What Is the Jezebel Spirit in the Bible?

You must have read or heard of the wicked queen Jezebel but not Jezebel spirit. The Bible did not solely talk about Jezebel’s spirit, but it did have a bad record of Jezebel.

But then, what is the Jezebel spirit?

The Jezebel spirit is a type of evil spirit that is usually associated with a shameful monstrous, beastical biblical woman, Jezebel.

Different people have their views on what Jezebel’s spirit is all about. But the overarching of all is that it is a manipulative and deceptive spirit. A spirit that always wants to rule, very cunning, and nasty.

It also has the power of seduction. It is believed to be found in the women folks although other gender exhibits the same trait as well.

Jezebel Spirit is responsible for breaking people’s homes, brings confusion into the church, and manipulate people into committing cold-blooded murder and suicide.

This is an evil spirit in the satanic kingdom. A Jezebel spirit is so determined to tear people’s lives apart. One would say it is a multi-tasked evil spirit.

The relationship between Jezebel spirit and Jezebel in the bible

You may have wondered why people call such an evil spirit a Jezebel spirit. The evil spirit possesses the same trait as Queen Jezebel.

Queen Jezebel was the daughter of King Ethbaal of Sidon (1 Kings 16:31). They do not believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They believed in the god Baal and worshipped it.

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King Ahab of Israel got married to the then princess. This made his reign as the king the worst of it all in Israel. They committed lots of atrocities which brought God’s anger upon them.

These atrocities headed by Queen Jezebel are why most people call an evil spirit with such trait a Jezebel spirit. Those atrocities are;


The almighty God had said in his ten commandments that his people shall not worship any other god except him (Exodus 20:3). The marriage to Queen Jezebel caused King Ahab to build a temple for Baal in Samaria (1 Kings 17:32), and they worshipped it.

The Jezebel spirit has a possessive trait of idolatry. That is why it brings confusion to the house of God and tears it down. It causes people to disrespect God and insult his name.


Not only did Queen Jezebel cause the worship of Baal in Israel, but she also killed the Lord’s prophets who dared stood against her command (1 Kings 18:4).

She planned for the execution of prophet Elijah when she heard of what he did to the 450 prophets of Baal (1 Kings 19:2). She plotted for the murder of Naboth, the man who refused to sell his vineyard to King Ahab (1 Kings 21:1-16).

This is what the Jezebel spirit does. It manipulates people to commit cold-blooded murder and suicide.


Just as Jezebel could manipulate her husband, the king, and his people into doing diabolic things, so does the Jezebel spirit also do to people.

It could manipulate you, deceive you into doing certain things which you are not supposed to do. It could go the extra mile to make you commit murder, tear people’s homes apart, and bring the churches down.

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Seduction and sexual immorality

Queen Jezebel had also tried to seduce Jehu, the anointed king, with her makeover before she met her death (1 Kings 9:30).

Jezebel, recorded in Revelation 2:20, was a woman who claimed to be a messenger of God but misled people into practicing sexual immorality and eating food offered to idols.

This character is also the same as the Jezebel spirit. It causes anyone it possesses, mostly women to have the spirit of seduction.

Hierarchy of Evil Spirits

As there are ranks or orders in the Holy kingdom, there is a probability that the satanic kingdom also has rank. Jezebel Spirit, unlike other evil spirits, could be seen as a spirit that has all diabolic activities.

Somehow, evil spirits are named according to their functions. There are spirits of murder which has the sole function of killing. Spirit of jealousy manipulates one to be jealous.

But the Jezebel spirit is a multi-tasked evil spirit. Some people believed that it has the highest ranking in the satanic kingdom. The most intelligent of all the evil spirits, and the smartest demon in the evil kingdom.

What do you do to people who are possessed by the Jezebel spirit?

Our Lord Jesus Christ, during His ministry on earth, had said we should pray for such people. Prayer is the master key like Christians would say.

Report them to the head of the church so that proper cautioning could follow suit. And pray for yourself not to be their prey.

Remember, the Jezebel spirit is manipulative and cunning. You may not understand what they have done to your head till you have fallen deeply.

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Always guard yourself with the armor of God, and don’t stop praying for them.

Who is Jezebel in the Bible?

Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, king of Tyre, and wife of Ahab, king of Israel. She is mentioned in the Books of Kings in the Bible.

In the Books of Kings in the Bible, Jezebel is first mentioned when she becomes queen of Israel. Her husband, King Ahab, worships the god Baal and allows pagan priests to perform rituals inside the temple of Yahweh in Samaria, which angers Yahweh.


Jezebel Spirit is a possessive spirit. A very nasty spirit, malicious, and cunning. It could seduce anyone with its prowess. It is very tricky and manipulative.

It could bring down a good home to the mud, it could make a believer question their faith in God. It could convert the church of God into an atrocity arena. And yes, it has the characteristics of Jezebel in the Bible.

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