Mastering Instagram: Best Practices To Build A Huge Following

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 2 billion active monthly users. It’s also the fifth most visited site in the world. With the right Instagram strategy, you can take your brand to the next level.

However, growing an Instagram account takes more than opening and posting pictures and videos. If Instagram will work for you, there are some best practices you should follow. This article will take you through the best strategies to build an Instagram following.

Instagram has over 2 billion monthly users

Key Instagram Statistics to Note

If you think that Instagram is just another social media platform, here are statistics to take note of:

  • Instagram has 2 billion users. All these are potential numbers your brand could reach.
  • Studies indicate that, on average, an American adult takes 30 minutes daily on TikTok.
  • Instagram is the most popular social media site among audiences aged 18 to 34. Therefore, if you want to reach young people and millennials, this is the right platform.
  • 51.8% of Instagram users are male, while 48.2% are female. This makes it suitable for reaching both genders.
  • Studies indicate that when people see a brand on Instagram, they show more interest in it.

Best Strategies To Build A Following On Instagram

If you are wondering how to build a huge Instagram following fast, here are tips to do that:

Understand Your Audience

It’s hard to please your audience if you don’t understand them. Understanding what your audience wants will enable you to create content they will appreciate. You can also tailor your account to their needs.

 For instance, if you realize that there is a particular celebrity they like, you can work with them. If you consistently post what your audience wants to see, they will follow and engage more with your account.

Know The Right Time To Post

Studies indicate that the time you post on Instagram matters. The best days and times to post on Instagram are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 9:00 am and 11:00 am.

 Avoid night hours or the early morning hours. The worst day to post on Instagram is on Sunday. While these are good times to post, you will also need to understand the habits of your target audience.

Work with Creatives

There are lots of talented and creative people out there who only lack exposure. You can find a photographer, artist, or dancer to work with. They can then create custom content for your brand. You can also consider working with influencer marketers or micro-influencers.

Another way to get creative content is by running contests. You can invite followers to share creative content on your brand. You can, in return, offer them rewards. 

Share Experiences

Every day, millions of people scroll through Instagram feeds. These people aren’t looking for boring pictures of your products. They are searching for beautiful images that will excite them. Therefore, one of the ways in which you can engage with your followers is through appealing visuals. If you sell cameras, share appealing pictures of people hiking, Skydiving, or engaging in other interesting activities. 

Show experiences to your Instagram followers

Promote Your Account

Even as you implement other measures to grow a following, you should not forget to promote your account. You can promote your account using paid ads. There are also social media promotion services that can increase your following—these work by promoting your Instagram account to people in your niche.

Tag Products

Many Instagram users use the platform to discover products. Studies indicate that businesses that tag their products are more noticeable and have better conversions than those that don’t. Therefore, whether posting reels, stories, or ads, you can include tags to get noticed quickly,

Make sure you know the right hashtags to use. Avoid hashtags with millions of posts, as they will be harder to notice. Ensure that you use particular hashtags so that your account can reach the right audience.

Engage With Your Followers

Your followers expect to hear from you since Instagram isn’t a broadcast but a social media site. When you engage with your audience, you will build a sense of community. Therefore, make sure you respond to questions and even DMs. Ask interesting questions to your audience, such as:

  • Use emojis to describe your day
  • What do you like about our brand?
  • What type of content do you want to see?

These types of questions can help engage your audience and understand the content they need.

Engage with your Instagram followers.

Final Thought

While Instagram is a great site to grow a following, growing an audience interested in your brand can be challenging.  No matter the type of media you post on Instagram, you can use the above tips to grow your following.

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