How To Get Your Mental Health Coach Certification

Most people struggle with general mental health challenges at some point in their lifetimes. Whether they have a sense of anxiety over big life transitions or some sadness that’s not as bad as clinical depression, many of them could use the help of a mental health coach. A coach is a person trained to help individuals with mental health concerns, but not in the same capacity as a licensed therapist. These people want to help others walk through challenging times. If you’re one of them, here are some tips for how to get your certification as a mental health coach. 

The Importance of Mental Health Coaching

As people encounter daily stressors and life issues, sometimes the load can get too heavy to bear alone. Finding someone who has a mental health certification can offer a more affordable solution to help them work through these issues as long as they don’t have clinical mental health needs. A coach is someone who helps people look to the future, set goals, and work to achieve them. A therapist helps people sort out past issues that are impacting mental health today. The focus is on healing trauma and other issues. A therapist can also act as a coach, but a coach is not qualified to offer therapy. 

Search for the Right Program

Getting your mental health certification starts with finding the right program. There are courses that are self-paced, while others are time meaning you need to complete lessons and assignments within a certain timeframe. You’ll need to assess the syllabus to discover what you’ll learn, evaluate the price and payment options, and make sure the program will give you the credentials you need. 

Consider the Accreditation of the Program

Not all programs are as reputable as others. There are some gold-standard accrediting bodies when it comes to various types of coaching. You’ll want to be sure that the course you choose is accredited by one of these bodies to help your future clients know that you have undergone rigorous training and that it met certain requirements to get you certified. 

Apply for Mental Health Certification Training

Once you select the program, it’s time to apply. Most applications are online these days to make it easy for you to apply and to receive a quick response. Some places accept everyone who applies, while others require certain qualifications for acceptance. These applications typically take longer to process to ensure that everything is on the up and up. Once you are accepted into the program, you’ll typically have to pay for the program in full or make payments if the certification company allows for that. 

Practicing Your Coaching Skills

Most programs require their students to complete a practicum to get their mental health certificate. This practical experience is done under the supervision of experienced mental health coaches who can provide feedback and ensure that you are following best practices. Once this hands-on learning and all final exams are complete, you can get your mental health certification for coaching


Online learning has opened up opportunities for people to get certifications in almost every field, including mental health. For people who want to become mental health coaches, it starts with an online search to find the right program, and then completing all the required tests, quizzes, and practicums to get certified. 


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