40 Fervent Prayers to Remove Bad Luck from your life

Badluck is an ugly situation where nothing works out for you, even when they ordinarily suppose to work out. Being a victim of bad luck can be so painful that it can make you want to take your life. So many people today experiencing bad luck become so frustrated in life and are always deep in sadness.

Badluck can publicly disgrace you and would make people not come close to you. While some victims of bad luck see their situation as an abnormal situation and try to profer a solution to it, others pay less attention to it and accept their fate.

The question is: Is it the fate of the children of God to suffer from bad luck? No matter what happens, we shouldn’t relent to fight for what we want. I’m sure you don’t want to die in poverty, sadness, and frustration.

There are always signs which begin to surround your life, and it begins to count that you are a victim of bad luck.


Near success syndrome: This occurs when after working for so long, and it looks like you’re getting close to your success, then you experience a huge setback. All your hard work and efforts towards succeeding will turn into a waste.

Loss of loved ones: Bad luck does not want you to have your loved ones around you to help you out in times of need. Just when things are about working out for you, you may lose your parents, wife, husband, or uncle. The people contributing to your growth in life may be taken away from you.

Accidents: An unforeseen event can come towards you, taking away so many things you’ve labored for, ranging from your family, your house, certificate, shop, or even your life.

Rejection and frustration. So many times, you work so hard, but there’s no positive energy to boost your ego. You’re always rejected and frustrated in every stage of life and everywhere you go.

No progress: No matter how hard you try, you remain stagnant. You don’t progress. That is a sign of bad luck following you.

No help: You’re all alone. There’s no help from anybody coming to you. Not from friends, not from family.

Badluck can be a result of curses operating in your lineage, or as a result of the manipulations of evil ones around you. Whichever way or form it comes, or whatever it is that caused it, as children of God, we do not deserve bad luck, so we need to fight it back to back with prayers.

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40 Powerful prayers to get rid of bad luck from your life

You can turn all your bad luck into good luck with these prayer points in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

➡ In Jesus’ name, I pray against all spirits of darkness manipulating my life and bringing bad luck my way. Let them all be consumed by fire in Jesus’ name.

➡ I bind all spirits of backwardness and stagnation in my life in Jesus’ name.

➡ I release myself from all generational curses contributing to the manifestation of bad luck in my life in Jesus’ name.

➡ My father! My father! I pray against all demons, generational curses, and manipulative spirits bringing setbacks and bad luck in my life. Let them all be destroyed by fire in Jesus’ name.

➡ At the mention of your name Jesus, every knee shall bow. I use your holy name Jesus Christ against every family member, neighbor, colleague, or evil uncle who has presented me before their shrine to promote my suffering and frustration, Father, destroy them in Jesus’ name.

➡ Let your door of blessings be open to me in whatever I do. Let my encounters change from bad luck to good luck in Jesus’ name.

➡ Let my life be a living testimony of transformation, that people will look at me and say ” truly, the Lord is good.”

➡ I proclaim that no spirit of bad luck shall hold power against me, for I am yours in Jesus’ name.

➡ Let your good plans for me come to pass in Jesus’ name, for no one can come against what you have ordained.

➡ I decree that my story from now henceforth is changed. It shall indeed change from death to life, loneliness to happiness, bad luck to good luck, just like Jabez in the Bible, in Jesus’ name.

➡ Let success locate me, for I have suffered a lot in the hand of bad luck in Jesus’ name.

➡ Hear my cry Oh Lord! Save me from the disgrace which I have suffered for so long. I’ve been rejected, mocked, and labeled bad luck on many occasions. Let my story change in Jesus’ name.

➡ Whatever you say will be, will speak your words of blessings upon my life, for I have no other God but you.

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➡ Let every witch or wizard instigating this bad luck hovering above me be burnt down into ashes by the holy ghost fire.

➡ I sanitize with the precious blood of Jesus Christ everything around me, the air, water, and even people around me that they shall be devoid of bad luck in Jesus’ name.

➡ I delete my name and that of every member of my family from the book of bad luck and imprint their name into the book of good luck and favors in Jesus’ name.

➡ Every agent of bad luck, above, below, beside, or behind me, be destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ Any confraternity in which I was initiated without my knowledge that has been responsible for my setbacks, I pull myself away in Jesus’ name.

➡ I pronounce good luck into my life. All things shall begin to work in my favor. I shall experience no frustration or bad luck again in Jesus’ name.

➡ I pull myself out of all curses following my lineage or generation. I break myself from every yoke binding me to the sacrifices made by my forefathers that have brought me bad luck in Jesus’ name.

➡ All you spirits of unhappiness, frustration, near success syndrome, backwardness, poverty, bad luck, I break you off from my life in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh Lord, arise and fight my battle. Fight against bad luck which has been ruining my life that I may have life and have it in abundance in Jesus’ name.

➡ Every monitoring spirit hanging around me and blocking my destiny helpers me from locating me and causing my hardship to persist. I command the holy ghost fire to consume you all in Jesus’ name.

➡ All gatherings of the wicked, initiated by evil neighbors masterminding the Ill luck I’m facing, I nullify by the most powerful name of Jesus all your evil plots.

➡ Nobody shall sympathize with me this time in Jesus’ name. They all shall come to celebrate my success.

➡ All the people or spirits or even demons celebrating my frustrations shall meet their eternal doom in Jesus’ name.

➡ For all the sins I have commitments that have contributed to my ugly situation, oh Lord, let your abundant mercy set me free, and your blood deliver me.

➡ Let my transformation to good luck be so loud that it may draw more souls to you in Jesus’ name.

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➡ Any evil personnel destroying my name or soiling my name before my helpers shall be disgraced in Jesus’ name.

➡ I uproot all germinating seeds or mature trees bearing the fruits of bad luck in my life. I throw them into the fire. Let them be burnt and destroyed in Jesus’ name.

➡ Every arrow of backwardness and bad luck pointing towards me shall reverse back to the sender in Jesus’ mighty name.

➡ God, my father, I am your child, do not allow the plans of the wicked ones to prevail in my life. Let all hedges and huddles that they have presented before my life be dissolved in Jesus’ name.

➡ I cover my destiny, and I soak myself and my endeavors in the blood of Jesus. Let the blood nullify all bad luck in my life and bring in good luck in Jesus’ name.

➡ Let all evil cycle rotation bad luck in my family and generation be disjoined in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ My father! My helper, let all evidence of bad luck surfacing in my academics, family, workplace, and in my prayers life disappear in Jesus’ name.

➡ I project my life to you Oh Lord, sieve out all evil seeds implanted by the devil and implant all seeds of good luck, happiness, and success in Jesus’ name.

➡ I pray against all dark forces, demons, witches, and wizards manifesting in my life through bad luck. Let them all die by fire in Jesus’ name.

➡ I pronounce health of mind and body into my life. I shall not be a victim of bad luck anymore in my life in Jesus’ name.

➡ I decree and declare open gateway to the success of life even door of bad luck shall not prevail in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ I render powerless all the efforts of the evil ones to render me powerless. They shall be unfruitful in the mighty name of Jesus.


Christ has died for us that we may enjoy life in fullness. It doesn’t make sense that we suffer again after he has suffered for us. Though the devil has come to steal and destroy, we still have right over our destiny. We can still make changes and decide what we will be in life.


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