Digital sphere makes a difference for companies!

For several years, the digital revolution has been pushing all companies to start a process of digital transformation. Changes in tools and habits, process automation and access to new perspectives through the internet. All these promises convince new companies to take action every year. In recent years, 61% of companies see digitalisation as an opportunity for growth. Today react native development helps businesses to be updated with the latest trends! This way of development is the most demanded, because of its high flexibility and other advantages. 

Every year, more and more companies perceive digital as a way to guarantee, develop and safeguard their business but also to improve the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers. With the arrival of the global pandemic, many companies around the world have had to rely on digital technology to maximise their presence. The situation has been a real boost in the digitalisation of companies and the digital economy. Nowadays, such services as INOXOFT, offer a huge range of products for companies, including react native development.

What are the other advantages of digitalisation? 

Everything can be saved and analysed. Indeed, nearly a quarter of companies use analytical tools to better know their prospects. 76% of companies consider the strategy of customer growth via digital tools to be paramount.

Sometimes lack of skills and in-house knowledge to support digitisation and its deployment complexity can make things more difficult.

It’s clear, because a huge number of companies do not have training to support their employees in the digitalisation of tools and services. Moreover, if you are not going to shout for help, you can face with other problems, such as:

  • Lack of knowledge about financial aid
  • Lack of budget to finance projects;
  • Fear of not succeeding in choosing the right partner and not understanding digital jargon. 

We have identified the main needs of companies to reduce the obstacles that prevent them from taking action. It has been found that the lack of support, whether on the whole of the project or more technical, is the primary need of companies. 

A digitalisation support agency would allow them to meet their needs. This would allow them to be guided and thus better understand the use of digital tools and the transformation process. In addition, companies also need to train employees so that they can appropriate the tools. Indeed, it is necessary to focus on the internal organisation in order to facilitate change.

How to plan a budget for the creation of your mobile application?

The realisation of a mobile application is often technically more complicated than it seems. The implications for data management and interactions with web services complicate the study, technical design and implementation.

Each party (customer and agency) must be able to engage in the project in a serene manner, in particular regarding the final cost of creating the mobile application.

What to do when the specifications for the creation of the mobile application are still only partially or not at all finalised?

After several years of experience in iOS and Android application development with small and large structures, professional services offer you the brief of an ideal operation between your project and their agency, for the creation of your mobile application.

The project to create a mobile application takes place in several steps. 

The drafting of the mobile application specifications. The definition of needs, marketing objectives and communication:

  • iOS and/or Android?
  • Does it have to work online and offline?
  • Does it have to communicate with a remote database?
  • Should the content be manageable from a back office?
  • Does the user have to identify himself?
  • Is the data sensitive?
  • The drafting of the functional specification.

The models of the mobile application are important too. The specifications and sketches made: all the screens are modelled to visualise and validate the final rendering of the mobile application.

Development is another essential part of the process as well as PAQ (Quality Assurance Plan). Testing the mobile application on each platform as well as on different versions of the operating system. 

Implementation of tools to detect anomalies once the app is in production! Each step is essential and the safest idea is to divide the project into several separate parts that will make each of them call for a precise pre-study and agreement on the budget.

The design part is the most important for the success of the project. We recommend during an agency consultation on a mobile application to accurately quantify this first brick and to define a budget range for the other steps. Thus, the client company can serenely commit to the project study with an approximate overall vision. In addition, this first step can be used as an agency test.

Following the precise implementation of the specifications, the agency will be able to accurately quantify the next steps. Thus, the customer is also certain to benefit from the best financial offer on the design parts.

If the application is relatively complex, the operation can be repeated for the third phase. Following the realisation of the models, the specifications can be updated in the event of modification and the agency therefore has all the balls to accurately devise the technical part of development.

Everyone is serene and the mobile application can see the light of day in the best possible time and conditions! There’s no doubt that your customers will be excited about your application. It offers new ways to update customer experience in real time and communicate with your clients easily. You definitely should implement your customised application into your business.

Finally, we also advise you to set up application maintenance with your agency. Even if the work to be done according to the evolution of operating systems varies from year to year, the flat-rate maintenance will allow you to be sure that the agency is doing what is necessary to keep the application always optimised and secure. This way you will find more solutions for your clients and it will help them to get in touch with your team directly.

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