30 Prayers to Trust God for a new House

30 miracle prayers to buy a house-buffalochristian

I relocated with my family a few years ago. But trust me, it was one of the difficult moments for us. The processes and preparations we faced were tedious.

You have so many things to put under consideration, beginning from what new place to move to, what kind of house to move into, how to cope with new neighbors.

Even the regular places where you performed your daily activities may be affected. For instance, the school, church, the market, even your workplace. You must talk to God about it so that He will help you move to a place better than where you previously lived to avoid falling from frying pan to fire.

Mark 11:24 assured thus, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

30 prayers for a new place to live

All glory and honor be unto you Lord, for your infinite love and goodness upon my life. I owe you my absolute loyalty, for it is out of your goodness that I’m alive today. Thank you, Lord.

Do not judge me by my sins Lord, but out of the abundance of your mercy, forgive my sins and bless me in Jesus’ name.

Lord Jesus, as I’m planning on relocating from my current house to another, I need your guidance and protection in Jesus’ name.

I consult you, God, because you’re omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. You know all things. Show me to the right house where I shall have peace of mind in Jesus’ name.

Fraudsters have made the world uncomfortable. Keep me away from them as I search for a new place to live in Jesus’ name.

I surrender this cause to you, Lord. Choose for me the building, street, neighbors, and everything concerning this my new house. I accept whatever your wish is.

May the house which I shall move into bringing blessings upon blessings to my life. No form of death or accident shall occur in it in Jesus’ name.

Unless you watch the city, the watchman watches in vain. I need you Lord to be the protector and watchman of this area that I’m moving into in Jesus’ name.

Prayer for moving into a new apartment

Give me the necessary resources that will fetch me a comfortable house in Jesus’ name.

I seek the holy spirit to be with me in this period, knowing that whatever decision I make now will affect my life and that of my family. I do not want a corrupt neighborhood that will destroy the future of the young ones under my care. Help me Lord, and save me from that in Jesus’ name.

I pray in Jesus’ name, that you Oh Lord will go before me in this my new place and make straight, all crooked path, make perfect my imperfect plans, and make right my decisions and choices in Jesus’ name.

I cancel every manipulation of the evil one to jeopardize my safety and make me suffer in the new house in Jesus’ mighty name.

Draw me closer to you that as I relocate, I will cause no harm to anyone around me, or my family causes any harm to anyone in the neighborhood or any chaos in the street in Jesus’ name.

You Oh Lord are the great provider. As I’m moving out of my old apartment to a new one, help provide the things I’ll need to survive. There’s a lot of things to put in place which will draw me backward financially. Help me get back to my feet as soon as possible in Jesus’ name.

Move us to a place where we shall meet lots of opportunities Lord. A place where our success story will start. Not a place of no peace in Jesus’ name.

Let there be no regrets attached to moving to a new place. Let blessings and breakthroughs follow us. And hardship end as we enter a new place, in Jesus’ name.

I have wandered so much searching for a comfortable place to lay my head at the end of the day but couldn’t find one. I surrender it to you, Lord, find one for me and help me get it in Jesus’ name.

Blind the eyes of any evil neighbor in our new house. Their eyes shall never see me, or my family, nor their evil hands touch me, or my family in Jesus’ name.

I see my life moving forward at a fast rate in this new house. I see God’s blessings overflowing in my life. I see myself cruising in a house that is bigger than I expected. Lord, your grace and love are endless. Be exalted in the highest in Jesus’ name.

Gracious God, I know that you have made plans for my progress in life. Direct me to a place that will suit your divine purpose for me and my family. In proverbs 3:5-6 you ask me to trust in you with all your heart and lean not on my understanding, and in all your ways, I should submit to you, and you will make my paths straight. Let your words be fulfilled in Jesus’ name.

If you leave me, Lord, my life is over. I surrender my relocation plans to you because whatever is surrendered to you does not decay, neither does it rot, rust, or spoil. Take care of it and direct me to the right place in Jesus’ name.

The safe areas in this city are always expensive, Lord. Do the miracle, Lord. Let me locate a house in this safe area that will be in line with my budget in Jesus’ name.

Let the new people I’ll meet in the cause of changing my environment be a source of enlightenment to me and a ladder of connection to climbing up to greater heights in Jesus’ name.

Come to my life and dwell. Move into my family and live. And whatever house you want us to live in, we’ll gladly follow you as long as you’ll be there with us.

Lord God, you know how difficult it is to decide a place you’ve never stayed. I need you, Lord, to help me discern between the houses I’ll be seeing the less chaotic one so that my peace of mind won’t be compromised in Jesus’ name.

Whatever plans the enemies must have been making to scatter your plans shall not succeed, because when you propose, no man opposes in Jesus’ name.

Bless me, Lord, with a nice building to own, a safe home to establish, and a loving family to uphold in Jesus’ name.

As I embark on the journey of finding a place to live in, give me the fortitude to bear whatever comes my way and the grace to overcome whatever temptation I meet in Jesus’ name.

Father, as we are about to relocate, I believe that we will relocate from hardship to blessings, from difficulties to open doors, and from lack to abundance in Jesus’ name.

Do not allow me to lose guard if I eventually find myself in a neighborhood where there is corruption, but help me be a light shining unto them and a source of salvation to them in Jesus’ name.

Prayer for someone to move away

The only time is righteous to pray for someone to move away is when you have evil and unbearable neighbors who are genuinely causing you a great deal of spiritual and physical inconveniences.


A wise man I know reminds me frequently that life is not a bed of roses. It has its ups and downs. But God is always available. He is ever-present that we can talk to him about everything and anything.

Deuteronomy 31:8 assured us saying, “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” You’re not alone. God is with you. With these prayers above, I know that he will direct you to the perfect place you’ll live.

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