Did Dean Martin wear a toupee?


Dean Martin is one of the best-known singers in American history, and he has a few interesting stories about himself. 

One of them is that he wore a toupee for most of his career. This isn’t something many people know about, but it’s still an interesting question to ask yourself: “Was Dean Martin wearing a toupee?”

We know many things about him, but there’s still a lot we still need to learn.

He was born in Steubenville, Ohio, and when he was 12 years old, his family eventually relocated to California


After earning a degree in economics and history from the University of Southern California, he went on to become an actor and comedian.

He was married three times: firstly Jeanne Biegger (1936–43), secondly Ava Gardner (1944-52), then back again to Jeanne Biegger until their divorce in 1953; she died two years later, aged 58, due to lung cancer caused by smoking cigarettes through most of her life despite having quit decades earlier.

Dean had 9 children – 6 boys & 3 girls -with all except one surviving infancy/childhood.

There’s one question that fans still ask today.

There’s one question that fans still ask today. It’s one of the most asked questions about Dean Martin, and it goes something like this: “Did Dean Martin wear a toupee?”

The answer, as you probably know by now, is no. The comedian never did have one in his lifetime or even during his career as an entertainer. 

However, some believe he did wear one, and even more, claim that those who don’t think so are lying. 

How would we even know what was true or not? Well…the truth is out there somewhere.

Was Dean Martin bald, or was he wearing a toupee?

Was Dean Martin bald? Yes, Dean Martin was bald. 

He wore a toupee to cover up the fact that his hair loss had left him with no choice but to shave his head completely.

He had hair in his early years, but it didn’t stay that way for long.

It is commonly accepted that Dean Martin wore a toupee. He wore one, but it wasn’t until after his death that people noticed the hairline on his head.

There are several reasons why he may have worn a wig:

He might have had thinning hair and wanted to hide it. The wig could also have covered up bald spots or patches of baldness as he aged.

Wigs were common during this period, and many celebrities wore them for different reasons.

Dean Martin sported a short haircut

 in the later stages of his life.

Dean Martin sported a short haircut in the later stages of his life. This style was in stark contrast to most other celebrities who wore toupees at that time. 

He also wore hats to cover his head, not to reveal his baldness.

It’s likely that he had been wearing some hairpiece since childhood and found it more comfortable than going without one altogether; after all, who wants their head sticking out? 

The only thing left for him was finding something else to do with those remaining strands, and that’s where we come in today.

He often wore hats to hide his head during this period.

Dean Martin wore a wig to hide his baldness. He often wore hats to hide his head during this period.

Dean Martin’s toupee is often referred to as the “most famous toupée in the world,” It was made by an Italian hairdresser named Tony DePuma, who also worked on What It Was Like To Be A Woman With Richard Burton, Elvis Presley’s first film role.

The first picture of Dean with his hairpiece was taken by photographer John Seigenthaler at Studio D in Hollywood on March 24th, 1950 – about six months after he had started wearing one.

Most people agree that he was wearing a wig during his later years.

Most people agree that he was wearing a wig during his later years.

The reason for this is simple: He had lost most of his hair early in life, and it was only when he hit his 50s that he started wearing wigs again. 

He also covered up his bald spot with hats and other headpieces throughout the rest of his career. 

Some think that even if Dean Martin did not have hair loss issues or other cosmetic concerns requiring him to wear wigs, there would still be some doubt about whether or not he wore one because “all famous people are usually photographed with their heads covered.”

Many people believe that his toupee was made from human hair.

Many people believe that his toupee was made from human hair. However, many other options could have been used to make a toupee. 

These include wool and synthetic fibers as well as animal fur. It is also possible that he wore a wig or false beard over his head to look like he had no hair.

It must be clear who created the toupee for him or where he got it.

A professional hairstylist likely created the toupee. 

This means that they could have created a realistic-looking piece of headwear and could have done it in just enough time to get it ready for his birthday party.

He likely got this work done at one of many wig makers around New York City, where he lived at the time. 

These wig makers were well known for making wigs for celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra, so Dean Martin would have had no trouble finding someone capable of creating something similar for him.

Dean Martin wore a toupee while performing after losing his hair.

Dean Martin’s hair loss was caused by male pattern baldness, and he wore a toupee to hide it.

In his early days as a singer, he performed on stage with no hair at all, but when he started losing his hair in middle age, he decided to wear one for the remainder of his life.


The fan-favorite question, “Did Dean Martin wear a toupee?” is still relevant today. 

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the life of this celebrity, and his toupee has become an interesting topic for many people to discuss. 

It’s possible he wore a wig during this period because he was bald due to illness or personal reasons.


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