5 Clothing Items Everyone Needs 



There are some closet staples that everyone needs. These wardrobe staples are the basics you need to create unique outfits every day. Think of these clothes as the blank canvas you see before painting a picture. With this idea in mind, here’s how you can bring your wardrobe canvas to life with the following five clothing items everyone needs. 

1. Blue Denim Jeans

Jeans are the go-to pants! While you may have to dress more formally for work, you’re likely wearing jeans on your days off. Jeans have been around forever, and for good reason. They provide a comfortable fit and durability to last a long time, while still looking like new. 

You can find thick denim jeans for the winter months and lightweight blend options for the spring and summer. You can play up your style with jeans. From the color of the dye to the style, you can add a personal touch just by wearing your favorite jeans. Make sure you add to your jean collection to have plenty to work with in your closet. 

2. T-Shirts And Tank Tops

You want a mix of different colors to create new outfits each day. Choose from solid colors ranging from neutral shades to bright and bold reds. You can’t go wrong with a collection of t-shirts and tank tops. Your shirts can act as the base layer for outfit creations you come up with. If you need to style a cardigan with a pair of pants, your go-to t-shirts and tank tops will do the trick. See how many cool urban outfit creations you can think up using these basic wardrobe staples.

3. A Lightweight Jacket

A lightweight jacket is the way to go for chilly days and nights. There are so many ways to style these jackets with your outfits. For cool and sophisticated looks, throw on a brown, grey, or black genuine leather jacket to complete your jeans and turtleneck outfit. For something easygoing, you are looking for a casual hoodie to pair with sweatpants on the weekend. 

You should do your best to match style with functionality to get the most out of your clothing. Depending on your style, you might also consider denim jackets and faux fur jackets. Jackets from your favorite clothing brands can act as the perfect accessory to practically any casual outfit. 


4. Sturdy Work Boots 

A pair of durable work boots are a closet essential. Whether it’s snowing outside or you’re stepping on a bunch of Fall leaves, your work boots will come in handy in all types of weather. Look for boots made of durable fabrics.

Choose waterproof options whenever possible, and look for nonslip soles made from rubber. Get some neon-colored laces to mix and match your boots with your everyday outfits. This will make wearing your work boots feel more stylish. 

5. A Formal Attire Outfit

For any formal events or parties you plan on attending, ensure you have a little black dress, a pair of black slacks, and a dress shirt. Keeping these items in your closet is important for when those last-minute invites show up! Look for sleek materials that offer a slimming effect to your formal outfit. Pleats and stripes are excellent at giving the illusion of a leaner torso. 

The Bottom Line

To showcase your style, you need to start with the essential clothing items that give you the blank canvas you need to create unique outfits. Consider the above suggestions for wardrobe staples to include in your closet. With these items, you’ll be able to create new and unique outfits each day! Now, get styling!

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