain more followers, since it enables the grouping of numerous publications on the same subject, facilitating users’ searches for relevant content. Additionally, hashtags allow you to find other profiles with similar interests. As a Christian blogger, you will naturally use Christian hashtags. 

Nevertheless, to reach even more users, you should also find popular hashtags and incorporate them into your post to spread your message to new people. Of course, you doing this randomly won’t do you any good, so you should use relevant popular hashtags.  

5. Repurpose Content

You will save so much time by repurposing content. Keep in mind that most of your community probably doesn’t follow you on other social media platforms, so you don’t have to feel repetitive. You can use other content that has already been created in a variety of ways on Instagram.

For instance, if you’ve published a blog post, you can recreate it for your Instagram community, who may be interested in your content but won’t visit your blog. And this way you will be able to bring your message to them anyway. For instance, you can create a video to discuss your blog post or you can go live, and so on. You can also create an Instagram post by copying and pasting a few sentences from your blog and adding a photo or a video. 

6. Have a Strong Social Media Plan

If you are just beginning to experiment with Instagram and other social media as a way to promote your Christian blog, things can get a bit complicated, and you may end up losing a lot of time not knowing what to do next. 


So, instead of spending hours and hours every day trying to figure out what you should post next, you need to create a real plan for your social media. And the best way to stay organized and have a successful profile is to have a content schedule. This way you will have more time to dedicate to creating new content for your blog.  



Instagram is a great tool for promoting blogs, and while as a Christian blogger you can’t use it the same way bloggers from other niches would, you can still gain a large following and boost your blog’s success. Instagram allows for a lot of originality in the way we promote our content, so even within the same area, bloggers can still experiment and find their voice.

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