For This Child I Have Prayed

1 Samuel 1:27-28 KJV says,  I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.  So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD.” And he worshiped the LORD there.


I believe in prayer. I know that it is the most powerful tool for change we have. I’ve been praying for this child all day, and now I’m asking you to do the same.

The Bible passage is about a great woman Bible called Hannah. She was barren and prayed for a child for ten years until she finally conceived and had Samuel.

Believing God for the fruit of the womb is a little intimidating for the parents that have been praying for years and still haven’t seen any results. The time frame can seem never-ending to expectant mothers who are hoping for their first child or couples waiting for another baby after experiencing difficulty in getting pregnant.

Hannah’s story of faith is not only about her prayers being answered but also the change that happened in her life when God granted her prayer request-her reproach was taken away.

I want to invite you into this conversation with me so that you can find out for yourself what happens when we pray for the one thing that is most important to us.

The Infertility Journey

Hannah was full of sorrow for years because she was without a child and her husband’s name was Elkanah. Hannah loved Elkanah, but she greatly desired to bear a son.

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As we read in the Bible passage, for ten long years of praying for this child, God finally answered her prayer-she conceived Samuel! When he arrived on earth it says “the Lord remembered his people”. As a believer, we can learn a lot from the prayer life of Hannah.

She passionately and obediently prayed for this child. She waited patiently for God’s answer to her prayers with faith that he was hearing every word she said, even when it seemed like no one else would hear her. And in the end, He did!

The point is: we don’t know how much time may be required for prayer to be answered.

Believers’ prayer is not a burdensome obligation–it is an active dialogue with the one who hears and responds!

Hannah’s Prayer of Importunity and Consistency before God

The prayer of importunity is never in vain! Hannah did not lose hope and feel discouraged and downtrodden.

She was a woman of great faith. She believed that God would answer her prayer for this child which she conceived in spite of being barren and old.

So when we ask something from the Lord, be assured He is listening to us! “For nothing is impossible with God!” (Luke 18:27)

Thanksgiving for Childbirth

Another great application of this Bible verse is safe childbearing. Safe childbearing is a great miracle for all families!

In Genesis 18:14, God promises that Sarah will give birth to Isaac in her old age. She was ninety-nine years of age and Abraham was one hundred when the promise took place.

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This passage tells us two things about how much time may be required for prayer to be answered. First, Sarah was barren for many years before the birth of Isaac. Second, she had to wait for a long time after her prayer because Abraham’s next son is not born until 20 years later (Isaac at age ninety-nine).

So we can see that God may answer prayers in His own good time and it may take something like a lifetime for the answer to be fully realized.

Hannah’s Integrity

Hannah remained faithful and trusted in God through all those years of waiting for the answer to come about.

She shows that integrity as well by giving instructions for her son to be dedicated to God. Many believers today, make a lot of promises to God at the place of prayer and later in life, forget about those promises.

“For this child, I have prayed”

This is because it’s hard to stay committed and faithful when the answer we’re waiting for may take years to come about.

And in these days of instant gratification, some people think they can trust God more if He answers their prayer right away or without them having to wait for it.

Dedicating the Child to the Lord

Hannah’s dedication of her son to the Lord is a good example for us all. She was secure in the promise that God had given and wanted him to be dedicated so he would learn about his faith from an early age.

This can also help children today who are struggling with their identity or beliefs, by giving them some security when they are young.

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This is one of the many reasons for why we should dedicate our children to God, and pray for them often.”

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