Sugar Baby, Trading Emotions for Money


Every interpersonal relationship is an exchange. Depending on those involved will be the type of barter to perform. Whether it’s love for love, love for money, love for gratitude. Human beings cannot live alone, they must relate to those around them.

As Sarah-Jayne Blackemore, a leader in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of London, mentions, “we are a delightfully sociable species”. And these encounters are becoming more and more difficult, due to the fast pace of everyday life and the distances that make it impossible to be close to the people we love.

The feeling of loneliness can cause psychological and mood problems that affect performance in all areas of life. This is why virtual relationships have become an important piece.

The problem is that courtships are increasingly rare, the type of exchange via the Internet is devoid of real affection, so the commitments created by this means half cover the affective needs.

Taking advantage of this situation, applications have been created to find people, be it couples, friends or whatever both want. The best known is Tinder, the interaction is given through a profile created by the user, to make their interests known.

Sugar daddy sites of this type were evolving as society needed to cover different demands. And, suddenly, successful men who have the economic power to “buy” company, attention, sex or have someone at their disposal, paying with money and gifts, became fashionable.

In the SugarDaddySeek application there are profiles of men and women who have enough money to “support” whoever is willing to meet their affective needs.

They are called Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma and by mutual agreement with their Sugar Baby , they will be in a short or long term relationship. The boys and girls who seek this type of union are generally attractive young men who seek to improve their economic situation and like to live in luxury.

In most cases, neither seeks a serious commitment, only a trade-off: money for attention, company, or whatever the wealthy choose. Almost always the request is to cover the fees of the universities, and the arrangement lasts the same time as the studies.

This is not a modern invention, since ancient times this type of transaction already existed, only that the elements at stake were different, house and food for work, maintenance for works of art.

It could be said that the patronage of the Middle Ages is an antecedent of today’s sugar relationships , patrons requested remuneration of aesthetic, moral or intellectual value to satisfy their vanity.

What’s more, for female sugar daddy, there is a sugar momma term, it’s becoming more popular among some social media including Instagram. If you are looking for a sugar momma on Instagram, check >> how to find a sugar momma on instagram

In the dialogues of Plato, a Greek philosopher, specifically in “Lysis”, the idea of ​​appreciation of what is attractive is exposed, deriving this into friendship or love, and it is a fundamental part for those who are looking for attractive girls who satisfy that appreciation of the beauty.

For Sugar Daddies, these actions can fill a void in their life, with diverse company, adventure, flirting; The application specifies that it is not a place to make sexual agreements, it is only to unite people with complementary interests.

For example, a financial director of a large company has everything necessary and desired in his professional life, but personally something is missing. Due to his hectic pace of work, it is impossible for him to maintain a formal relationship with a woman, so, on the recommendation of a friend, he approaches this dating page and meets a university girl who was looking for a medium-term barter while finish a postgraduate

Women are not far behind, they are also focused on their work or companies and many have gone through divorces, so they are alone. They are looking to have a good time with attractive young men.

The deals built by Sugar Mommas are more dynamic and tend to be longer. Mature women seek more stable and lasting relationships, compared to men.

For example, a recently divorced woman meets a handsome young man who works in a bar, he loves the idea of ​​spending time with an older woman and she recovers the youth she felt lost in her marriage, so they get together. long-term.

As can be seen, loneliness leads us to seek company that suits the lifestyle we lead, even if it is a virtual or occasional meeting.

However, above all, there must be mutual respect, honesty and set the rules of the game from the beginning, so as not to cause any personal problems, satisfying the needs of each member of the couple.

An exchange of this type is not very different from a relationship, since there are activities that are carried out in the same way, such as spending time together, going out to dinner, talking. Each person involved must decide what to ask for and what to give, thus establishing the link and the conditions to cover the needs.

How important it is to review what we need to choose the type of interpersonal exchange that we require, always taking into account the price that must be paid.

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