Faithful Fashion: Top Bible Accessories Tailored for Women’s Beliefs

There are many reasons to buy gifts for the special woman in your life. She could be your wife, sister, or best friend. It might be her birthday or it could be Christmas time.

If she’s a woman of faith, there are countless gifts for Christian women in leading e-Commerce stores. Bible accessories are an excellent example. In this guide, we’ll highlight some of the best items to buy for a woman who loves Jesus. Let’s get started.

A Bible Case

A Bible is a precious item to any woman of faith. It needs protection from dirt, debris, and water. A good case can keep your bible looking clean and new for years. 

Buy a colorful bible case with a zip and handle for easy transportation. You can customize it with your favorite Bible quote on one side. Or you could shop around for cases with great quotes. 

Focus on the material, size, price, and features when looking for the best Bible covers for women. Some cases have pockets you can use to keep your journaling pen or notebook. Others come with a section to keep your reading glasses or personal cross.

While these add-on features add convenience, they can also increase a case’s price. That means you may save money by purchasing a solid Bible cover with no extras.

A Set of Bible Verse Highlighter Gels

Although you should handle your Bible with care, you shouldn’t keep it new forever. You should read it daily. Highlight important verses, add bookmarks, and write what these verses mean to you in a notebook.

A gel highlighter for the Bible allows you to outline Bible verses and chapters without bleeding paint to unintended pages. The standard set comes with four to six colored highlighters.

Many of them feature bold colors like yellow, pink, violet, orange, and green. But you can always choose the colors you want by comparing gels from different sellers. 

Pens and Pencils

If you read the Bible regularly, there’s a strong chance you keep a pen near the Holy Book. The explanation is straightforward. The content in the good book isn’t meant for passive consumption. You should read and write important messages learned from the Bible. 

Against that backdrop, a set of micro pens or pencils is a good gift for a woman who loves Jesus. The best part is that pens are dirt-cheap. What’s more, they can last for years if kept safe.

Bible Verse Stickers

They say it’s the thought that counts. In that case, buying your loved one a set of Bible stickers can be an excellent idea. The average pack has 100 to 200 stickers, most of which have inspiring Christian messages.

With so many stickers in each pack, this could be a gift for your entire family. Your kids could hang some stickers on the wall. You could place a couple of stickers on your Bible, at the back of your laptop, or on your working table.

To be certain for durability, buy stickers made out of quality vinyl. Read reviews to find stickers that don’t peel off. As mentioned, however, stickers cost less than a cup of coffee. So, feel free to buy as many of them as you can.

A Date Stamp

If you like to keep track of the time you discovered specific verses, a good way to keep records is by using a date stamp. Date Stamps are crazily affordable. Yet, they’re excellent journaling tools. 

Some companies sell date stamps with Bible quotes. However, a regular stamp can help you ink the date of completing a specific verse work just fine. 

 A Bible Journaling Kit

If you’re not sure what to buy the special prayerful woman in your life, you can’t go wrong with a Bible journaling kit. A good kit contains pens, gel highlighters, a ruler, stencils, and Bible tabs.

A journaling kit is the perfect gift for a woman who loves to read the scripture religiously. All you need is to figure out what she’s missing in her current list of Bible accessories.

Maybe she doesn’t have stickers. Buy a journaling kit with a handful of stickers. Perhaps she’s almost running out of journaling stencils. Buy a kit with items she needs and she will be forever grateful.


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