50 Midnight Prayers for Open Doors and Open Heaven

50 Midnight Prayers for Open Doors

Are you stuck in the storms of life? Considering giving up on God? Not yet. Are you aware that there are so many reasons for unanswered prayers? Amongst the many reasons is the manner of praying or wrong prayers.

Not minding that your prayers should be like a conversation with your maker, which needs no timing, you should try out midnight prayers from time to time.

The parable of the persistent widow (Luke 18:1-8) teaches that you need to make heavens aware of you with your prayers. Keep reminding and “disturbing” the creator. He will surely grant your pleas. Crying to God at midnight can be a  means of getting God’s attention quickly.

50-midnight prayer points for open doors

In Jesus’ name, I stand on this floor today to declare open doors in my home, business, marriage, and every of my life endeavors.

I stand on the great name of Jesus Christ, my rock and my fortress to scatter every evil platform or alter that has been working against my life and progress in Jesus’ name.

I lift all my life works to you Oh Lord, and I declare that in everything I do, I shall be the head and not the tail in Jesus’ name.

I declare that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. The blood of Christ has taken my sorrows away, and I shall not be tied down by any wicked spirit in Jesus’ name.

Because the hand of God is in my life, all my troubles shall be troubled. They shall fall into the hole they had dug for me in the mighty name of Jesus.

All of Abraham’s blessings I claim from this moment, shall all be mine in Jesus’ name.

Blessings shall locate me, morning, afternoon, night, and all the days of my life in Jesus’ name.

For your word in Psalm 30: 5b says weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. I proclaim that all through my life, I shall be joyful in Jesus’ name.

Let every evil yoke in my life working against my prosperity be broken in Jesus’ name.

I declare divine breakthrough in my life, and I loosen myself from every evil bondage in Jesus’ mighty name.

I pronounce fracture to any hand holding up my blessings. Let the evil hands break that I may receive my miracles in Jesus’ name.

Let the blessings of God abide with me daily, clearing the path and making His plans effective in my life now and forever in Jesus’ name.

For in a way they shall gather, but in so many ways, they shall scatter. I command all evil gatherings against my progress to be dismissed in Jesus’ name.

Abundant blessings rain on me like falling spring pulling all doors of backwardness away from my life in Jesus’ name.

I step into a new day with joy because all my problems are dissolved and are no more. The blood of Christ has taken all my guilts, afflictions, and all closed doors away, and so shall it be in Jesus’ name?

I loosen my body and spirit from the bondage of poverty, unhappiness, and unsuccessfulness in Jesus’ name.

I declare that my days on earth shall be fruitful and full of joy in Jesus’ name.

Every demonic plot against me shall crumble from this moment in Jesus’ name.

I declare the doors of happiness, health, and wealth be open for me in Jesus’ name.

The enemy shall not succeed with their plot, for I have the greatest God as my protector in Jesus’ name.

I will never let you go, Lord, unless you bless me. For in you I depend, and I know that all things are possible through you. I have no other God apart from you.

For all my trust is in the Lord, I rest all my afflictions on his feet, and he shall attend to them all in Jesus’ name.

Open all closed doors in my life Lord, and I shall live to glorify you all the days of my life in Jesus’ name.

Jesus, I depend on you. My life and worth lie in your hands. Make me fruitful both now and always amen.

As I step out, my destiny helper shall locate me in Jesus’ name.

I shall not suffer frustration in my life in Jesus’ name.

I am a blessed blessing from now henceforth in Jesus’ name.

People shall see the goodness of the Lord through me and in me in Jesus’ name.

I shall not be a victim of the enemy’s plan in Jesus’ name.

I believe in your word Lord, I believe that your thoughts for me are of good and not of evil. Let your will in my life be fulfilled in my life in Jesus’ mighty name.

Oh Lord, every door closed against me, I decree and declare they open by fire in the mighty name of Jesus.

As I pray now, let everything that represents sorrow, setback, frustration, shame, stagnation be destroyed by fire in Jesus’ name.

I break and lose myself from every generational curse and chains holding me back from being who God wants me to be, In Jesus’ name.

Every barrier or hedge blocking me from my blessings and destiny helpers, break by fire in Jesus’ name.

My father! My father!! I receive the keys to every closed door in my life and on my path in Jesus’ name.

Let the power of God nullify every occultic pronouncement against my life in the mighty name of Jesus.

Where ever my financial breakthrough, happiness, and progress are being tied down, I loosen them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

I cut off by fire every demonic bondage, satanic forces, evil monitors, and satellites against my open doors and breakthrough. No wicked spirit, man or woman shall shut my door to miracles in Jesus’ name.

My father! My maker! As I pray now, let the flood gate of heaven be open unto me and let your rain of healing, of blessings, of miracles, fall on me.

Oh, Lord! By your word, let every spirit of lack, want, and poverty is broke by fire in Jesus’ name.

Oh, Lord! Your word in (Philippians 4:13) says that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. I decree that every impossibility in my way be consumed by fire in the mighty name of Jesus.

My father! My father! Open my eyes to see the treasures of the hidden and the untapped potentials you have placed in my path for my breakthrough in Jesus’ name.

Oh, Lord! Open the door of unlimited blessings in my life, may I receive divine favor from you in Jesus’ name.

Oh, Lord! Let your light so shine upon me and brighten every dark corner in my life in Jesus’ name!

My father! My father! Deliver me from all evil attempts by the wicked ones against my life and my destiny in Jesus’ name.

Lord God! Everything the enemy has stolen from me to cheat me of your blessings. As I pray now, restore all in Jesus’ name.

Oh Lord, let success and prosperity manifest in all ramifications of my life in Jesus’ name!

Oh Lord, my father, I decree and declare that everything I put my effort to do shall prosper in Jesus’ name.

Oh, Lord! Every door shut against my life, I decree be open by fire. The Bible in psalm 24:7 said” lift your head’s oh ye gates, and be ye lifted oh ye everlasting doors and the king of glory shall come in. Ye closed doors be open in the mighty name of Jesus.

Abba Father, creator, and maker of the whole universe, all things in heaven and earth fall underneath you. I put my life in your hands, for whatever is in your custody neither spoils nor rot. Bless me, open my doors to prosperity and blind the eyes of the enemies from me.


There’s time for everything.

Eccl 3:4 “there’s a time to weep and time to laugh.”

No matter how bad the situation may be. Prayer is always the way out. I hope these prayers will help open all closed doors to our success and happiness.

Luke 1:37 …for nothing is impossible with God.

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