80 Prayers for My Wife

prayers for my wife

25 Prayers for My Wife is a collection of prayers and scriptures that are written from the perspective of a husband to his wife.

There is no greater love than the love of a man for his wife. These prayer points for your wife exemplifies how much you care for your wife.

We hope that these prayers will strengthen your marriage and bring you closer together as husband and wife in Christ.

Some people believe that prayers are only for the sick or those who are in need. But I pray for my wife every day, and not just when she’s sick, but because I love her.

When we met years ago, she had a deep faith and strong convictions about how to live life as a Christian woman.

As time went on, our priorities began to change; many of the things that were important to us then became less so over time.

I prayed for her every day during this transition, hoping God would help guide her back into His presence and renew her desire to serve Him with all of her heart. It has been such an honor watching my wife grow closer to Christ since we’ve been married!

When we married, I knew that my life would change. In ways, I could never have imagined. The idea of marriage is one that has been around for ages and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

But what does this mean for my wife? What are the things she needs every day to grow and thrive in her marriage? Prayer! That’s why I’ve created 25 prayers from a husband to his wife, with the hope that they will be a blessing to you as well.

80 Powerful Prayers for My Wife

1) I ask Lord that you give my wife the sufficient wealth that is meant for her and to wipe away all our financial obligations, in Jesus name I pray amen.

2) Lord Jesus fortify my wife with wisdom and Knowledge needed to build her home.

3) I’ve always been a saver and wanted to be able to provide for my family. I knew that I needed the Lord’s blessing in order to have any financial success. But Lord I Pray that you also provide for my wife, enough money to live comfortably, cater for her family, the people she cares about and cared about her, without ever worrying about your finances again.

4) “My wife has been in the workforce for a couple of years. She’s done really well, but she always struggles with being on top of her work and balancing family life.”

5) Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Lord I Pray that you will give my wife the strenght, energy and wisdom to excel at the workplace while still fulfilling all of her commitments as a wife.

6) Every spirit of tiredness in the life of My wife, be destroyed in Jesus Name.

7) Every form of spiritual and mental weariness be destroyed upon the life of My wife in Jesus name.

8) I refuse, reject, renounce premature death over the life of My wife in Jesus name.

9) The wisdom that my wife needs to lead and guide our chuldren aright, Lord grant to her in Jesus name.

10) Every form of curable and incurable diseases I cancel it in the life of my wife in Jesus name. Isaiah 55 1 says Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy…? Lord I refuse to spend our money and resources on sickness and diseases in Jesus Name.

11) Lord as my Wife go about her daily activities, taking care of our Children, her work and herself, Lord I asked that your eye of protection will be upon her, Amen.

12) Every devourer spirit that depreciates the value, beauty and virtue of a woman, I refuse them in the life of my wife in Jesus name.

13) According to Joshua 24:15, V2 As for Me and My Household, We Will Serve the Lord. Lord let our love be so heavy in the heart of My Wife, that she will ever be pleased to serve in your vineyard.

14) Every arrow of shame, dejection and rejection on the life of wife, I cancel them In Jesus name.

15) The scripture says in Daniel 6 : 3 “Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king thought to set him over the whole realm.” Lord I decree that you release an excellent spirit on my wife in Jesus Name, Amen.

16) pray for your wife, for her to become promoted both spiritually and naturally.

17) that she will be able to care for you and your children, not only in this life but also the next.

18) pray for her health and wellness, so that she may serve as a good example to others of what it is like to live with Christ’s love.

19) pray for guidance during difficult times because nothing can separate her from the love of God.

20) pray for her to know Christ more fully, and that she will be able to lead others in prayer as well

21) pray for your wife’s happiness so that not only you but also those around her may be blessed by it everyday.

22) bless my wife with a spirit of wisdom, because she is a woman of great understanding.

23) that she will be able to make difficult decisions with confidence, and not let the voices of unbelievers affect her faith in Christ.

24) because we are not perfect people, pray for my wife’s forgiveness when she makes mistakes or hurts someone else unintentionally.

25) bless my wife by filling her with peace, in a world where there is so much chaos and turmoil.

