The legendary scorer of the 90s Jardel was the brother-in-law of Ronaldo: fact or fiction?

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Mario Jardel. Today, this name may not mean anything to young fans, but at the turn of the nineties and zero, this Brazilian thundered in the minor leagues of the European continent (especially Portuguese and Turkish), and in the summer of 2000 he was even acquired by Galatasaray for $ 20 million – a phenomenal amount for Turkish football at the time (and to this day, the Brazilian remains the most expensive signing in the history of the Istanbul Grand).

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Jardel was born in Fortaleza, but he began to take his first steps in the world of professional football at Vasco da Gama, and became truly famous at Gremio, with whom he won the Libertadores Cup in 1995, winning the title of the top scorer of this tournament along the way. (Jardel had 12 goals scored). These successes helped Mario move to Europe, where in 1996 Porto became his first experience on the Old Continent.

In the camp of the “dragons” Jardel spent four seasons, during which he became the champion of Portugal three times, twice – the owner of the Portuguese Cup and three times – the owner of the country’s Super Cup. For Porto, Jardel scored 130 goals in 125 matches, and then went to Galatasaray, which, just at the end of the 1999/2000 season, sensationally won the UEFA Cup, defeating the London Arsenal in the final of the tournament. 

However, Jardel did not stay long in Turkey. Due to problems with the results of the team (Galatasaray finished second in the championship), as well as adversity on the personal front, the Brazilian asked to return to Portugal, from where Sporting came out with an offer for him. Lisbon got Mario for 6 million euros, and spent the next two years in the team. The result of this cooperation was the championship of Sporting in 2002, as well as the team’s victory in the Portuguese Super Cup. Jardel, on the other hand, entered his name in the history of Lisbon with 59 goals scored in 56 matches – an excellent indicator.

So, Mario Jardel played for Sporting from 2001 to 2003. In the same period, the young and promising Cristiano Ronaldo was actively involved in the games for the Lisbon first team. Moreover, according to information from some sources, which is already quite problematic to verify two decades later, Jardel and Ronaldo were roommates, and therefore had a friendly relationship with each other.

The relationship between Cristiano and Jordan was never made public, but the young people were quite serious. The girl even met the Ronaldo family and has a photo with the Portuguese mother, which Jardel himself spoke about on the air of one of the YouTube channels in 2019. “Imagine what would happen if my sister got pregnant then. It would be great, right?” – said the Brazilian ex-forward to a journalist who interviewed him.

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