Why Clubhouse is a Gamechanger for Influencers

One of the apps that has created a buzz in the recent past is Clubhouse. The new app is changing how influencers work, enabling anyone to become an influencer simply by getting followers. The voice-only app is now considered to be a game changer in the social media marketing space. This is even though it was previously only available for iPhones. Many people are scrabbling to get invites as the app is considered to empower future stars.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an invite-only social media app that allows users to join a chat room to engage in audio conversations with friends, followers, and other social media users. The app was launched in  2020 by  Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. According to the founders, they aimed to create a social media platform where people could gather instead of just posting.

Commonly known as drop-in audio, people worldwide can talk, share stories, improve friendships, discuss ideas, and make new friends. It is, therefore, a networking app designed to work like a clubhouse, with different rooms where users can join different parties. To join a room, you must get an invite from a member. 

The rooms discuss different topics where you can contribute or just listen. These rooms can be structured differently, such as panel discussions, Q&A, podcasts, general styles, and more. While Clubhouse was previously only available to top celebrities, social media influencers, and celebrities, it’s now open to the general public. The app gives access to a larger audience by allowing users to invite two friends.

How the Clubhouse Rooms Works

As we noted earlier, a member must invite you to join a room. Alternatively, you can secure your username and join the waitlist. This exclusivity has added to its buzz, and many top celebrities now use the app. The rooms can be private or public, with conversations ranging from business, music football, poetry, and many more.

Entering a room in the clubhouse is similar to joining a Zoom meeting or webinar. However, the meetings are audio only, and the audience is partially muted. The conversations are usually live and in real-time.  The conversation on the app is supposed to remain there. It’s not possible to share the conversation or download it. 

Attendees are allowed to join as muted listeners. They can also leave a meeting without prior notice. There is a raised hand icon that an audience member can tap to ask a question. The moderators of the room can choose to unmute the participants to ask their questions or ignore them.

Why Clubhouse Is Reinventing Influencing

Here are ways in which Clubhouse influencers differ from those on other social media sites:

Audio-Only Instead of Visuals

In mainstream social media platforms, influencers often build a following based on the number of visuals. They either write posts or create videos that stimulate their followers. But as an audio-only platform, Clubhouse is changing how influencers operate.

Long And Authentic Content

The traditional social media houses are visually enticing and cater for some short and digestible messages, Clubhouse caters for short and digestible messages. The platform enables longer and truly authentic content. 

Live and Raw

When the conversations are going on, you can hear the phones of the speakers buzzing or even dogs barking in the background. It is live, unscripted, and raw compared to what we are used to on other social media apps today. This is why it is an excellent platform for brands to connect with consumers.

Experts in a Field

Influencers on the platform can also build a following by sharing their views on a topic they are knowledgeable about. Clubhouse influencers are usually people with magnetic personalities who attract listeners because of the value they provide to them. 

The good thing about being a Clubhouse influencer is that you do not need to have been an influencer on another platform. But you may need to buy social media followers to build a following on the app.

The Creator Only Invites The Program

Influencers can make money on the platform through paid events in sponsored rooms. They can then promote the sponsored room through other social media sites. Influencers can also connect with people on Clubhouse before referring them to their Instagram accounts. 

However, Clubhouse also recognizes that there are influencers on its platforms. Therefore, it has created a creator program for leading influencers who are top broadcasters on the site. Most of the influencers in this program are people who host popular programs.

The influencer program provides services such as creative development, equipment stipends, and show promotion. They will also match influencers with brands searching for influencers. 

In Conclusion

Clubhouse offers influencers an opportunity to connect with their core audience at a personal level.  It also enables them to connect more with brands and increase their influence as thought readers. With the platform expanding its user base, there is no better time to grow your following on the platform than now.

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