57 Important Prayers for Nigeria as Nation

57 Important Prayers for Nigeria as Nation

At a time like this Nigeria needs your prayer the most, please pray for Nigeria

  1. Pray that God will bring peace to the land and heal those who have been hurt.
  2. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and courage in dealing with this uncertain situation.
  3. Heavenly Father we are one family of love! We ask you today to call your people back from anger, violence, and revenge. We ask you to bring peace into our land!
  4. Help us as we struggle with this difficult time in Nigeria by providing wisdom, discernment, and courage for the people who are making decisions that affect all of Nigeria.
  5. We pray for those families which have been hurt; may they find healing from your love today
  6. Lord Jesus in any way we have fallen short of your glory as a Nation, we ask you to forgive us. We pray that the people of Nigeria will be patient with each other and find ways to work together in peace, unity, and love
  7. Oh God! You are a great God who is full of grace; please pour your blessings on Nigeria this day so that it may live in harmony for many generations
  8. Every spirit of Bloodshed, every tear shed, and every heartache in Nigeria please let us turn to you for healing
  9. We pray that all things will work together for good because we know this is what God wants. We are so grateful for the love of Jesus Christ who gave his life on a cross at Calvary’s hill as our ransom price, redeeming us from sin and ushering in a new era of grace, peace, and love
  10. Therefore we thank God for your blessings on our Nation Nigeria. We are so grateful that the blood of Jesus Christ has washed away all our sins.
  11. Lord Jesus, we pray that you bless the country Nigeria with God-fearing leaders who will govern it with justice, righteousness, and morality
  12. We pray that the leaders of Nigeria would be servants who provide good things for our people so they can live in prosperity. We also ask you to send laborers into Nigeria because we know there is much work needed in many areas.
  13. Lord Jesus, we ask that you bless the economy of this great nation and help to recover from the effects of terrorism.
  14. We pray that Nigeria would be a nation where people can come and live peacefully with one another without fear, we also ask you to bless those who need help in Nigeria: orphans, widows, and all children because it is not just the elderly or sick but so many young ones too.
  15. We pray that you liberate every victim of Kidnapping, ransom, and extortion.
  16. We also pray that you will give the grace of patience to Nigerian families as they await their loved ones to return home, this is for all those who are slaves of terrorism or have been forcefully displaced from their homes in Nigeria.
  17. Give us a spirit of faith as we see our nation becoming free from fear and terror so, Amen.
  18. Lord Jesus, we pray that there will true oneness, Unity, and Tolerance in Nigeria where people can come and live peacefully with one another without fear, we also ask you to bless those who need help in Nigeria: orphans, widows, and all children because it is not just elderly or sick but so many young ones too.
  19. Every blood-sucking demon that is bent on destroying souls in this country, Lord put them to shame in Jesus’ name.
  20. Lord Jesus, let the Gospel of Christ take its full and free course in Nigeria in Jesus’ Name.
  21. Every demonic sedimentation, principalities, and powers in high places that may want to stand against the Church and the People of God, Lord trample them in Jesus Name.
  22. Every demonic agent that is hell-bent on bringing down Nigeria for their selfish gains, Lord Stop all their evil enterprises in Jesus Name.
  23. Lord Jesus we commit all of our Christian Leaders to your hands, that you guide, and bless your Word in their mouth in Jesus Name, When they speak and decree a thing, it shall be established in Jesus Name.
  24. Every spirit of Abject poverty and penury that has eaten deep into many homes, Lord let their liberation in Jesus Name.
  25. The scripture says on Mount Zion there shall be deliverance, Lord Jesus, Pronounce Deliverance for Nigeria in Jesus Nation.
  26. Lord Jesus makes us great as a Nation again and makes us a People that fear the Lord.
  27. Every activity of Kidnappers and ritualists, Lord put an end to it in Jesus’ name.
  28. Lord helps our Leaders in Authority to formulate policies that will make the good standard of living for the People in Jesus’ name.
  29. Lord Put an end to economic hardship in Nigeria in Jesus’ name.
