Tips for choosing hearing aids in 2022

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Hearing is a unique sense organ. It helps to interact with the outside world and society. Surprisingly, thanks to the ability to hear, we learn about the world and develop. A healthy hearing helps us to distinguish sounds and objects in the first days of our lives.

Healthy hearing is the most important factor for full development and happy life! Unfortunately, we rarely think about it, assuming that hearing is a matter of course. Meanwhile, the hearing organs have a complex structure, and the modern way of life is detrimental to them, especially in large cities. Stress, constant noise exposure, and bad habits lead to gradual hearing loss. Today, about 500 million people around the world have hearing loss. It’s hearing loss and tinnitus. According to the WHO, this figure is growing and the trend is not changing.

Today, you can increasingly meet a person with hearing aids. Many do not even understand what it is, often confusing them with unusual headphone models. Meanwhile, hearing aids are complex electronic devices. They restore the lost ability to hear. Indeed, these little helpers return the wonderful world of sounds to people.

Many years ago, hearing aids were large, bulky, and uncomfortable. Therefore, people tried to wear them only as a last resort, when it becomes impossible to perform everyday tasks without them. Everything has changed today. Hearing aids Staten Island are small and feature-packed devices with a stylish design. Their use brings joy because they are comfortable and effective. The main thing is to choose the right model and start using electronic assistants throughout the day! What do you need to do first?

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Don’t be afraid to use your hearing aids!

According to statistics, most people are in no hurry to seek help for hearing loss. The average time from the appearance of the first symptoms to the consultation with a doctor takes 9-10 years. Age-related hearing loss develops gradually in most people over 45-50 years of age. Some gradually get used to the new conditions and try to get along with the situation. Others are simply afraid of consulting a doctor.

What does a person imagine when they hear about hearing loss? These are, of course, hearing aids. But in the minds of people, models usually appear that were in use decades ago. Many are intimidated by the prospect of using them. After all, they immediately catch the eye and show the presence of problems. Yes, the psychological factor greatly influences the decision. In addition, people are afraid of getting a public stigma. I’m talking about the stigma of a disabled person and their inferiority. But these are misconceptions! A person with hearing loss is no different from the average citizen. Moreover, modern hearing aids are small in size and stylish in design. Therefore, they can be used to restore hearing and emphasize your own style and personality!

Moreover, today’s society is more tolerant than it was 20-30 years ago. Today you won’t surprise anyone with a hearing aid. No one will point a finger at you on the street or in the theater! So get over your fear. Don’t be afraid to wear a hearing aid because of other people’s judgment. Love yourself the way you are and enjoy the birds singing, the sound of the ocean, and the voice of your loved one!

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Do not choose the device yourself

Many people who do not have experience with hearing aids are confident that they can choose them on their own. Advertising, a variety of models, and stores create an erroneous idea that it’s an easy task. Actually, it is not. Fitting a hearing aid is a complex process. It must include many factors. I’m talking about the degree of hearing loss, the individual characteristics of the body, and the age and lifestyle of the patient.

A modern digital hearing aid is a complex electronic device with many systems and advanced features. Without experience, you can’t take into account all the settings and capabilities of the device. Moreover, fine-tuning for each person requires knowledge and special equipment.

 If you purchase the device yourself, you won’t be able to customize it for yourself. The hearing aids won’t work effectively, and you won’t restore your hearing. There may be other problems associated with discomfort, for example. As a result, you will be disappointed in the choice. Hence the erroneous opinion that hearing aids do not work, which of course has little to do with reality. Just do not make a very important choice in your life without the help of a specialist. Choosing a hearing aid is an important step in the life of every person with hearing loss.

Consult a hearing care professional

Have you decided to change your life for the better? Excellent! For starters, make an appointment with an audiologist. The audiologist will perform an examination and any necessary hearing tests. The results of the studies will help to make an accurate diagnosis and determine the extent of the problem. These procedures are necessary to correctly select a hearing aid model with the right power. Don’t forget to tell the doctor about your hobbies, desires, and lifestyle. A hearing care professional will take into account your opinion and offer you a choice of the most suitable models. You just have to choose the devices you like and start using them.

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First, you’ll have to go through an adaptation period. This is because your brain is used to functioning with hearing loss. So it needs time to readjust. But don’t worry. The audiologist can give you recommendations on how to get through this time faster and more comfortably. The adaptation period is individual. On average, it is 1-3 weeks. But after, you’ll enjoy healthy hearing and a variety of ambient sounds!

Hearing aids are not harmful to children!

There is an opinion that the hearing aid can harm. Many years ago, hearing aids were of poor quality. They greatly distorted the sound and made noise. It was not possible to adjust them to the individual characteristics of the patient’s hearing. Therefore, many parents are afraid to buy devices for their children with hearing loss.

Since then, science has come a long way. A modern hearing aid, if properly adjusted, can only benefit a child. So feel free to use these devices and do not worry. Your child will be happy!

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