20 Prayers for My Wife to Love Me Again

Many men find themselves in a very difficult and heartbreaking situation where their wife has left them. The pain can be unbearable at times, but it’s important to remember that God is always there for us.

This is a list of ten prayers for my wife to love me again. I hope that these prayers will show her how much I care about her and help us heal our marriage. Pray with me if you want, but please remember that this prayer is not meant to replace counseling or medical treatment.

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#1: Lord Jesus, give my wife the strength she needs to forgive me for what I have done wrong in our marriage. Help me to be patient while waiting for her forgiveness so that we can begin our healing process together.

#2: Lord Jesus, please guide and protect my wife as she goes through this difficult time in life because of my actions.

#3: Lord, please comfort and encourage my wife.

Lord, please give her the strength to continue on this life journey with me so that we can grow stronger together through our love and faith in you.

#4: Prayer for the Second Chance in Marriage

Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for forgiveness from all my sins against You and those who have been hurt by them. Pray that I will be given another chance to show the love of Christ to my wife.

#5: Prayer for My Wife’s Unconditional Love

Lord, I pray that You will help me to be a better husband and father so that she can see the unconditional love in her life through our family bond. Help me with these priorities: faithfulness, parenting together, honesty, unselfishness.

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#6: Prayer for My Wife to Grow in Love

Father, please grant my wife the growth and opportunities she needs so that we can grow together into a strong marriage relationship. Grant her patience as I learn, self-control when necessary, understanding always. Pray that You will help me stay humble while seeking greater knowledge and wisdom.

#7: Prayer for My Wife to Choose Me as Her Husband

Heavenly Father, I pray that Your will be done in our lives and marriages this year so we can grow together, learn from each other’s differences and enjoy the beauty of what You have given us with unconditional love. Pray that my wife chooses me to be her husband. I pray that she sees me as the man who loves and cherishes her, not just for what we share on Earth but also in Heaven with all its glory.

#8: Prayer for My Wife to Enjoy Spontaneity

Heavenly Father, please grant my wife the willingness and opportunities so that she may enjoy spontaneity. Pray that she is able to relax and have fun while not feeling the need to plan or control everything.

#9: Prayer for My Wife to Enjoy Sex

Heavenly Father, please grant my wife a healthy attitude towards sex so that it becomes an activity of joy between us, one which we can both enjoy.

#10: Prayer for My Wife to Be Faithful

Heavenly Father, please grant my wife the faithfulness she needs in order to be committed and loyal without fear of being judged or condemned by other people. Pray that she is able to have a strong connection with You as well as me even when we are apart.

#11: Prayer for My Wife to Have a Strong Connection with You

Heavenly Father, please grant my wife the ability and desire to have a strong connection with You. Pray that she is able to feel Your love in her heart as well as mine so that we may be united not just physically but also spiritually.

#12: Prayer for My Wife to Have a Connection with Herself

Heavenly Father, please grant my wife the courage and strength to be open about her feelings and thoughts. Pray that she is able to know herself and not allow outside influences to define her.

#13: Prayer for My Wife to Know Herself

Heavenly Father, please grant my wife the courage and strength not just to know herself but also to be comfortable with who she is at all times. Pray that as we grow in life together She will see how You have made each of us uniquely beautiful.

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#14: Prayer for My Wife to Reach Out

Heavenly Father, please grant my wife the ability, to be honest about her feelings to me. Pray that she can reach out and speak about her pain so it is not bottled up inside of her causing self-destructive behavior or thoughts.

#15: Prayer for My Wife to Be Honest

Heavenly Father, please grant my wife the courage to be honest. Pray that she will not let her fear of rejection stop her from telling me how she feels and what she needs in our relationship so we can grow together as one.

#16: I have been praying for my wife to be restored back into the Christian faith. It has been hard on both of us, but I know that it is what God wants for her. She’s not happy with me now because she thinks I’m trying to change her and control her life more than she would like. So I’m still waiting, hoping and praying that my wife will come back home one day soon.

#17: God, I ask for your love to work in my wife. You know the desires and intentions of our hearts. Your perfect will be done in her life. Give me wisdom and patience as we both grow into who you created us to be. Amen.

#18: I’ve been praying for my wife to come back to me. I don’t know why she left, but I’m desperate and so afraid that she won’t come back. Please help her, Lord Jesus!

#19: Lord Jesus, I pray for Your love to work in my wife. She is stubborn and doesn’t believe me when I say that she needs to let go of the past. Please give her a new heart so she can have peace and not be so angry all the time. Amen.

#20: I feel like I am failing my wife. My wife is not the person she used to be and we are just trying to keep our marriage together. It feels like it is a losing battle but with God’s help, maybe things can change for the better. I want this post to be about how prayer can work in your life and how prayer has worked in mine.

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#21: I am a husband and father, but in the last few months I’ve been on my knees for one thing: prayer. One of my prayers is that God’s love would work in my wife and she would come to know Him as her Savior. I want to see her grow up spiritually with me and our kids.

#22: Morning Prayers for My Wife

  • I have been married for years now and I am still learning how to be a better husband. This morning, as I woke up next to my wife, I thought of the many things she has done for me that have blessed me in so many ways. She is an amazing woman with such a beautiful heart. Lord, I pray that you make today the best day of her life and grant her peace in Jesus’ Name.

  • Lord Jesus, Please protect her from any danger today. -Give her strength to tackle everything head-on and make it through this day with joy in her heart.

  • Lord Jesus, please keep her safe from all evil thoughts and deeds that may come into contact with today’s tasks at hand. -Allow the love we share to grow stronger throughout each passing day by giving us

  • I have a wife who I love very much. She is the most important person in my life and I want to do everything possible to make her happy. Sometimes that includes waking up early to pray for her.

  • I have always felt it necessary to pray for my wife every morning. I take the time to thank God for her life, and ask Him to bless her with a good day.

  • I also like to ask Jesus for guidance in how best to love and support her throughout the day as she goes about doing His will on earth. It is important that you start your day by praying for your spouse because they are going out into this world with you today, and we all know things can only go up from there!

  • I have been married to my wife for years. As I get up in the morning, I always make sure that before I start anything else, I pray for her. It’s a time to remember how much she means to me and how honored we are by our marriage covenant.

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