Planning Your Perfect Proposal

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Experts are predicting a boom in weddings this year, with an estimated 2.5 million weddings expected to take place during 2022. If you are in the joyful position of being with someone you love, perhaps you are thinking about taking the next step and asking them to join you in the adventure of a lifetime: married life. Preparing for Christian marriage is an exciting and special time but for many people, planning prayerfully for a healthy, long lasting bond can get lost in the multitude of tiny details that weddings can require. Here are some thoughts to help you navigate the process.

Think marriage, not wedding
Weddings are big business; the average cost of getting married in 2021 was $22,500. If you haven’t budgeted anywhere near that amount, don’t worry. Fix your eyes on the marriage, not the wedding day. In twenty years’ time you won’t still be eating the four tiered wedding cake or smelling the fragrant floristry but you will hopefully still be enjoying a fulfilling, loving relationship with the person you cherish. Right now, focus on ensuring that you share each other’s views on future family life, whether you both want children, what your ideal work/life balance looks like, how you would like to contribute to Church life and so on. If you build on a firm foundation, your married life will be stronger and healthier.

Plan your perfect moment
Many people have a Hollywood-inspired idea of the perfect proposal, but the most important thing is to plan something that reflects you as a couple. Think about a place, date or moment that is special to you both. While Abraham sought permission from Rebekah’s father and brother for her to be Isaac’s wife – and indeed in many cultures, seeking the bride’s parents’ permission is traditional –
increasingly there are those who find this old fashioned or even offensive, so do what feels right for you and your partner. Similarly, the wedding ring is a big detail that needs some thought; when it comes to the question of whether you should find the perfect wedding ring together as a couple, or choose one yourself in advance, knowing their style and preferences, only you can know what is right for you and your loved one.

The excitement begins
Once you have your yes, you can thank God and enjoy the celebrations! Share the good news with your closest family members and friends and then enjoy letting others know. You may like to talk to your Church minister sooner rather than later, to get an idea of potential available wedding dates, and to arrange to spend some time with them in marriage preparation.

Finding someone you feel able to share the rest of your life with is an exciting and joyful time. By discussing your shared values and aspirations for the future, you can ensure that you are laying solid foundations to your marriage. When it comes to asking the big question, the way to make it perfect is to think about what feels right to you as a couple. Then enjoy the wave of excitement as those closest to you share their joy at your next chapter.

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