Why Gamers Are Turning To Bitcoin Casinos



For a long time, players have gotten used to going to standard popular bitcoin slots, claiming regular perks, and waiting a few days for transactions. However, more and more gamers are starting to boot off standard casino sites and replace them with Bitcoin casinos.

With better security, bigger bonuses, and instant transactions, it is no wonder players are keener on joining some of the best online Bitcoin casinos. If you want to know more details about the features of Bitcoin casinos and why so many gamers are opting in, keep on reading.

Main Reasons Why Bitcoin Casinos Get Attention

Before we even start to mention the reasons why so many Bitcoin casino sites are catching the eyes of online gamers, we need to point out that choosing the right site is important. With the rise in popularity of Bitcoin casino sites, there have been more and more unregulated sites floating around.

The best way to know if you are on a legit site is to look for a gaming license. If the casino holds a license, you will be able to see it on the main page. Once you have established that the site is legit and licensed, you can carry on.

Now that we got that out of the way, here are some of the reasons games opt for the best online bitcoin casinos:

  • Being able to play incognito
  • Safety and security
  • Better promotions
  • Instant transactions
  • Bigger limits for deposits and withdrawals
  • Fewer restrictions

Playing Incognito

While some players have no problem sharing their personal info, there are others who want to remain completely anonymous when playing on the Internet. Bitcoin casino sites are a treat for those bunch because they only require minimal info.

If you decide to use crypto, you may only need to enter your email, which doesn’t have to include any personal details (it can be your secondary email), and a link to your crypto wallet. Gamers can remain totally anonymous and still interact with dealers, play any game they want, and make transactions.

Safety & Security

Like most sites on the Internet these days, hackers pose a threat to standard casino sites. When a casino site gets hacked, all of the personal and banking info can be leaked. Therefore, banking with crypto, such as Bitcoin, keeps your banking information out of the way.

It’s not that Bitcoin casino sites cannot be a target, but because members don’t give out any banking or personal details, there is way less information that can get stolen. Because transactions are carried out via links to specific addresses, funds are kept secure at all times.

As long as you keep your crypto wallet key in a safe place, there is no way you can lose your money.

Better Promotions

Every casino site will promote itself with certain incentives. Some offer no deposit bonuses, free spins, welcome packages, cashback rewards, etc. And while these promos may be lucrative, they can’t compare with the perks that the best online Bitcoin casinos offer.

Even though you will find deposit-less perks, gratis spins, and cashback rewards at Bitcoin casino sites, they may be much more significant. Plus, some casino sites will even offer exclusive promos for the players that only use crypto as their method of depositing and withdrawing.

You need to keep in mind that while the promos may look generous and lucrative, most of the time, they will have playthrough requirements attached. That is why you always need to read the bonus terms and conditions. By doing so, you will know every detail of the bonus.

Instant Transactions

A big issue that many gamers have today is the payout’s pending time. While deposits are instant at most casino sites you visit, withdrawals take some time to process and later transfer the requested funds.

This issue is solved when making transactions using Bitcoin. Players that request a withdrawal via Bitcoin will get instant processing time, and most of the time, they will get their winnings within moments. Therefore, by using Bitcoin at your preferred casino site, you’d never have to wait for 3 to 10 days for your winnings to arrive.

Bigger Limits for Deposits and Withdrawals

Apart from having your funds transferred to your casino site account or crypto wallet instantly, the best online Bitcoin casinos also provide higher limits when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. For example, if a standard casino site lets its members only make a $200 deposit per day, a Bitcoin casino site will allow players to make double that or even be limitless.

On the one hand, this can be suitable for high roller players. But on the other, if you have ever experienced gambling problems before, it may be harder to track your bankroll or know your limits. Even though some sites might not have a limit on deposits, playing with money that you can afford to lose is always the best choice.

Fewer Restrictions

The last significant reason why more and more gamers are choosing to play at Bitcoin casino sites is that they don’t have many country-specific restrictions. This means that gamers can create accounts and use their crypto wallets even if online gambling is restricted in their country of residence.

Many Bitcoin casino sites will accept any new members if they have their crypto wallets and are able to deposit to their casino accounts. Moreover, you will most likely be able to make fee-less transactions and escape the conversion fees.

Final Words

With all of those features that the best online Bitcoin casinos are providing, there is no doubt that more gamers will start registering at these types of sites. Why wouldn’t anyone want to play anonymously, get better and bigger perks, have instant deposits and withdrawals, and get bigger or no limits when making transactions?

If you, too, want to get all those benefits, start looking for legit crypto casino sites and get the better features that you deserve!

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