The comparison between Islam and Mormonism

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There are several religions and sects around the world. If you are on the side where you will choose which you want to be in, you need to assess all of them. In that sense, you must check if it will meet all of your beliefs and spiritual needs. 

Here at Meredith Gould, we would like to give you a slight hint about the religions you are after. In this part, let us tackle the comparison between Mormonism and Islam. They are certainly one of the most talked-about religions a=in the world. And if you are leaning on choosing between them, let us supply you with the idea you will need.


Joseph Smith founded this religious group. They originally belong to The Church of Jesus of Latter-Day Saints. They have over sixteen million members worldwide in places like the Philippines, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. Furthermore, the headquarters of the LDS is in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

In addition, Joseph Smith established Mormonism in 1830, the same time the Book of Mormonism was published. Although they are a different religion, their belief mostly leads to Christian beliefs. But they also have their distinct principles, practices, values, and philosophies. 


On the other hand, Islam is one of the major world religions by Prophet Muhammad in the Arb country during the seventh century CE. The meaning of the Arabic word Islam is to surrender to Allah( God). Muslims- the Arabic term for those who believe in Islam, believes in submitting to the will of Allah. The book where their scriptures are encrypted is in what they call Qur’an. In which Allah used to relay messages to its believers through Muhammad. 

Although there are over two billion Muslims worldwide, it is composed of different sects as well. But the sects must strictly follow what is indicated in Qur’an and must act like one community. 

What do they have in common?

As two different religions, it is still surprising to know similarities. 

The Bible is corrupt.

Both Islam and Mormonism believe that the Bible’s teaching corrupts the mind of its believers. But one thing is for sure, the Bible predicted about their prophets. According to Joseph Smith, the Bible may have been corrupted throughout. This is because the priest has committed many errors due to time. And they want to keep it a secret. He believed that to correct their wrongdoings, they have manipulated and redesigned the Bible, 

Islam believed the same way. The passing of the scripture from Moses to David may cause parts of the books to be deleted or edited. Also, they say that there are some parts of the books of Abraham that are lost. 

The Bible has predicted the Islam and Mormon prophets.

As we have mentioned earlier, their prophets have been predicted in the Bible. The Mormons deny that they use the scriptures of the Bible in their doctrines, but they use Ezekiel to support Mormonism. According to Ezekiel 37:19, “say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, ‘Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel, his companions; and I will put them with it, with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they will be one in My hand.’”

On the other hand, some lines in the Bible and Qur’an seem the same. For example, Deut. 18:18 and Surah 46:10 both say that there will be a chosen one among the people, and He will assign him to spread his word. 

The believers must well respect their prophets.

Both Islam and Mormonism say that you must also think within their prophets if you believe the God. Say, for example, in Islam, if you value the teachings of the Qur’an, you must be able to think with Muhammad as he is the one that can talk closely to Allah. Allah assigns him to transmit his message to all Muslims. 


Now that you have a clear idea about what Mormonism and Islam are, you will assess them properly. Furthermore, if you have the concept of transferring over to either of the two, this article will help you choose. But if you are not the one to change religions, knowing other religions is a great thing to do. 

We hope that this has helped you search for the best comparison of Islam and Mormonism. If you have more to share, let us create a helpful community about religions and beliefs.   

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