How Do Bookmakers Lose Money on Their Own Site?

By the book, bookie sites or bookmakers will always make profits in their betting activities. They will earn money from the losing bets, pay for the winning bets, and always have the remaining money left as their profits. However, some bookmakers, whether it is a bookmaker in Canada or in any other country, might lose money on their site. How can it happen? Here’s how bookmakers lose money on their own site:

  • Bookmakers Often Lose on Purpose to Achieve Long-Term Profits

One strategy bookmakers use is to lose on purpose in order to achieve long-term profit goals for their business. Remember, bookmakers earn their profits from the people who are losing on their bets. They need more and more people to place their bets on the sports matches available on their site, so they can increase their chance to earn profits from the bettors.

So, bookmakers will often lose on purpose, such as by discounting their wagers, so that they can entice more people to bet on their platforms. The more people betting on their platforms, the better it will be for their bottom line. This is one reason bookmakers lose their money on their own site.

  • Not Offering the Right Wager

Bookmakers can also lose by not offering the right wager and not calculating about the potential income they will get from a sports match. For instance, some bookmakers will offer lower wagers than the more popular platforms just because they want to get an advantage over them. Popular platforms might offer $125 wager to win a $100 bet, while the bookie sites might offer just $105 wager to win a $100 bet.

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The wager they offer will attract more people to their platforms because they can pay less to win more prizes. However, by doing that, bookmakers might end up losing money to the winning players, as they might not earn enough profits from each sports match. This is something that bookmakers need to keep in mind.

  • Giving Too Many Rewards and Prizes for New Players

Bookmakers can also lose money on their own site by giving too many rewards and prizes for new players. Remember, new players are the ones who haven’t tried your bookie site just yet. They are the newcomers who will try betting on your site for the first time. So, giving too many rewards and prizes for new players will only end up putting your bookmaker site at a loss. Instead, it’s better for you to give rewards and prizes for existing or returning players, because they are the ones who support your site with their regular bets.

It’s a good idea to entice new players to use your bookie site by giving them some rewards and prizes. However, it’s always better for you to give even more appreciation for returning players, such as by giving them bigger rewards and prizes. You can also create a loyalty program for existing players, so they can earn more rewards and prizes as they place more bets on your site.


These are the reasons bookmakers lose money on their own site. Remember, only bookmakers with poor management will lose money for a prolonged period. Bookmakers that manage their site well and create good betting rules on their site won’t end up losing money when they run their business. Instead, they will earn consistent profits for various sports betting options they provide for the players. 

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