40 Compassionate Prayers for Lost Souls

The parable of the sower in Matthew 13:4-8 explains that not all people created by God do God’s will. Some are lost in the world, buried deep in sin. While some hear the word of God and obey, others struggle with believing in God.

Those backsliders, unbelieving, unwilling souls, are called the lost souls. According to this parable, the lost souls include seeds that fell on the wayside and got picked up by the birds, those that fell on the rocky ground and couldn’t germinate well enough, and those that fell on the bed of thorns and got trapped by spines.

They’re so many distractions in the world strong enough to make a man disobey and even doubt the existence of God, making a Christian lose faith sometimes. As Christians who believe in God and his goodness and mercy, we have to pray for these lost souls.

Jesus values every sheep of his flock, well enough to abandon the whole flock and set out to find a missing sheep. (Matthew 18:10-14.). Most importantly, Jesus said in the book of Luke 15:7, “I say to you that in the same way there will be joy in heaven over one sinner repenting, rather than over ninety-nine righteous ones who do not need repentance. That is how important lost souls are to God.

Therefore, here are 40 compassionate prayers for lost souls

Father, I thank you for the life and blessings you have bestowed on everyone. Your mercy is abundant that you let the sunshine and the rainfall to both evil and righteous people. Let your name be glorified in Jesus’ name.

I commit all lost souls to you. Father help them come out of their loose lives and come to worship you always in Jesus’ name.

Bless all those working in your vineyard; the pastors, priests, evangelists, and even the laity trying every day to win more souls for you. Give them the grace to remain fervent in their good work.

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While on the cross, you prayed for your persecutors. Forgive all souls that have gone far from you. Draw them close to your ever-loving heart, for they do not know what they’re doing.

Most people wandered far away from you because of the trials and hardships they are facing in life. God of miracles, help them, that by seeing, they might believe that there is none like you.

I pray for all souls that have strayed from their creator, that they may realize how much God loves them and eventually come back to him in Jesus’ name.

Just as you arrested the Christian persecutor, Paul, arrest several others working against your children and your holy church. Make them channel their energy and enthusiasm to you in Jesus’ name.

Oh loving Shepherd, you know how dangerous it is for any sheep that leaves the flock. Go after them, and help them for they need you.

Deliver all souls who doubt and do not believe in you. Save them from eternal damnation.

Lord, install your grace to help identify the evil plot and flee from them at all times in Jesus’ name.

Deliver all those who have resolved to do evil. Let your light shine on their darkened path that they may be saved in Jesus’ name.

It is not your wish Lord that the man you made should perish but come to repentance 2 Peter 3:9, and because of that, you gave your only begotten son to die for all. Jn 3:16. Save all lost souls before they are doomed eternally.

In your judgment, tamper justice with mercy on all souls who are so far away from you. Be merciful unto them and draw them into the light of your glory in Jesus’ name.

The Good Shepherd, the ever merciful, faithful, and loving father, save all lost souls from eternal damnation in Jesus’ name.

To those who know you not, show yourself to them. To those who forbid you, forgive. And to those who need you but are afraid of commitment, teach and protect them.

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Father, you told us in John 14:6 that you are the way, truth, and life. So many people out there have resisted you. Please, come into them to show them the way and the truth so that they can have life in Jesus’ name.

Soften the heart of sinners Lord that when they hear your word, they might heed to it.

Raise strong believers amongst your church that they may keep proclaiming your words everywhere and every day in Jesus’ name

Clear whatever words or thought the enemies have put into their heads and open up their hearts and minds to accept your words and teachings.

From the abundance of your mercy, save all lost souls from perishing in hell in Jesus’ name.

Do not allow the temptations coming our way to swallow us. Save us before we’re doomed in Jesus’ name.

With the holy ghost fire, I come against all backsliding spirit growing amongst your children in Jesus’ name.

With your precious blood, wash off the sins which most unholy souls have committed against you and draw them back to you in Jesus’ name.

Deliver all lost souls from their bondage of sin and save them in Jesus’ name.

Destroy all the plots the devil has been using to hold many souls in captivity of sin and frustration and save them, lord.

Beautify the lives of all those you have delivered from their past lives, that souls still held in the same sin may see and be delivered.

Bestow abundant grace on those who spread the gospel, that they may keep drawing lost souls to you every day in Jesus’ name.

Saviour of the world, mighty Redeemer, save the lost souls.

Make me a soul-winner for you through my words and actions in Jesus’ name.

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Let the holy spirit direct us to all souls that seriously need help but had no clue that help comes from you alone.

I command every spirit of destruction and bondage to release every unsaved soul under their custody in Jesus’ name.

Lord, rekindle your spirit each day amongst your children. Let no dark spirit lure them away from you by any means in Jesus’ name

Give us the enduring spirit to persevere in all processes involved in delivering the lost souls.

Let every soul held under the dark world and evil community loose in the mighty name of Jesus.

Let any trouble, words, covenant, or advice preventing these lost souls from turning to you be destroyed in Jesus’ mighty name.

Create the right moment and a turnaround avenue for all lost souls that they may come back to their father and creator, who loves them so much.

Let your words be appealing and irresistible to the ears of all lost souls that they may return to the God who made them.

Protect all backsliding souls and all confused and wandering souls, that instead of getting far lost may come back to track in Jesus’ name.

By your death, you saved us. You took away our sorrow and tribulations. Help all lost souls realize what they’re Missing by being far from you.

Help the lost souls realize that you are the living water, without which there is no life.


Jesus has come to save man. Luke 19:10 says, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” He knows we’re not perfect. He’s ready to forgive all sins and make all things new again. 1 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here.

Seize every opportunity to do the work of God, to deliver sinners, save souls, and gain God’s blessings.

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