28 Powerful Prayers for Good Luck

powerful prayers for good luck

Are you looking for a little more GoodLuck? We all need it at one time or another. For some, they need to pray for GoodLuck on their way to work, before a big meeting with the boss, when they are in deep debt and trying to find ways out of it.

GoodLuck is a universal concept that people of all backgrounds and beliefs can use.

Do you want to be granted a wish that will change your life forever? We have compiled 28 Powerful Prayers for GoodLuck, and 40 more prayer points to tackle bad luck.

We are convinced that this prayer guide will help you have the GoodLuck in your life by giving you powerful prayer points for GoodLuck.

Please enjoy the following prayers and let us know what effect they had on you!

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What is Goodluck?

Christianity has many interpretations of good luck. For some, it is life’s circumstances (good genes or strong family).

Others feel their faith in God will bring them blessings and good fortune. No matter the interpretation, Christianity teaches people to look for happiness rather than focus on material goods.

In the Bible, Paul speaks about “the peace of God” which is not “as rocked and tossed with waves [a chaotic futility] but as still as a sea,”– a place where we can be at rest from our worries and sorrows because Jesus Christ took all our sins upon himself when he died in order to make us right with God again.

This contrasts greatly to worry and fear because these things cannot produce anything (trust in God for peace).

Prayer is a way of speaking to God, and it’s important that these prayers be specific in order to get what we want.

Below are some powerful prayers you can say during times of good luck or bad:

  1. Thank You Lord for all the blessings I have been given; please help me find a way to make a difference in the world.
  2. Help me overcome all my fears and worries so that I may be successful today.
  3. Please help me get into this school, or please find some other way for me to improve my future prospects. Please bless those who need it most; guide us through our day with your protection and grace.
  4. Please help me find the strength to push through this difficult time, and give me hope for a better future.
  5. I pray that God will send us someone who cares about our issues; please show them all your love too so they may care more deeply as well! It’s important not to get discouraged when things don’t go our way, and please help me to have patience with my friends.
  6. I know that things will get better if we stay hopeful; just give us the strength so that we may always find good luck!
  7. Help me be a blessing for others today and every day in remembrance of your love. Amen.
  8. I am confident that it is your time to make a big move and get the promotion you deserve. May God give you strength as you prepare for this opportunity of a lifetime: be ready in every way, mentally and physically prepared, with an open heart.

Prayers to open doors of Breakthrough

  1. Lord Jesus,
  2. I believe in you. I trust that if I ask for a miracle, it will happen according to your timing and plan. Holy Spirit, give me the faith to make my good luck prayer requests come true! Amen
  3. Lord Jesus, I asked that you give me the power to achieve goodness and greatness. I have faith that you will do it and bring me good.
  4. Jesus, please let my prayers for success in everything be answered.
  5. Lord Jesus, I pray that you make the stars align so I can get the job or promotion of my dreams!
  6. Lord Jesus, may all your blessings come through this prayer to provide us with a better life free from any unhappiness or misery.
  7. Lord Jesus, please grant me favor and blessings with all I do.
  8. Oh Lord our God! You are good and you answer prayers for people who believe in you to help them when they need it the most. As we turn to you today, only ask that you will be done on earth as well as heaven. Allow us to see the positive changes in our lives.
  9. Lord Jesus, I thank you for the blessings of your love and mercy. I pray that you give me good health and well-being in Jesus’ name
  10. I also pray that you will open doors for me so that I can get a good job, and all the blessings of God will come my way.
  11. Lord Jesus, I pray for my dire financial situation. It is not that I want to be rich overnight but it would be nice to have enough money to pay the rent and buy food because right now I only have ### dollars in my bank account. Please help me Lord Jesus because you are all that I need.
  12. I want to be able to be financially stable, Lord. I don’t want the stress of worrying about how much money is in my bank account or if the electricity will get cut off because I can’t afford it. I just need some guidance and maybe a little help so that one day soon I’ll be able to look back and say “I did it.” Thank you for hearing me out and helping me on this journey.
  13. I pray for good luck and financial strength. I hope that my prayers are answered. I know that God is listening, as He always does. He will guide me in the right direction and help me find a way to make ends meet this month so I can get back on track financially. It’s been difficult lately, but with faith all things are possible!

It may sound odd to some, but I’ve learned that when we do not take the time to tap into our spiritual side, things can go sideways in a hurry. When you’re feeling stuck and unsure of what your next move should be, try sitting down with a blank sheet of paper or open up a new document on your computer and start writing out prayers – it could be as simple as “I pray for guidance” or “I pray that my family will be well.” This is where those pesky worries start to disappear because you’re focusing on something else instead. You’ll find yourself calmer than before because you were able to release the weight from your shoulders by trusting in someone who’s better qualified than you to know the right answers.

Prayer against Misfortune and Backwardness

  1. I have been on a roller coaster of emotions these past few days. I feel as if misfortune has followed me around for the last year and it is tiring. It feels like every time I get to a good spot something else comes up that takes me back down again.

Prayer: My prayers are for you, Righteous Savior, because no matter how hard this may be for me, it’s nothing compared to what You went through on the cross. It will always be worth it because in Your death we find life-eternal life!

Prayer against Pandemic and Global Health Issues

I remember when I was young and my grandmother would always tell me that if you want luck in life, you should make a prayer at the start of every day. She had many stories about what could happen to people who didn’t pray or believe in luck. But now as an adult, and seeing all the terrible things happening with public health crises around the world, I think it’s important to consider how one can help themselves stay safe through these disasters. Prayer is just one way – but it might be worth a try!


  1. Dear God, I need you now more than ever. The world is facing a great health crisis and the fear of it has caused various governments to enact strict guidelines which have led to chaos in some regions while others remain hopeful that they will not be affected by this terrible disease. Lord, please heal all those who are suffering from any kind of sickness or illness so we can live together as one community rather than divided into groups because of these unpleasing conditions on earth. Guide us through our journey with Your wisdom and power until we ultimately find peace within ourselves for You alone hold the answers to every question under heaven! Amen
  2. Dear Lord Jesus: Please send your healing down upon me during such troubling times when diseases reign supreme over many lands like a wildfire.
  3. Dear God in the name of Jesus: I ask you to please be with my family and friends, especially during this time when the physical hurts of life are so present in our space.
  4. Dear Father of our Lord Jesus Christ: Please give me strength as I continue to live through such challenging times. May your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven above.

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Prayer for Favour from the Lord

It’s been a long day and all I want to do is crawl into bed. Yet, before I can even get there, the thoughts of life come flooding in. What if my kids need me? What if someone needs something from me? Do they know how much they really mean to me? Will I be able to provide for them as well as I would like and ensure that their needs are met? My mind races with a thousand worries and fears until it finally settles on one thing: prayer. Prayer brings peace; prayer brings hope; prayer helps us find our way back home again.

  1. Prayer: Lord Jesus, I pray that you let me boldly approach Your throne of grace tonight, quell this storm inside my head and allow for some sleep tonight. Make me a radiant light into the world.

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