26) pray that she will be able to see the humor in life’s trials, because God has promised us that He will never let anything really bad happen to those who belong to Him.

27) bless my wife with joy every day by giving her something new from your creation to enjoy.

28) bless my wife with a heart of compassion, so she will be able to love those who are difficult and suffering.

29) pray for the people we come in contact with every day that they would show us kindness and patience.

30) help her understand how much I need her, because if she ever leaves me, I don’t think I will be able to survive.

31) bless her with a strong and healthy body, so she can enjoy the pleasures of life that are waiting for us as we grow old together.

32) please fill my wife’s heart with your love and peace this morning, because it brings me such joy when she is content.

33) bless my wife with a generous spirit, so she can do good to all people.

34) please give her the wisdom and discernment to know what path in life is best for us both.

35) help me be a better provider and protector of our family from those who would hurt it.

36) take away any fears or anxieties from her life.

37) keep my wife and our marriage safe, so that we can have many more years to spend together in love.

38) please give us strength to fight the battles of this world, when they come upon us.

39) bless me with a tender heart for my wife’s strengths as well as her weaknesses.

40) please help me be more understanding and forgiving in our marriage.

41) bring us joy as we build a life together, so that we might know the blessings of children to come into this world.

42) give my wife strength during her pregnancy periods, for she will grow tired and need rest.

43) bless me with patience not only for my wife, but also the children we will be blessed with.

44) please let me always remember to love and care for my family as you’ve done before us.

45) give us many years of happiness together in our marriage, so that when one of us is called home, the other might find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

46) please help me to be a good husband and father for my wife, so that she might find peace in this life knowing I will look after our children as well.

47) let us always know you are there with us during the difficult times, when we need comfort or strength to push through another day.

48) bless me with patience not only for my wife, but also the children we will be blessed with.

49) help me to not have the same expectations of my wife that I do for myself.

50) please let me always remember to love and care for my family as you’ve done before us.

51) give us many years of happiness together in our marriage, so that when one of us is called home, the other might find the strength to carry on.

52) help me not take my wife for granted, and let her know she is loved every day.

53) bless us with a healthy family of our own one day, so that we might give others the same gift you have given us.

54) please guide me through life as I work towards being a better husband and father.

55) help me see my wife as the most beautiful, strong woman in the world who has been given to me for a time on this earth.

56) bless us with your guidance so that we might always be happy together.

57) comfort her when she feels overwhelmed by life’s challenges, knowing there is nothing she can’t handle.

58) comfort me when I feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges, knowing there is nothing I can’t handle.

59) let us always show each other how much we love each other in little ways every day, so that we might be reminded of what a gift this life together has been.

60) help our marriage to be a place where we can always share our deepest thoughts, feelings and dreams without judgment knowing that we are loved unconditionally.

61) thank you for the blessing of marriage

62) let us never take each other’s presence in life or love for granted.

63) Please bless my wife with good health, wisdom and happiness. Amen

64) please bless my wife with health, wisdom and happiness. Amen.

65) give me the strength to love her unconditionally as she grows older, knowing that we will be together always in spirit even if not physically present on earth.

66) thank you for all your work within our marriage thus far!

67) Please help us to maintain the hope we have in each other, even when things get hard.

68) please give us patience and help me to always listen and hear her out before I speak or react. Amen

69) thank you for all my wife has done to support our family!

70) Please bless her with a good job that fulfills her at home and away from home.

71) please bless her with wisdom to know what is best for our family and the strength to follow through even when it’s difficult

72) bring JOY into my wife’s life! Amen

73) Please protect us as we raise our children, that they may grow up happy in your love.

74) give my wife a deep, abiding love for you.

75) Please help her to know how much she is loved by me and that I want the best for our family! Amen.

76) please give my wife strength in all things physical, emotional and spiritual!

77) Help us both understand what we need from each other as different people with different needs

78) please help my wife to be content in her body and not compare herself with other women

79) Thank you for giving us a family thank you for blessing our lives! Amen.

80) Please protect me from the dangers of pornography, lustful thoughts, infidelity.

All these I Pray for My dear Wife, God Please hearken to my voice, hear my cry and answer my Prayers in Jesus Name, Amen.

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