40 Prevailing Prayers to Tackle Nightmares

Dreams are subconscious revelations, scenes, or occurrences that we experience during sleep. They can be a result of frequent thoughts or desires.

Or maybe a means of sending spiritual messages. Most people take dreams to be a prerequisite for communication and connection between humans and their God. Dreams are also said to portray what will happen in the nearest future. Either to the dreamer or the character involved in the dream.

Based on the simultaneous distribution of gifts and also the saying that “not all fingers are equal,” Dreaming is said to be a gift and not for all. According to some methodologies and philosophers, people get trapped in their dreams.

It is to say, they get stuck and cannot undream that particular dream. Some people forget their dream as soon as they wake up from sleep. It is common in approximately 45% of the population.

Other people wish they forget about their dream, while some dream very chaotically coordinated dreams and can’t draw out meanings from what they have seen and tend to be confused.

Dreams could be encouraging, entertaining, funny, or even frightening. In the bible, God spoke to people like Joseph, Jacob, Mary, and others, through dreams. Just as God speaks to his people, so do the devil and his agents.

The devil has just one duty which is; to steal, kill and destroy. He comes to our dreams to oppress us, bound us, and stop the plans God has for us. As children of God, our dreams should not be taken for granted at all times. Fervent prayers are the best way to fight against evil and bad dreams.

Power-Packed prayers to against bad dreams and nightmares in IJN

➡ Oh lord! Open my mind, and reveal to me the secret meaning of my dream, so that my actions towards it won’t be full of mistakes.

➡ Every evil power tying me down to continually oppress me through my dreams, I rebuke you by the power of Jesus. Let all negative energy and efforts surfacing in my dreams begin to crumble in Jesus’ name.

➡ God, my father! Because your word says that whosoever the son of man has set free is free indeed! I received my freedom from every chain holding me down through my dreams in Jesus’ name.

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➡ Father! Every nightmare that weakens my spiritual life and makes me backslide, I rebuke and destroy in Jesus’ name.

➡ Every act of spiritual wickedness in high places against my sleep and in my dreams, I come against it in the name of Jesus!

➡ I decree and declare Oh God, that every evil principality and power fighting against me in my dream while I sleep be destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ I stand on the authority of your name Oh God, to overturn whatever evil the enemy has done in my dreamland. They shall all have a good outcome in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord! For I wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers, so I pray, may you arise and fight all the battles in my dreams in Jesus’ name.

➡ Father, I decree that from henceforth I shall only have good dreams other than frightening nightmares In Jesus name.

➡ Oh Lord, my father! As I close my eyes to sleep, I close and shut the doors of my dreamland against my enemies in Jesus’ mighty name.

➡ The Lord shall send his angels to take a position in the four corners of my bed. I cover and sanctify the surrounding that I lay on to sleep with the blood of Jesus Christ, let no spirit of nightmares locate me in Jesus’ name.

➡ Every evil generational covenant or bond from wherever, binding and unequally yoking me through bad dreams, I rebuke and destroy in the name of Jesus.

➡ Every evil spirit monitoring my star, my destiny, my progress, my successes, and everything that concerns me through my dreams, by the power of God I, come against such spirits in the most powerful name of Jesus!

➡ In the victorious name of Jesus, I rebuke and reject every evil manipulation of the devil to influence my sleep negatively.

➡ I cancel and destroy every evil spirit assigned to attack, torment, and frustrate me through scary dreams in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord! I cancel every fear of snakes, masquerade, death, and accident which I see in my dreams. I receive grace to be bold and fight them all in Jesus’ name.

➡ My father and Lord! Please bless my sleep and give me sound and God-given dreams when I lay down my head to rest.

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➡ I rebuke, bind, and return to sender, every attack from the pit of hell when I lay my head to rest in the mighty name of Jesus!

➡ Oh Lord! I decree and declare that every evil dream I’ve had in the past shall not have an effect on me and shall not hurt me in the name of Jesus I pray!

➡ Oh lord! Every torment of bad dreams in my life, no matter what form they take, shall end today by the power of the blood of Jesus!

➡ Oh lord, you who never sleeps nor slumber, I pray that may you take charge and watch over me while I sleep for life and death are in your hands.

➡ Father, give me the power to confront and challenge every evil man or woman that comes to my dream to attack me!

➡ Oh God, My father! Arise and fight for me. Let all demons manifesting in my dreams and bringing terror to my life be burnt down by the holy ghost fire.

➡ Oh lord, your plans and purpose for my life shall come to pass. No power shall by any means stop it in Jesus’ name.

➡ I lose my mind from every evil thought and delusion causing me to have bad dreams in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord, I pray that may your blood cleanse my soul and mind from having evil dreams. Let all demons of nightmares see no means of attacking me in Jesus’ name.

➡ By the power of the blood of Jesus, I come against every marine spirit and spiritual personality assigned to my dream life. I nullify all the evil that they have done in Jesus’ name.

➡ I take charge and dominion over my dream life. And I send parking every oppressing spirit in it in the conquering name of Jesus!

➡ My father! My father! I disconnect myself from every satanic yolk that has haunted me all this while in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ Oh lord! I take back and retrieve all the things the enemy has stolen from me through my dreams. All good things that the enemy has robbed off me, I recover in double folds in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ Oh Lord, today, I receive fresh anointing to have good dreams of victory, success, and honor in Jesus’ name!

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➡ My father, My father, every vision killer and frustration assigned to me to stop me from reaching where you want me to be, by the power of God, I destroy and cancel. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

➡ Oh Lord, I decree total healing to all parts of my body that have suffered afflictions from the wicked through dreams. I cleanse my body of any mark that came from my dream. I declare that I am forever free in Jesus’ name.

➡ In the most powerful name of Jesus, I purge out my system of every food or drink I have eaten in my dreams. They shall do me no harm.

➡ Oh lord, every sexual fantasy and perversions ness in my dream life, I pray now that may the precious blood of Jesus purge and cleanse me in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh lord! I cancel every evil and satanic arrow fired at me from the kingdom of darkness to frustrate me in the name of Jesus

➡ I release the wrath and judgemental fire of God on whoever is the brain behind the nightmare I have been having when I sleep. It ends today in the name of Jesus.

➡ Oh Lord, My father! I decree that every effect of bad dreams and nightmares in my life shall be stopped and reversed in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ I rebuke and bind any spirit husband or spirit wife assigned to make love to me in my sleep, for my body is the temple of God, in Jesus’ name.

➡ Receive abundant praise and worship Father for conquering and delivering me from the shackles of the enemies. You have given me victory over evil and bad dreams in Jesus’ name. Amen!


God has given us the power in Matthew 16:19 that whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever we lose shall be loosed in heaven.

Therefore, it is within our power to demolish every evil tower that the devil has constructed in our dreams and replace it with the building of fortune and long life.

When you have a bad dream, pray and commit the dream into God’s hands. God will surely crumble the wicked plans of the enemy.

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