  30. Every spirit of corruption and embezzlement in every sector of the country Lord, Lord rebuke them on our behalf in Jesus Name.
  31. Lord, we pray against every form of Natural Disaster in Jesus’ name.
  32. Every strange and unknown fire that burns shops, malls, companies, and houses down and the people in sorrow, Lord Jesus, Quench it in Jesus name.
  33. Every demonic spirit in the air that causes aircraft and plane crash in Nigeria, Lord let your Judgment come upon them in Jesus name.
  34. Lord, Like deliver the Israelites from the hand of the Egyptian that they can go to serve you, Lord Jesus declares freedom today for your people in Jesus name.
  35. Every stronghold and walls of Limitation standing against us as a people, Lord crumbles such walls today in Jesus’ Name.
  36. Lord Jesus, fill your people with joy and happiness and let them know that there is salvation in no other than you in Jesus’ Name.
  37. Father, we thank you for the people that have been saved from this tragedy and pray for those who lost their lives, Amen
  38. Lord Jesus, we ask them you come and take preeminence over the situation and give your people the victory in Jesus’ Name.
  39. Father we ask you to come and save Nigeria from these things that are taking place, Lord let this be a time of revival for your people Father in Jesus name
  40. Lord deliver us as Nigerians from all forms of spiritual bondage and evil attacks by our enemies, Amen.
  41. Lord, we ask that you bless everyone that is dedicating their time to call up unto you over this nation of Nigeria.
  42. God, we ask that you forgive the people in this nation of all their sins and heal them if they have been wounded.
  43. We pray for peace to prevail over these lands, it is our prayer that every person in this country will be able at least meet up with a minimum level of human dignity as well as their basic needs being met on a regular basis.
  44. We pray that you will remove all the distractions from the minds of Nigerians and use them as a means to help serve their country instead of being destructive towards it.
  45. Lord we ask that there be an end to poverty, inequality, distress, oppression & discrimination in Nigeria; so may every Nigerian live with joyfulness & hope for better days.
  46. We pray for a country that is free of violence, as well as crime and corruption; and where there is no place for those who would wish to do harm to others or their environment.
  47. Lord Jesus, we ask you to fill this land with love & understanding so that every Nigerian can live in peace together side by side, regardless of religious or ethnic affiliation.
  48. We pray that Nigeria will be a country where the values of democracy, tolerance & integrity are honored and practiced by all citizens.
  49. Lord, we ask you to teach Nigerians how to live in harmony with each other as well as with those around us; so they can become peacemakers instead of troublemakers on earth.
  50. Wrap your loving arms around this nation and guide each Nigerian to live in peace with one another.
  51. Mighty Redeemer, we pray that you will send strong leaders to Nigeria that will have the moral authority and courage to build a united, democratic country based on human dignity.
  52. We pray for wisdom
  53. We bless you Lord with every blessing of his Kingdom now And forevermore Amen!
  54. Dear Heavenly Father, your power is made perfect in our weakness. We thank you for the strength that we have been given to serve as witnesses of you among this nation. Sustain us with joy and keep close to us through all the trials and temptations of life so that one day we can be a testimony to your glory.
  55. We pray for the country of Nigeria, which will have the moral authority and courage to build a united, democratic country based on human dignity; where no man is considered more important than another in life or death. Where people are treated with equality before the law regardless of their social status or color. Lord, we ask you to teach the Nigerian people to share the land and resources for all, help them build a society that honors their elders.
  56. We pray for peace between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, Lord teaches us how to live together as one nation without fear of each other or hatred toward each other. We want our country to be united again so we can come back home from where you have sent us.
  57. We pray for all who are suffering and we ask the Lord to make their pain stop, bring peace in this land so that there can be no more bloodshed or conflict of any kind. Let warring factions find a peaceful solution and live as one people with one heart again.

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