Going The Escort Route For The First Time? Here’s What To Know.

If it is the first time you are going for an escort, it can be surprisingly intimidating. It is normal to not know what to expect or what to do. But don’t worry, because we have got you covered! This article will talk about all the nuances you need to know about meeting up with an escort for the first time ever. So get over your worries and fear and prepare to have a good time!

Here’s everything you need to know.

Expect Something Like a Date

The best way to go into it is to expect it to be like a date. If you have been on a real-life date before, you know how to act. It is all about meeting the person, flirting, and then getting intimate. In a real date, the intimate part may or may not happen but with an escort, it is a given so that is one thing you can be certain about.

Before the Date Starts

When you have decided on a Manila escort who feels right for you, it is time to set up the meeting. If you are planning a meet-up at a hotel room, make sure that the room is clean today and that she does not feel uncomfortable.

The bathroom should feel clean as well because that is the place the escort is going to clean up after your sexy time together, and so will you. There should be clean towels available.

Get Ready Yourself

The next thing is to ensure that you look good. This means cleaning up and making the effort just before you would before a real date. Having good personal hygiene is important because though it is true that you are paying for sexual services, you want the experience to be good for both of you. Personal hygiene ensures that happens.

Being washed, cleaned, trimmed, and taking care of any body odor issues are all good ideas before the date starts. It will make a good first impression.

Friendly Welcome

When your escort arrives at your decided location, it is a good idea to be friendly but restrained. It is absolutely not a good thing to be all over her. Instead, let her be comfortable with her surroundings. It is great to offer her a drink of water and maybe let her use the bathroom first.

Get Payment Taken Care Of Right Away

It is a smart move to take care of the payment as soon as possible. Most escorts will prefer if they got their payment in an envelope instead of messy notes. It is just troublesome for them! Give her the payment before you start so you have time to get to the fun stuff soon.

Communicate Your Needs

Once the professional escort you have hired gets comfortable, it is time that you communicate to her your needs. It is best to explicitly state your sexual needs to the escort so that there is no cause for miscommunication. Don’t change your needs or add sexual services after booking the escort because it just inconveniences them. It is not okay to change your mind about the sexual services you are expecting your escort to perform for you without any prior information.

No one likes to be bombarded with a sexual need out of the blue. This includes one’s spouse and also escort professionals. Remember, they are professionals and they come prepared to offer their sexual services. They should be made aware of what is expected of them before they come in. It helps them be more settled.

Don’t ask Personal Questions

This is so crucial because no escort likes to be asked personal questions. You should do it at all. If you feel the need to prod about her personal life, whether or not she is married or in a relationship, whether she has children, just stop yourself. 

Similarly, it is not a good idea at all to reveal any personal information about yourself including your phone number, email address, or your marital status. You never know when personal information can get misused. It is best to enjoy this time together instead of getting too personal. It is time you paid for being intimate with another person, and keeping personal information limited to the minimum is the best course of action.

Treat with Respect

You must treat your Manila escort with respect. Just because you are paying for her services does not mean she deserves any less respect. You should go forward with a fun and flirty conversation rather than outright demanding sex. It is well-known that you have booked her for sexual services, but being a gentleman regarding it will make it fun for both of you.

It is also not a smart move to get drunk before sexual activity. It is okay to get a drink but any more could ruin the experience for you and her both. Make sure to stick with the timeframe agreed upon. It is best to let her know how you want her to fulfill your sexual desires instead of having her assume.

Dealing with Kinks and Fetishes

The truth is that most of the men who hire escorts for themselves want to have normal vanilla sex. So if you do have a fetish or kink you are looking to fulfill with your escort, it is absolutely the right thing to make her know beforehand. In fact, discussing whether she is comfortable doing it with you is very important.

It is not okay to surprise her with your kink or fetish only to find out that she is not comfortable with it. Instead, discuss beforehand and you may find a way to fulfill your needs.

To wind up, it can be said without a doubt that most escorts are very professional and expect a certain amount of class from the men who book their services. You must always stay respectful so you actually get enjoyment out of the whole meeting. At Ladys.One, book yourself the classiest escorts you can find. They are fun, and discreet and will make sure your sexual desires are fulfilled in every way possible.

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