20 Prayers for Nations during Election

15 Prayers for Election Day

Praying for election day and asking God to touch the hearts and minds of those who haven’t voted yet. Prayer has the power to make a difference and your prayers are needed now more than ever.

God needs to be included in the public activity of man. Praying for His will to be done in the elections this week, and praying that the people to whom He has given authority over our nation would use that authority to protect and promote righteousness here will actually have an effect on the issues at hand which will be the essence of our prayers.

Praying for election? Are you dreading the potential outcome? Living under the rule of a political party or individual with whom you disagree can be extremely frustrating. Our prayers for elections are a way to communicate with God about these matters of great concern.

Prayer is that incredible gift that God offers us, a way to speak with Him. Prayer is also the way we observe a presence in our lives in order to draw closer to God. We express ourselves to God, and most often, are encouraged by Him.

During the election season (which will soon be here), it is easy to get distracted by the voices around us or to become injured by what we hear or read. However, there are five prayers we can say for ourselves and for others as we witness how this season will affect our politics and culture.

There are 5 prayer points important in the election process especially during a voting time and counting of votes. Christians should pray for every citizen of the country to make wise choices.

Election Prayers

  1. Dear God, we thank You for government representatives who believe in Your truth. Send them godly wisdom and good counselors. Bless the election candidates and bless the final decision of the voters in Jesus’ Name.
  2. Our leaders are not perfect, but they are sometimes guided by the wisdom of God. Let’s pray that our leaders will make great and wise choices as they govern the people in Jesus’ Name.
  3. Lord Jesus, I asked and pray that you help our representatives to seek Your wisdom as they make decisions that affect our country and world. When they are in office, I pray they use their power to strengthen our country and maintain tranquility in Jesus’ name.
  4. Dear Lord, please instill integrity and the fear of God in the heart of our leaders as they go about campaigns and hoping for a new term in office. Help them to mean only what they say and say only what they mean for the good of the People.
  5. Lord Jesus, We plea that you eradicate insurgencyies and violence from our land, give our leaders the wisdom and wherewithal to manage peace resolutions internally and externally in Jesus’ name.
  6. Every spirit of violence that may want to ensue from the world of darkness in the course of the election, we come against them in the Name of Jesus, Father Lord we asked that you take preeminence and Lord your peace in all Election locations in Jesus; Name.
  7. Lord Jesus, we pray that you give the people (the led) clear visions to chose and vote heartily for the right candidates in Jesus’ name.
  8. Every blood-sucking demon that may want to raise its ugly head in the time of elections in Our country _______. We put them in bondage in Jesus’ Name.
  9. Every unscrupulous element and state machinery that are assembled from anywhere to disrupt the oncoming election, Lord Jesus we ask that you dismantle, disarm and disunite them in Jesus’ name.
  10. Lord Jesus, as we approach a time of government change, we pray that you give us god-fearing leaders, that have the passion to bring about visible changes, a better life for the people, good economic policies, and drive the people’s imagination and inventive thinking in Jesus Name.
  11. Lord Jesus we pray that you give us leaders who lead with generosity, genuine love for the people, an act of mercy and kindness and empathy, with cheerfulness. Romans 12: 8.
  12. Father Lord, Give us respectable leaders that we can gladly and humbly submit to in Joy and with no grief, and one that will be profitable for kingdom advance in Jesus Name.
  13. Lord Jesus, we pray that you will give our representative the spirit of Unison towards the same goal and purpose so that all set milestones can be achieved in Jesus’ Name.
  14. Lord, Jesus by the power in your name, we come against every spirit that may want to manipulate the outcome of the election and the mindset of God in terms of leadership for the People in Jesus’ Name.
  15. Lord Jesus gives us leaders who are servants first, (Mathew 20: 26), who can conform to the status quo of fairness, credibility, and Justness in Jesus’ name.
  16. The scripture says in Proverbs 29: 2 that when the righteous are put in authority, there’s gladness among the people and vice versa. Lord Jesus, we can ask too many time that you give us righteous leaders who will genuinely bear the burden of the people in Jesus’ Name.
  17. Lord Jesus, We ask that you shut doors against every leader or representative that may want to promote demonic agendas geared towards selfish gains in Jesus’ Name.

Prayers after Election

  1. Lord we pray that you will use this set of new leaders to address economic hardship and recessions in Jesus’ Name.
  2. Lord we ask that as we approach a time of new rule., the gospel of Christ will be freely preached without any form of hindrance and that the people will come to the knowledge of salvation made available through your Son Jesus at the Cross in JEsus Name. (Matthew 23: 34)
  3. O God! Incline our hearts to Thy Holy Word, and fill them with faith and repentance, that we may walk before Thee in holiness and righteousness all the days of our life. Amen.
  4. Almighty God, grant to the people of the United States of America and all the countries of the word where elections is recently conducted new strength and courage as they struggle to meet the challenges of our time. In Your Name Jesus we pray.
  5. God, please help us to hold onto hope in the midst of this election. Help us to remember that there are many reasons to be hopeful. Please help us to remember that your Word says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
  6. Help us to remember that the election is not a black and white issue and that we can find hope and peace even in the midst of uncertainty. Help us to remember that we need your help and that we can trust you with 100% transparency in every vote.
  7. Father, Lord we thank you because we know whenever we call and ask of you, you hear us . Amen.

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