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What is the meaning of Christmas

What is the meaning of Christmas?

It is the time of the year when falls make way for the winter and snow. A fir tree is chopped off and decorated with rhinestones. Lights twinkle in every…

What do angels look like

What do angels look like?

Lying in cover pages of some spiritual books are the drawings of human beings with wings to be believed as angels. Cherub, mentioned in the bible, had been imagined to…

Prayer to conquer evil friends

50 Prayers against Unfriendly Friends

Sometimes the enemy (unfriendly friend) is someone who may seem to be very friendly and nice. This can happen in various settings throughout life – at school, at work, with…

National prayers for Australia

National Prayers for Australia

Dear Lord, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily…

Where is Heaven, the real location of heaven

Where is Heaven?

You’re not the first to ponder on the question,” where is heaven?” I used to ask the same question until I learned that heaven is wherever God is; Everywhere. Nevertheless,…

Prayer to Draw Closer to God More Than Ever

10 Reasons to Pray for Others

The general misconception is that interceding in prayers for others is a thing for only people called intercessory prayer warriors. Yes, there are some people in the Church with the…

prayers for canada

25 National Prayers for Canada

Dear Lord, We are so thankful for the work you have done in Canada. All of your people are thankful for the guidance they have. Thank you, Lord, for all…

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