50 Prayers Against Evil Neighbors and Spirits

The world we live in today has turned wicked. The people around you may be the reason for some of the setbacks you’re experiencing in your life.

These people may include your neighbors, colleagues, and friends, or even family relatives. You need strong prayers to fight all evil neighbors working against your success or trying to turn you to the wrong part.

Ephesians 6:12 says “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

You may or may not be aware of the war waged against you as a Christian but, you should raise an alter against all other alters fighting you through prayers.

50 Prayers Against Evil Neighbors

If you have nasty and inconsiderate neighbors consider these prayer points:

50 Prayers Against Evil Neighbors and Spirits

➡ My father! My father! I decree that all eyes of the enemies shall never see me. Their hands shall never touch me in Jesus’ name.

➡ God, my father, I put my life in your hands. I come against any evil neighbors, man or woman, whose intentions are to harm me. I call upon the holy ghost fire to consume them all in all their gatherings against me in Jesus’ name.

➡ Oh God, my creator, is there any neighbor, fake friend, or evil brother who is jealous of my progress and has decided to block my success or work against it. Let all their plans begin to crumble in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ Everlasting father, as I have never wished any bad to my neighbor, it shall not come to past for any neighbor of mine wishing me badly in Jesus’ name.

➡ All you evil neighbors attacking during the night in the forms of snakes, bats, cats, snails, I command you this moment to be destroyed by the holy ghost fire!

➡ My door of blessings shall not be closed because of evil friends and neighbors. Oh God, my father, fight my battle now and forever in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ For the Lord is my protector; I fear no evil, and I fear no evil neighbor. I stand on the solid name of Jesus Christ to set ablaze all occultic neighbors working against my progress.

➡ Whether at home, in school, or the workplace, any colleague who sees me as a threat, may God almighty change my story and take me higher in Jesus’ name.

➡ Any evil neighbor, colleague, or friend, harboring any plan against me, be it a setup or whatever. Let God Almighty scatter these plans and vindicate me in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ The trap set by my evil neighbors shall catch up with them. They shall be disappointed seeing what I have become in Jesus’ mighty name.

➡ Let the door of success close up for anybody who wants the door of success closed for me in Jesus’ name.

➡ God of impossibilities, bless all those who bless me and fight all those who fight me. Show my neighbors that I serve a living God and that my God doesn’t disappoint like theirs.

➡ I come against all evil uncle’s, aunties, neighbors, and friends manipulating my destiny from now henceforth, all their works shall bring vain in Jesus name.

➡ As I pray this moment, Oh God, let walks of heaven rise and fight every demonic power channeled towards me by my neighbors in Jesus’ name.

➡ Whatever it is that will make me susceptible to my evil neighbors, be it food, money, cloth, and so on, I come against them in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ Let my neighbors find no reason to mock me Oh Lord, wipe all my tears away and show them that I serve a living God.

➡ Let all ailments, loss, and lack directed to me by my evil neighbors be reversed to the sender in Jesus’ name.

➡ Keep me, safe Father, for I am amid ungodly and wicked fellows in Jesus’ name.

➡ I have no other God but you. My neighbors are against me. Lord, guard me, protect me, preserve me.

➡ All evil colleagues who fight me for no just course shall tender an apology to me in Jesus’ mighty name.

➡ Almighty Father, disconnect me from all close neighbors who secretly plan for my downfall in Jesus’ name.

➡ All you backstabbing colleagues, neighbors, and friends, I come against you in the name of Jesus. Let the evil you plot against me find you in Jesus’ name.

➡ I destroy with the holy ghost fire all my neighbors coming to attack me in the night as witches and wizards in Jesus’ mighty name.

➡ I fight against all friends and neighbors whom the devil has been using to lure me into sin. From today henceforth, I flee from you all in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ The evil works of wicked neighbors shall not hinder my progress no matter the technique or strategy they use against me in Jesus’ name.

➡ My neighbors shall not pose an obstacle to my success in any way in Jesus’ name.

➡ Whatever evil plan set to destroy me shall attract good luck to me in Jesus’ name.

➡ Any neighbor who tries to repay my goodness with evil shall face the wrath of God in Jesus’ name.

➡ Any shrine or occultic gathering housing any of my belonging or photograph, be consumed by fire in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ All works of the enemy, be it evil dreams, nightmares, setbacks, heartbreak, and disappointment, I command you to disappear from me in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ I am created in the image of God Almighty, no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and so, all my persecutors shall be caught in their net in Jesus’ name.

➡ Everlasting creator, only your plan for me shall come to past. Let all forces working against your plan for me be conquered in Jesus’ mighty name.

➡ I serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He will neither let me down nor let the plans of the wicked neighbors be accomplished in Jesus’ name.

➡ I drop all attacks and problems coming from my evil neighbors at your feet, solve the problems and fight my battle.

➡ I pray Lord for grace to withstand all pressure to join evil acts of my neighbors anytime and anywhere in Jesus’ name.

➡ Do not allow evil people surrounding me to steal my joy, my happiness, and my wealth in any way in Jesus’ name.

➡ Let any charm buried around my building or close to my apartment by my neighbors be nullified and rendered weak in Jesus’ mighty name.

➡ I unbind, unlock and uncage myself from any bondage or yoke acting upon me in the name of Jesus.

➡ Come rain or shine, my testimony shall be loud, no work of any witch or demon shall stop it in Jesus mighty name.

➡ I cry unto you Abba Father, for in your hands lies all solutions. Deliver me from this evil den. Let your shield of protection embalm me that all evil neighbors shall labor in vain in Jesus’ name.

➡ Let all wolves in sheep clothing, backbiters, evil instigators in the forms of my friends, neighbors, and colleagues be revealed shamefully in Jesus’ name.

➡ All those plotting my disgrace and downfall shall have all have a dose of their own medicine in Jesus’ name.

➡ The devil thrives when the children of God are afraid. I come against all spirit of fear preventing me from confronting, both physically and spiritually, all evil neighbors attacking me.

➡ Even as I give or receive any gift from my neighbors, my God, and my father, may it not be used as a weapon against me in Jesus’ name.

➡ I pray for the light of salvation to shine upon my neighbors who embrace evil than good deeds. Let them come to know you and see e you as their creator in Jesus’ name.

➡ I send all evil witches and wizards hovering around my aboard into the bottomless hole where they shall never be out to carry out their plan in Jesus’ name.

➡ Let every evil human around me attracting demons begin to relocate in the mighty name of Jesus.

➡ I pray against the principalities and powers of all evil ones, demonic alters, and plans of the wicked ones, let they be destroyed and consumed by holy ghost fire.

➡ For all demonic attacks and near success syndrome caused by the efforts and workings of the evil neighbors, I cancel them all by fire in Jesus’ name.

➡ Let every hand of the enemies, evil neighbors, or relatives holding up my blessings be broken in Jesus’ name.

Prayer against bad spirits

Lord Jesus, I come against every territorial force that manipulates the destiny of people in this environment in Jesus’ Name.

Father in the name of Jesus, Lord I asked that you suppress every spirit and powers that are not of God in this place in Jesus’ Name, Amen

Every captivity of the devil against my spirit and soul be destroyed by the Lord of Jesus’ Name, Amen

Every strong man that is antagonizing my destiny, existence, and spiritual growth, I rebuke them in the name of Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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There is power in the word of God. His promise to protect us is renewed upon asking, and even when we don’t ask, it is all because of his unconditional love for us. He’s always watching out for us, and for any evil one coming against us, He’s ready to fight and defend us. All He needs from us is to tell him our problems and trust Him.

I hope the above prayers rendered adequate help.

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