Snapchat vs. TikTok: Which is Best Suited for You?

With social media sites attracting many users, businesses are searching for platforms to promote their products and services. Two of the most popular options that have gained a lot of prominence in the recent past are Snapchat and TikTok.  

Both social media sites can be a great option to help take your brand to the next level. However, they also have different features with different target users. This article will compare these two social media platforms to see which is best suited for your brand.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a messaging app that allows users to send snaps and videos to one another. The sent media disappears after they are viewed. The app also allows users to add filters, lenses, and other effects before sending images and videos.

Snapchat users can also share stories that disappear within 24 hours. They can chat privately and follow the latest news and entertainment on the Discover section. While the platform was initially popular with young audience, its users have become more diverse in the recent past.


  • Direct messaging
  • Snap stories
  • Filters and lenses
  • Memories
  • Geofilters
  • Discover page
  • Snap map

What is Tiktok?

TikTok is a popular app that enables users to create and share short videos with their followers. Launched in 2016 by ByteDance, a Chinese technology company, the app is now available in over 150 countries worldwide. Like Snapchat, users can edit and add effects like filters, stickers, and background music to their videos.


  • Ability to create and upload videos
  • Live video streaming
  • Add effects and filters
  • AR feature
  • Comments and likes
  • User tagging

Snapchat vs. TikTok: Key Differences

Here are some of the main differences between the two apps:

Type of Content

Snapchat focuses on snaps( videos and images) that disappear after a short while. On the other hand, TikTok enables users to create short and creative videos.

User Goal

TikTok enables users to create content that entertains their followers. On the other hand, Snapchat focuses on connecting friends and updating users on the latest trends.


Snapchat generally focuses on individual and small-group engagement. It has features such as calls, messaging, and streaks. On the other hand, TikTok allows users to create content for the public.

Editing and effects

Snapchat has a wide range of AR  and filter effects. TikTok has different video editing tools, effects, and a large music library to add to the user’s creativity.


When Snapchat was created, it was initially popular among millennials. While it now has a broader audience, 60% of its users are aged between 15 and 25. TikTok is popular among different age groups, including GenZ and millennials. However, most TikTok users are in their early teens and 20s. The key difference is that the majority of TikTok users are older than the majority of Snapchat users.

Snapchat vs TikTok: Pros and Cons

Let us compare the benefits and drawbacks of the two:

Pros of Snapchat

  • Enhanced privacy. The disappearing messages encourage privacy, and users can communicate without fear of their media files landing in the wrong hands.
  • Great communication tool. It has a chat feature that friends can use to communicate.
  • Creative tools. Snapchat has different filters and effects that users can use to enhance their videos and photos.
  • News update. The Discover and Spotlight feature lets users stay updated on celebrity news and trends.

Cons of Snapchat

  • Narrow user base. Its user base is generally in the young population.
  • Complex user interface. It can be hard for beginners to navigate around its interface.
  • Hard to grow an audience. It doesn’t make it easy to find new users

Pros of TikTok

  • Easy to discover content. The TikTok algorithm makes it easy for users to grow their following as they recommend content to other users.
  • More engagement. TikTok users can participate in trending challenges and, therefore, increase the engagement level of their account.
  • Ability to go viral. TikTok content can easily go viral due to the larger audience.
  • Creative tools. Since TikTok focuses on creating video content, it offers many tools to enhance the video effect.

Cons of TikTok

  • Has a learning curve. If you are a newbie on TikTok, you may find it hard to navigate around the site.
  • Privacy issues. Questions have been raised about how Tiktok handles data privacy issues.

Which Of The Two Is More Popular?

 Titkok has 1 billion active users.  Out of these, 122 million users are located in the United States. The second highest number of users is in Indonesia, with 98 million users, and then Brazil, with 83 million users. Snapchat has 500 million users, most of them located in India. This is followed by the US and France. 

Therefore, comparing the two apps, TikTok is more popular than Snapchat. However, the right platform for you will depend on your individual needs, target audience, and more. Besides, a good social media promotion service can grow your following and get more conversions.

In Conclusion

When we compare TikTok vs. Snapchat, one thing we notice is that each of these platforms is unique and offers great opportunities. Snapchat is a good place for users who need instant messaging, phenomenal stories, and personal connections.

TikTok is a good choice for users who need a larger entertainment-driven audience. Therefore, you can choose one depending on your content marketing goal.

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