12 Best Online Stores to Order Modern Urban Christian Clothing

I often get caught up in indecision when looking for an online store that sells modern Christian clothes. Believe me, it’s a really stressful task, because not only do I have to find the stores that sell Christian clothing designs that also capture urban contemporary trends, I also need to find stores that offer the best prices and even offer vouchers as well.

If you’re like me, and also face these challenges when it’s time for shopping, well there’s good news! I’ll be listing my top five online stores where you can get modern urban Christian clothing.

Best Christian Apparel Shops

Last year I needed to do a lot of shopping for the family for the summer holidays, I really got to digging deep into the Christian clothes shopping industry and found these five stores that really helped me get the items in need.

Elevated Faith

Elevatedfaith.com is an online shop for super comfortable Christian apparel! They have a variety of Christian apparel that are made with comfort in mind. Our faith will never go unnoticed by simply wearing our apparel.

They offer shirts, hoodies, and tank tops that can be personalized with a custom verse or phrase. You can also find a variety of other Christian apparel including sports wear, hats, mugs and more.

There’s a wide range of products to cover your needs for Sunday worship, going to the office, or just because you deserve something nice!
You also have the option to search by shirt type, size, color or product type to find what you are looking for. They have a 24/7 customer service team on site so if you have any questions or need help finding something they are happy to assist you!

CIXX Apparel

This company by any standards, is always going to be among the top picks for online shopping of modern Christian wears. What’s I like most about their online shopping platform is that a separate page is created for new releases where you can see the most recent items they’ve have in stock.

This way, you don’t have to start going page by page to look for modern trendy fashionable Christian clothes. They deal primarily in tee shirts, hoodies, sweaters, shorts, joggers. They also have other accessories like headwear, and sock too.

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However, the only catch is that most of their products is designed by them, so if you choose only them for your shopping, you most likely be wearing only stuff on the CIXX Apparel clothing line. Other than that, it’s an amazing online store for shopping.

According to the company, the name CIXX Apparel is gotten from the verse Romans 12:2 which says

“And be not conformed to this world: but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and Perfect, Will of God.”

This design brand uses modern clothing design to spread the gospel, they do this by basing their designs on scriptural notes. This system allow them create conversations and dialogs that in turn, leads people to Christ. The brand is essentially about sharing the love of Christ to believers and non-believers.

All Things By Faith

Based in Orange County, California, All Things By Faith is a family and veteran-owned Christian clothing brand. Since founded in 2017, the brand has be consistent in providing Christian clothes and apparels that inspires believers to share the word and express their faith.

They sell premium quality tee shirts, hoodies, sweaters and jackets for all ages. One thing also worth to note is the variety of colours that is available to choose from in each of their products. They also give amazing discounts during the holidays, so you can pay less for more while going on vacation.

The focus of this company is about encouraging Christians to share their faith, and they achieve this through producing unique and inspirational designs.

The thing I love about this brand is their application of theology in their designs; their designs are made deliberate to spark meaningful conversations with neighbors friends and strangers.

Christian Apparel Shop

If online stores where modern Christian clothes are sold was ranked only by the kinds of T-shirts they have in stock, Christian Apparel Shop would have been immovable in the number one spot.

As far as t-shirts is concerned, this company has it all, and that’s why I love shopping with them. Their collection is well organized, despite a lot of tees being on display, you can’t get lost if you use the navigation toll to find exactly what you want.

They also have in stock other stuff like socks, jewelry, dog tags, and a host of other gift items like wallets and bible covers. If your shopping problem is primarily getting the perfect t-shirt, then this company as got you covered.

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316TEES is a Christian cloth and apparel design brand founded by a US Veteran Bryan Robinson. Of course, the company doesn’t only design clothes, they sell via their website as well.

The item in my opinion that makes them stand out from others is their unique designs on t-shirts. They do offer a relatively wide variety of options to choose from, and that makes shopping for clothes on this site worthwhile.

They’re one of the cool platforms to get discounts as well; you get a free shipping anywhere in the US for items worth over $35. That’s a nice deal by any standards.


Kerusso, a Greek word which means “to herald” (as a public crier), more specifically the Divine Truth; preach, proclaim, and publish. The company which was founded by Vic Kennett in 1987 is built around sharing the Good News of Jesus through t-shirts, jewelry, and gifts.

They’ve been around for over three decades now using t-shirt designs as a means of evangelism. They’re one of the legacy brands in the Christian clothing industry.

They’ve got an extensive clothing line to shop from, as they’ve been around for a while. And this fact is part of why they’re making it into my top five list.

Rooted and Grounded

While rooted and grounded Christian apparel may seem like two words that are just put together, they are not interchangeable. Grounded means to be stable or secure in one’s beliefs or feelings, while rooted means to have deep roots. A Christian may be grounded in their faith, but they can also be rooted in prayer.
People who wear these clothes want to express their faith without being outright about it with the secular world. The clothes might display symbolic qualities of Christianity so that people know what the person’s beliefs are without them having to say it out loud.

Etsy Christian Clothing

One of the best Christian apparel online stop-shops is Etsy. They have a massive category of Christian clothing for both males and females.

It covers the basics of what you should be looking for when it comes to authenticity, pricing, and quality.

The market for different types of religious clothing and accessories has been growing over the past decade. For instance, in 2015, Forbes predicted that “Christian apparel will be a $1 billion industry by 2020.” Religious clothing is something that consumers are willing to spend more money on if they feel like they are buying something authentic and well-made.

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Another trend happening in regards to religious apparel is the rise of indie designers. These designers mainly use Etsy as their outlet for their work because it allows them to sell their products without having to pay fees or meet certain qualifications as other online retailers might require.

God the Father Apparel

God The Father Apparel is an online christian clothing shop for high-quality streetwear for believers, Lovers, and followers of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

As a streetwear company, they are focused on providing quality clothing for those who believe in what it stands for. They’re about creating a dialogue about who they are as a company and what they believe through design aesthetics.

You find a huge catalog of high-quality, fashionable clothing that is priced at an affordable rate. The company is also striving to become a voice of hope that people can look towards when they need encouragement or guidance.

Elly and Grace

The EllyandGrace.com online store is a favorite among Christians, as they offer a range of products from bibs to Sunday dresses and more. They provide high-quality Christian apparel with a softer, more comfortable feel.

It’s been said that Christian fashion has been growing in recent decades, with the fashion industry focusing on comfort and modesty. This led to the creation of EllyandGrace.com an online store selling Christian apparel for both men and women.
The company was founded in 2016 by Brenna.


Odgapparel.com is a Christian clothing store that provides many different looks and styles to please your taste and budget. Some of the features of their store are: Free shipping on orders and they offer discounts for new customers.

Relying on social media is not enough these days to preach Jesus, You need to get into conversations by wearing Jesus’ inspiration and encouragement, this way you can help others to live their lives more like Jesus wants us to.


NHiM Apparel is a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to buy Christian clothing. From the current collection of clothing, you will find shirts, dresses, skirts, jackets, and other clothes that are all made using Christian values. The company NHiM, started in 2014. Matt and Diane came up with the idea out of a shared passion for starting a brand with meaning.

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