Different Types of Casual Dresses

From the sleek wrap dresses to the comfy shirt dress styles, there are a sea of possibilities when it comes to casual dressing. The essential additions for any wardrobe – whether the code is to look stylish or laid-back. There’s something for everyone. Casual dresses are essential for everyday living not only because they are comfortable but because of the versatility they offer. They come in various types, styles, colors, and patterns and can be worn in many different ways.

What Places are Appropriate for a Casual Dress?

Knowing that there are a lot of perfect places to wear a casual dress, you might still not be sure which settings are appropriate for the dress. Whether you don’t know where you can wear your casual dresses or looking for the perfect spot for a casual dress, Here are some ideas of locations you can try out:

  1. Outdoor brunch or lunch dates
  2. Shopping trips
  3. Casual get-togethers
  4. Visiting museums or art galleries 
  5. Hanging out with the girls
  6. Local festivals, fairs, and games
  7. Movie night at home or the cinemas 
  8. Staying in for dinner at a friend’s place
  9. Going to the beach
  10. Sightseeing trips
  11. Running errands
  12. Heading to the office
  13. Attending a birthday or congratulatory party.

Types of Casual Dresses

Anytime you want to look your best, there’s always a casual dress that is perfect for the occasion. There are different kinds of casual dresses that you can wear to any of the functions listed above. Some common types include:

  1. 1. A-line Dress
  2. Apron Dress
  3. Babydoll Dress
  4. Blouson Dress
  5. Bodycon Dress
  6. Bubble Dress
  7. Cape Gown
  8. Choker Dress
  9. Empire Dress
  10. Flapper Dress
  11. Granny Dress
  12. Halter Dress
  13. Jumper Dress
  14. Maxi Dress
  15. Midi Dress
  16. Mini Dress
  17. Off-the-shoulder Dress
  18. Peplum Dress
  19. Pouf Dress
  20. Sheath Dress
  21. Shift Dress
  22. Shirt Dress
  23. Skater Dress
  24. Slip Dress
  25. Strapless Dress
  26. Sundress/Floral Dress
  27. T-shirt Dress 
  28. Tent Dress
  29. Tunic Dress
  30. Wrap dresses

Accessorizing Your Casual Dress

One of the best things about casual dresses is that you can easily dress them up or down depending on the occasion. For instance, pairing a casual dress with sneakers, flats, sandals, or a pair of heels depends on the occasion you would be attending.

When going out for lunch or running errands, you may want to create a more laid-back look. Less is more when it comes to accessorizing here. Opt for a short flared dress with sandals and if you want, a tote bag to take up a few essentials. You can also try the timelessly classic look in a T-shirt dress. They are easy and comfortable pieces that can be paired with boots or sneakers.

For an elegant evening look, choose a knee-length, midi, or maxi dress paired with some chic heels. A nice clutch with simple jewelry pieces adds a dash of class to the look.

When the setting is all about having fun such as hanging out on the beach, playing house games, or chilling out for the weekend, a floral print dress would be a great addition to your ensemble. Go for a mini dress if you want to look cute or a midi dress style to show off the print. To tap into the unique and stylish vibes, pair your dress with a shawl, sun hat, and ankle boots.

Can I Wear Casual Dresses to Work?

Yes, you can. You don’t need to stick to the very formal dresses in your wardrobe for every work event. Some outings may demand a bit of fun and an effortless look. That’s when you would come to appreciate investing in a quality casual dress.

Want to spruce up your smart casual look? We advise opting for a casual wrap dress. Not only does it allow comfort, but also creates a touch of elegance. These dresses are also perfect for creating a relaxed look at an unofficial work dinner.

Where Can I Buy Casual Dresses

When you’re looking for the best places to purchase a casual dress, be sure to check out SunsetFashionLA. They have a wide collection of styles and colors to choose from, so you can easily find something that suits your style and taste. Another reason why we recommend them – their prices are unbeatable and the cloth quality is perfect. Make them your next option when you want to buy a casual dress!

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