30 Miracle Prayers to Buy a house

Are you believing God for a new home or place of your own to live in, here are 30 prayer requests to ask God for a new home.

I know that you need a house, but you do not have enough money to buy one. No matter how keen you are in securing the money for your mission, you need God to perfect your ways and turn your struggles into success, for it is not by effort or might, but by his grace which is always abundant.

He has also promised to provide us with all that we need once we ask.  He never fails his promise. Numbers 23:19 says, “God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill? God is ever faithful. All you need to do is pray.

Proverb 16:3 says, ” Commit to the Lord whatever that you do, and your plans will succeed.

And so I have prepared;

30 powerful prayers for you to pray when asking God for money to buy a house.

1. I thank you, Lord Jesus, for all that you’ve been doing for me and my loved ones. I acknowledge you as my Lord and God, and I ask that you continue to reign in my life, for once I have you, I have everything.

2. I thank you, Lord, for loving and protecting me. I bless your name for giving me a means of earning a living. I plead that you pardon my offenses and bring more financial breakthrough my way in Jesus’s name.

2. You know all about me, Lord, including my needs. Come to my aid and bless me financially that I may be able to own a house of my own and take care of the people you left under my care.

3. I need your divine intervention Lord in my daily struggle. Come and make my hard work successful that every job I do may yield enough money to buy myself the house I desire in Jesus’s name.

4. Let all things work in my favor as you promised in Romans 8:28. Let me prosper in my endeavors and even when I meet challenges, help me overcome them in Jesus’ name.

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5. I come against all dark forces working against my progress financially. Let the holy ghost fire destroy all their works and never let them succeed in Jesus’ name.

6. As I ask you, Lord, for money to purchase a new house, I also ask for your divine assistance in watching over all who will move into the house with me, that everything we do brings exaltation and glorification to your name in Jesus name.

7. In Jesus’ holy name, I cover all financial plans and activities that I’ll carry out concerning buying my new house.

8. Protect all my investment and all sources from which I earn my living, multiply my profits that I may be able to make gain enough to buy a new house for myself and my family in Jesus’ name.

9. I need a roof over my head Lord. Even though the money to buy a house is not available yet, I trust that you will make things work out, and the resources and money required will flow into my possession in Jesus’ name.

10. In my most difficult moments, you are the only hope. I believe in you, and I know that you answer whenever your name is mentioned. I call on you today to assist me in my plans of buying a new house. Let my earnings grow that my needs be provided in Jesus’ name.

11. You know all about me, Lord, including my needs. Come to my aid and bless me financially that I may be able to own a house of my own and take care of the people you left under my care.

12. I seek your guidance this period Lord. Give me the available resources to buy myself a house and give me the grace to make the right choices as to location, type, and management of the house in Jesus’ name.

13. In the name of Jesus, I command the doors of Fortune and prosperity to be opened up to me. Let the money which I need to purchase my new house come to me in Jesus’ name.

14. I pray for divine connection. Lord, I believe that what you cannot do does not exist. As insufficient as my fund for this new house maybe, I trust that you’ll direct and connect me to the right people that will help me purchase the house at a cheaper rate in Jesus’ name.

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15. Everlasting Father, maker of all things that exist, come to my assistance and make way for me. Let there be a financial breakthrough in my life so that I can buy a new house and protect to my capacity the people you put under my care.

16. Give me the grace, Lord, to fight laziness and mismanagement, and with the handwork you’ve given me, work hard and earn to protect my family and provide them with adequate shelter in Jesus’ name.

17. I pray for success. I pray for a breakthrough. I cancel all forms of backwardness and poverty in my life. I need a new home, and trusting so much in the God I serve, all resources for buying that house will be complete very soon in Jesus’ name.

18. Bless me financially Oh God, that I may buy a shelter for the good of myself and my family in Jesus name

19. I plead this moment that you guide and monitor all my actions and transactions towards securing this new apartment. Make the path clear and guide me through to make the right decisions in Jesus’ name.

20. Let me loose from the bond of financial bankruptcy and move me into the yard of prosperity that buying my dream house will be one of your countless blessings in Jesus’ name.

21. I’ve faced so many setbacks, difficulties, and misfortune in my business, it made me unable to secure enough money to buy my desired house. Save me from this situation and grant my heart desire.

22. Do not allow the struggle of life to swallow me, Lord. Guide me and help provide me with money as I fight to get a new building in Jesus’ name.

23. After so much suffering, wandering, and pain, it is my wish to buy a new house, Lord. Grant my wish, and make available the money for this course in Jesus’ name.

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24. Do not allow me, God, to dive into evil in a bit the acquire the resources and money to buy my new house. Help me stay safe and do the needful in the right way in Jesus’ name.

25. Let your grace be sufficient in my life Lord, for it is not by might that man prosper. As I aim to buy a new house, help me buy it in Jesus’ name.

26. Let the door of financial breakthrough open up for me. Let the fountain of blessings overflow in my life so that my needs will be met, and my aspirations accomplished in Jesus’ name.

27. I’ve tried so many things, but I always meet a dead end. This time around, I declare that this work makes me prosperous enough to buy myself a house in Jesus’ name.

28. You, Oh God, are the stronghold of my life. I ask you, Father, to be the frontman in my quest to buying this new house. Bless me with money, resources, the right location, good neighbors, and every necessity I need to move into my new house in Jesus’ name.

29. You make a way where there is no way. Lord, do not allow this dream of buying a new house to turn into an illusion. Make me have enough money so that I can purchase it in Jesus’ name.

30. I know that your love for me is everlasting and that you have promised that when I ask, I shall be answered. I ask that you bless me with the money to buy myself and my family a new house.


Do not be scared to push forward, for Jeremiah 17:7 says, “But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.” What you seek, you shall find, it may delay but will surely come by. Just like the persistent widow remained persistent in asking the unjust judge for a favor, I advise you to remain persistent in praying to God, and when the time is right, there will be a smile on your face.

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